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The Complete Airpods Max Guide (What You Need to Know Before Buying)

The Airpods Max is Apple’s crème de la crème – made of only the most premium materials and equipped with noteworthy sound features. The vivid listening experience that it provides is the fruit of merging several Apple technologies. These include Spatial Audio, Noise Cancellation, and Adaptive EQ that are held together by the exclusive H1 chip.
The Complete Airpods Max Guide

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These over-ear headphones are tempting even when you consider their price tag of about $550. However, you should be aware of some considerations before buying it impulsively. This includes whether it is compatible with the devices you have on hand and much more.

Are AirPods Max Quiet or Loud?

Depending on what you’re talking about, the AirPods Max can be considered quiet or loud. If you’re on the headphones’ ability to block out sounds, then it’s definitely on the highest spectrum of quiet.

On the other hand, Apple’s wireless headphones can also be extremely loud. With its high-spec materials and premium features, you can have an immersive audio experience rich in detail, sound, and energy.

Are AirPods Max Louder Than Airpods?

The AirPods Max definitely has the greater features when compared to other AirPods models. They provide higher fidelity audio, greater Noise-Cancellation experience. This device just provides a better listening encounter in general.

When it comes to sound quality, like loudness, you’ll see that the Max headphones win by leaps and bounds. Not only does it provide loud bass by itself, but also has a passive isolation feature increasing volume quality.

Can You Make AirPods Max Louder?

If you think that your AirPods Max is not functioning at its full volume capacity, there are ways to increase them. However, take note that Apple made sure to cap sound volume for your safety, so increase it at your peril. If you’ve made up your mind, here are several ways to make your headphones louder:

Volume Limit Removal

  • Go to Settings, then ‘Sounds and Haptics’. Choose the ‘Headphone Safety’ and scroll down to locate the Reduce Loud Sound button.
  • Once the slider appears, drag the volume depending on your preference. You can then check this audio to take note of their discrepancies.

Disable Low Power Mode

  • Access the Control Center by swiping up or down. This may vary depending on the device you’re using.
  • If you don’t have the Control Center shortcut, navigate to the Settings page. Then locate the ‘Control Center’ page.
  • Once accessed, turn off the ‘Low Power Mode’ by tapping the plus sign beside the said label.

Restart Bluetooth Connections

  • First, play some music in your AirPods Max to determine whether there is a prior connection. Then, turn the Digital Crown knob to lower the volume depending on your knob settings.
  • Go to Settings, then ‘Bluetooth. Click the ‘i’ located beside your AirPods Max model.
  • Your music will automatically cease playing to indicate non-existent connections. Play the music once more and turn its volume into zero.
  • Connect with your source device, and then increase the volume settings.

If none of these strategies have worked, the last bet would be to reset your Max headphones. To do so, hold the two protruding buttons on your Max model for about 15 seconds simultaneously. Wait for the power on and reset notification then set up the Bluetooth connection from the beginning.

Does AirPods Max Leak Sound?

Sound leakage happens when you’re busting your Max headphones at a very high volume. This is a normal occurrence among headphones, and Apple actually found a way to put this leakage to good use.

The elite company chooses to manufacture ‘leaky’ AirPods Max to reduce in-ear headphones injuries. In fact, you may have benefitted from it too! Your Max headphones have a decent amount of sound leakage that will raise your awareness of sharp, distinct sounds.

For example, a car was honking uncontrollably. You’ll usually be free from this because of Noise Cancellation. However, you’ll hear the sound persist in your ear due to Apple’s design that prioritizes safety.

Don’t be bummed out though. Because if you’re listening in an office, the sound leakage won’t be noticeable. The only exception is that if you’ll play the AirPods Max at the maximum volume without regard for the safety limit.

Does The AirPods Max Have Good Bass?

Rather than calling it good, it’s more adept to dub the bass in AirPods Max as phenomenal. It is well-rounded and fits most music genres without losing any of the fine details. One thing’s for certain, the Max headphones provide a high-quality boom while still being able to emphasize subtle tones.

In total, the audio quality is rich, airy, and natural sounding. In addition to that, you’ll notice that the AirPods Max is great at giving big, open sounds and at acoustic styles too.

Does The AirPods Max Have An Equalizer?

It will be surprising if you think that the AirPods Max model does not possess an equalizer. This is because its premium audio quality is enough to make history in the years to come.

For starters, equalizers are either software or hardware filters that isolate certain frequencies. These isolated frequencies are made articulate. This is either by boosting, lowering, or even removing certain sounds.

Your AirPods Max has taken this feature a step further as usual. If you combine its other elite characteristics, you’ll have nothing but top-quality audio.

What Is Adaptive EQ in AirPods Max?

Adaptive EQ is another Apple-exclusive feature. It is present in all the headphones manufactured by the company.

This is a unique characteristic that equalizes sound according to the shape and preferences of your ear. The result is a fit and tailor-made sound experience unique to you and only you.

These Adaptive EQ features are made possible by the plethora of microphones present in the Max headphones. These parts are constantly adjusting to your ear’s distinct shape and position.

Additionally, it also tracks the background noises. It even makes automatic calibrations to upgrade to immersive audio.

Note that this is an automatic feature of your AirPods Max. You won’t need to make any changes in your settings or buy additional accessories for it to work.

Can You Customize AirPods Max Audio Levels?

There are times you’ll want to do sound adjustment manually instead of relying on your AirPods Max’s Adaptive EQ. It’s understandable, especially if you only like to alter chosen frequencies. Here’s how you do it in successive steps:

  • Activate Headphones Accommodations
  • Ensure that you have the latest operating system on your device.
  • Navigate to Settings, then Accessibility. Look over the ‘Audio/Visual’ option then tap Headphone Accommodation. Turn this feature on.
  • Select the process you want to use when customizing audio settings.
  • Choose the ‘Phone’ option if you want to apply these changes to calls and video calls.
  • Choose the ‘Media’ option if you want to use these settings for music, movies, audiobooks, Siri, and Live Listen.

Note that you can customize your headphone audio settings in three ways. Decide between the Custom Audio Setup, Audiogram Data, or manually make changes in the audio.

Custom Audio Setup

  • Navigate to ‘Settings’, then Music. Select the EQ option and then turn off ‘Music EQ’.
  • Return to the Settings page and tap on Accessibility.
  • Go to the Audio/Visual option then move the Balance slider towards the center.
  • Once done, you need to connect your AirPods Max to the source device.
  • Visit the Settings page once more, then go to Accessibility. Select the ‘Audio/Visual’ button then the Headphone Accommodations.
  • You will now be presented with several options, but choose the Custom Audio Setup. Follow the instructions stated in your device then tap ‘Use Custom Settings’ when done.

Make Use of Audiogram Data

  • Go to the ‘Custom Audio Setup’ and then click on the Use Audiogram option. This will lead you to the Health application and will adjust audio based on recorded files.
  • If your audiogram is near symmetry, Headphone accommodations will get the mean of the two ears and adjust the L and R audio channels accordingly.
  • If you have an asymmetric audiogram, then Headphones Accommodation will fit the audio with your better ear.

Manual Adjustments on Audio Settings

  • Go to the Headphone Audio screen to adjust tone and amplification manually.
  • Click on ‘Play Sample’ to listen to the audio sample with the default setting.

Change these by adjusting the audio volume between the left and right modes. To do this, just drag on the Balance slider on the ‘Audio/Visual’ page.

Is AirPods Max Low Latency?

If you’re an avid sound enthusiast, you’re aware that wireless headphones, however premium they are, have audio delays. There is no exception, and you can call this phenomenon Bluetooth Latency. In this regard, you can consider your AirPods Max as having low latency occurrence.

To get this out of the way, Bluetooth latency is normal among non-wired connections. This is because the sounds travel via signal waves, which can be erratic at times. Generally, you’ll have 100 to 300 milliseconds of delay on wireless links.

However, this is where the AirPods Max’s improvement enters. Due to its Bluetooth version 5 feature, you’ll have data transfer that’s twice as fast. The worst latency you can acquire when using the Max headphones via Bluetooth is about 40 milliseconds.

It can even last for only 20 milliseconds on ideal conditions, like perfect distance or even stable signal networks.

Can You Use AirPods Max Without Bluetooth?

While Apple markets its AirPods product line as a premium wireless sound accessory. However, you can still use the Max variant without Bluetooth.

Wondering how? Well, the secret lies in yet another Apple accessory, in the form of the Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio Cable.

One off-putting thing though is that this cable is not included in the AirPods Max bundle. You’ll need to separately purchase this wire in the Apple store or other retailers for $35. However, you’ll find this transaction useful if you’re constantly playing video games, or particular about audio latency.

How To Use the AirPods Max Wired

If you have the Lightning to Audio Cable, then using the AirPods Max without the help of Bluetooth is a breeze. Just plug the lightning port in the hole on your headphones’ right earpiece. Once you’re sure it’s attached properly, connect the audio port to your compatible device.

A small heads up though that Apple only manufactures their audio cable in 3.5 mm sizes. Check your device’s ports before adding the wire to the shopping cart. Additionally, it’s only 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) long, so be aware of some restrictions.

Can I Use the AirPods Max Wired On My iPhone?

The Lightning to Audio Cable made to connect the AirPods Max wirelessly is restricted only to 3.5 mm ports. Unfortunately for you, Apple eliminated these earphone ports from their iPhone 7 models onward. So using wired connections on your iPhone is not possible, at least not without the help of another Apple accessory.

That’s right! Ironically, you’ll need two extra additions to connect your Max headphones to your iPhones. However, you can’t do anything but comply if you want to experience the features of non-Bluetooth linking.

Look for the Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter in the Apple store worth $9 to enjoy your AirPods Max in a non-wireless way. Simply connect the two Apple dongles and experience the perks of wired linking such as the elimination of audio latency.

Does AirPods Max Have a Mic?

TheAirPods Max does have microphones installed, in fact, they have nine! Powerful and efficient, these microphones are the backbone of the headphones’ audio input and output. You can’t even pinpoint where the specific sounds are because the microphones are dotted all over the device.

This means that the sounds you hear are all in real-time, with no delay, and even tailored for active listening. Additionally, one of these microphones is used for voice pick-up, enabling you to sound crisp and clear on every phone call.

Do AirPods Max Have a Noise-Cancelling Microphone?

The AirPods Max boasts of its elite Active Noise Cancellation that is unparalleled in the market. This is with good reason, considering its eight microphones are allotted for this function alone. That’s right, out of the nine mics in your headphones, eight are dedicated for noise cancellation.

Knowing this, you won’t have to ponder if your Max headphones are worth it when it comes to filtering background sounds. When activated, this noise-cancelling feature by Apple eliminates unwanted audio to a T.

Can You Use AirPods Max for Phone Calls?

Like all Aipods models, the Max headphones also support phone calls. This is what the Digital Crown knob is mainly used for. If you’re not aware, this knob is located on the right part of the headphones next to the Noise Control button.

Apple is known for its convenience and easy-to-navigate characteristics. Your AirPods Max is not going to be an exception to this internal rule.

As such, to answer phone calls, you only need to give the Digital Crown knob a little tap. Once done with the conversation, pat the button once more.

On the other hand, if you want to decline a phone call, press the Crown knob twice. At times a second call appears while on a separate ring, press the knob once to accommodate it. Click on it once again to switch between calls.

Does AirPods Max Support AirPlay?

AirPlay is Apple’s signature media-sharing feature. Simply put, it allows the streaming of media from one device to another compatible technology. Be it videos, images, or music, this trademark enables double streaming as long as both devices have the same Wi-Fi network.

To activate AirPlay on your AirPods Max, you’ll only need to navigate the source device’s screen. Look for the AirPlay symbol in the form of a rectangle containing an arrow pointing in the downward direction. Tap on it, then your AirPods Max model, and then wait for the connection to take place.

Do AirPods Max Support Hifi?

If you’ve experienced the AirPods Max firsthand, there’s only one thing you’ll think about – the best digital encounter ever! This confirms that Apple’s wireless headphones have high-fidelity all the way.

When you say Hi-Fi, this pertains to audio that is nothing but authentic with the full range of audible frequencies. Based on this, you can be certain that the sound reproduction you’ll encounter with your Max headphones has little distortion. It will still keep most of the quality of the original CD version, with the most minimal audio stripping due to its personal codec.

As usual, this is because of Apple’s obsession with only using premium quality materials for their products. Within the AirPods Max, a custom-built driver resides responsible for ultra-low distortion. Rich bass, crisp, accurate mids, and clean highs even during the loudest volumes are present. This combination gives you an ‘unparalleled listening experience’.

What Codec Does AirPods Max Use?

The AirPods Max runs on Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) which is the default Bluetooth codec for wireless devices in the market. As the next-in-line of the MP3 format, it offers an improved sound experience at the same bit rate.

Knowing Apple, they won’t stand not being unique in a sea of many. As such, you should expect that they’ll develop their own execution of the AAC. Originally, this codec leaves no audio data untouched in the process of file compression.

However, the luxury company provides a sound that is cut from the same cloth as the original studio recording. Additionally, they also created a variation known as lossless audio coding. This functions the same as AAC – only much better.

Does AirPods Max Have APTX?

When you scroll through the extensive list of features offered by the AirPods Max, you won’t find any trace of aptX audio codec on the list. Truth to be told, Apple still favored the Advanced Audio Codec over the aptX sound technology developed by Qualcomm.

Bluetooth aptX is confident of its ability to transmit high-resolution audio to wireless devices. Your AirPods Max doesn’t have any use for it though, because it only supports AAC.

Is AirPods Max Lossless?

When you say Lossless, it means that the audio being played is as pure and unprocessed as possible. The sound keeps most of the data from the original file, unlike other compression techniques used.

Sounds amazing, but alas, it’s not available in your AirPods Max. One thing to take note of about Lossless audio is it does not function over any Bluetooth connections.

Apple applies the AAC codec over Bluetooth on your elite headphones, so it’s impossible to not lose any audio fidelity. That being said, you won’t notice the audio difference as much because of the already great performance of your Max headphones.

Here’s what you’ll miss if you can’t get a bite of the Lossless audio by Apple:

  • Broadcast Radio
  • Live Radio and On-Demand Content from Apple Music 1, Apple Music
  • Hits, and Apple Music Country
  • Music Videos

Do Apple Music Lossless Work With Wired AirPods Max?

Since Lossless is not compatible with any Bluetooth pairings, you may be curious if there’s another way to access this juicy upgrade. Maybe you’re thinking of using the Lightning to Audio Cable to link your Max headphones with Apple Music Lossless devices.

Nice try, but the AirPods Max still won’t function via Lossless even if you use wired connections. The idea isn’t bad and will definitely improve your listening experience. However, it still will not give you access to Apple Music Lossless.

The reason behind this is simple. Using wired connections on any device via the Max headphones requires analog-to-digital conversion. This conversion strips some of the audio data giving you unpure audio that is not ‘completely Lossless.’

Do AirPods Max Sound Better With Apple Music?

It’s already common knowledge that Apple products work best with fellow Apple-made applications. As such, the AirPods Max will sound better with Apple Music than other streaming apps out there.

One of the main reasons for this is that Apple manufactures its products with its own codec. If you’re using AirPods Max with Apple Music, you’ll notice a much better audio output because they function on the same Advanced Audio Codec.

On the other hand, you’ll experience a lesser sound experience when you connect your AirPods Max to Spotify. Aside from functioning under a different frequency, Apple Music just offers a much better high-fi streaming.

Does AirPods Max Support Dolby Atmos?

If you’re using a source device manufactured by Apple, then your AirPods Max will support Dolby Atmos music. Dolby Atmos is a sound system that provides a high-profile 3D audio experience. It is compatible with your Apple headphones. This means that you’ll enjoy immersive, real-life encounters.

Coupled with the Spatial Audio feature, listening to Dolby Atmos via the AirPods Max is something you shouldn’t miss. Additionally, you may think it’s a shame that you can’t use Lossless with your Max headphones. However, the Spatial audio feature on Dolby Atmos more than makes up for it.

Which Chip Is in the AirPods Max?

The AirPods Max has not only one but two Apple-designed H1 chips that come with a powerful set of features. These integrated chips are responsible for some of the characteristics of your headphones such as:

  • Enables immediate syncing between different Apple devices
  • Improves auto-connecting capabilities, including higher resistance to signal drop-outs
  • Better power efficiency and distribution

In addition to the list above, the H1 chip also offers a thirty percent lower latency rate. This is a big breakthrough in the wireless headphones industry which considers choppy Bluetooth pairings as the norm.

Compare the W1 chip located on first-generation AirPods and other Beats models. You’ll notice that the H1 chip has more advanced characteristics. Check them out in the table below:

H1 Chip W1 Chip
Battery Life 5 hours 5 hours
Conversational Duration 3 hours 2 hours
Siri Double-tap or voice activation Double-tap only
Bluetooth Type Bluetooth version 5 Bluetooth version 4.2
iOS System Needed iOS 12.2 or above iOS 10 or above
macOS System Needed macOS 10.14.4 or above macOS 10.12 or above
watchOS System Needed watchOS 5.2 or above watchOS 3 or above
Apple TV Function Yes Yes

If you’ve noticed, everything that the W1 chip has to offer was improved by the H1 chip by several times. The most noteworthy one of these upgrades is power management. Specifically, the H1 chip supports smaller lithium batteries but still possesses the same battery life as W1 products.

Do AirPods Max Have U1 Chip?

The AirPods Max has its deluxe features and unforgettable sound experience. Still, this is not everything Apple has to offer. When looking at the components of the headphones, the elusive U1 chip is non-existent.

For reference, the U1 chip has a positioning feature called the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radio. In layman terms, this chip sends out signals to show its explicit location. All without being mistaken as another device in the vicinity.

It was first rolled out in iPhone 11 models but has returned inconsistently with other products. Your Max headphones only have the H1 chips installed, so it does not have Ultra Wideband Support.

What Are the Colors of the AirPods Max?

Like all Apple products, the AirPods Max also comes in a variety of colors. These hues include space gray, sky blue, silver, green, and pink.

If you’re thinking of bland colors, then you’re in for a surprise. The AirPods Max have a certain shine to them, which emphasizes the shades that give subtle bling.

Which AirPods Max Color Is Best?

Maybe you’re torn on which color to choose among the five variations of the AirPods Max models. Well, worry not because anything can be the best choice depending on your preference!

If you’re into Apple’s more sleek designs, then space gray or silver would be the better choice. However, you can opt for the vibrant AirPods Max if you prefer a pop of contrast that helps you stand out.

Can You Mix and Match AirPods Max Colors?

Apple is a company of infinite innovations and you can see it in their AirPods Max model. You’re probably aware that the earcups are magnetic and therefore replaceable when damaged.

Take this feature a notch further and deviate from your original Max headphones color. You could create a cool combination of black headphones with striking silver or sky blue ear cups. The possibilities are endless, and you can have 25 color combinations giving you a much broader range of designs.

Where Are AirPods Max Manufactured?

Airpods Max is manufactured in Vietnam. However, the production process is still under two Chinese-owned corporations. These corporations that won the right over Airpods Max orders are the Luxshare Precision Industry and Goertek.

It’s quite ironic. Apple has been aiming to reduce its reliance in China due to several public relations issues. These two Chinese companies bagged the assembling rights against other Taiwanese competitors.

Is AirPods Max Vegan?

Apple is more than aware that veganism is not strictly about food. It is also about extending grace and compassion to fellow creatures. As such, you can rest assured that none of your AirPods Max’s components are made from or tested using animals.

Among its list of high-quality materials, there’s not a speck of animal cruelty. This includes even the earpads, which are made of memory foam and woven fabric.

Additionally, the AirPods Max has stainless steel and aluminum backbone instead of plastic. Not only is it sturdy and sleek, but you’re also sure that it’s vegan-friendly to boot!

What Is the Lifespan of AirPods Max?

Any battery-powered gadget will inevitably meet the end of its service. No matter how much you take care of it, you’ll only delay the inevitable. This also applies to the AirPods Max or any Apple product in general.

Apple does not specify the expected lifespan of the AirPods Max battery. However, expect that your Max headphones will degrade after 500 full-charge cycles. Also, expect that it will have 80 percent capacity for cells.

Considering the AirPods Max’s charge longevity, you’re in for an extensive relationship with your premium headphones. Worry not though once you’ve noticed a downgrade in cell capacity. Apple made sure to produce a replaceable battery for the price of about $100.

This is a great alternative when you find your AirPods Max running out of steam immediately. You won’t need to throw the headphones themselves and can keep them in tip-top shape by buying the replaceable instead.

How To Maximize AirPods Max Battery Lifespan?

With its premium price tag, it’s no wonder you’ll want to extend the AirPods Max’s battery lifespan as much as possible. Luckily for you, there are several ways to do this:

  • Keep Headphones Cased as Much as Possible. The Smart Case does not charge the Airpods Max headphones but you can’t deny that it preserves battery life. There are both Low power and Ultralow power mode in the Case. These modes help in minimizing battery consumption when Max headphones are idle.
  • Don’t Use Them in Extreme Conditions. This one is for certain. Your AirPods Max is made only for certain situations. Specifically, Apple made their premium headphones with only casual use in mind.
  • Turn Audio Outputs Down. If you’re used to blaring music from your headphones, then you need to stop it right now. Turning up the volume degrades battery life so watch yourself if you want to preserve Max’s lifespan.

Aside from these tips, you can avail of the $30 AppleCare+ for your AirPods Max. This will help you easily access replacement parts for your products.

Where to Buy AirPods Max

One of the surefire ways to purchase AirPods Max is to shop directly at the Apple Store or in their official store online. These two options are the most legit ones to ensure you won’t be provided with a sham.

If an Apple store is not near you, there are other product retailers in your area. However, you’d need to check whether they’re authorized by Apple to avoid unwanted situations.

Can You Try on AirPods Max at Apple Store?

Before purchasing an item, it is necessary to experience its features firsthand. Apple is extremely aware of this, so you’ll find most of its products on display for customers to try on.

You’re free to get your hands on any Apple item on display, including the AirPods Max model. However, be aware that an Apple Store employee will be on standby to navigate the controls. This is to help you familiarize yourself with the headphones while ensuring no unnecessary damage will take place.

Can I Return AirPods Max?

Maybe you’ve found a defect in your over-ear headphones, or you just don’t think that it’s a great fit for your personality. In this case, don’t fret because Apple has a strict policy in providing customer satisfaction, including refundable items.

However, take note that there are conditions to take note of when it comes to the returns and refunds policy Apple offers. Here are some of them:

Standard Return Policy

  • Apple gives you a 14-day leeway in returning any item from the date it arrived on your doorstep.
  • Refunds and returns are only applicable to items directly bought from Apple, be it online or at an Apple Retail Store.
  • When it comes to other retailers, you should follow their respective returns and refunds policies.
  • All items you received in the package being returned should be included. These include cords, power adapters, and documentation attached when receiving the product.

How to Return AirPods Max

If you’ve talked to an Apple representative and come to a replacement or refund agreement, here are several ways to return your AirPods Max:

Ship Your Max Headphones Back to Apple

  • Go to the Order Listing page and sign in using your Apple ID and password.
  • Check the items listed in your recent orders. Select the AirPods Max and then tap the ‘Get Started’ button.
  • You’ll navigate to the next page where you need to confirm the item you’d like to return. Click on the ‘Initiate Your Return’ button.
  • Instructions will appear which you should read. Then tap the ‘Print Return Label’ button. This will print your shipping and hazmat labels.
  • For multiple boxes, you’ll need to use the Print Return Label button several times.
  • Schedule a pickup with Apple’s carrier or drop the package at the select carrier’s location.

Bring Your Max Headphones to Apple Store

You always have the option to return your product to any Apple Store in the area. Upon arrival, an Apple Specialist will accommodate your return request. Refunds will also be processed on the same day.

Why Is AirPods Max So Expensive?

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the whole elite Apple affair or a veteran with their whopping price ranges. You’re still bound to be surprised about the cost of their full-size wireless headphones.

Well, there is reason enough to be surprised, but the AirPods Max has good reason to back its premium price tag. Here are some of them:

  • Its Audio Quality is Beyond Compare. Apple is known to create a high-quality audio experience even with its other AirPods models. They tripled this sound performance in the AirPods Max – just imagine how immersive it is.
  • Unique Premium Features. Before the AirPods Max, you’ve never been interested in Spatial Audio or even Auto-switching features. However, upon taking a glimpse at its capabilities, you wanted nothing more than to get your hands on it. Who wouldn’t want convenient device-switching and head tracking for ultimate surround sound, right?
  • Unparalleled Noise-Cancelling Properties. In a room full of people with chattering noises, you’ll comfortably be engaged in your space with the AirPods Max over your head. Granted, there are a lot of noise-cancelling headphones out there. However, nothing beats Apple’s capability to snuff out unwanted background noise.
  • Provides Comfort for Hours on End. Another thing that made Apple’s wireless over-ear headset stand out from the rest is its memory foam and mesh material. In these Max headphones, the company splurged on comfort and aesthetics. You can wear them confidently even when you have your glasses on which is an upgrade to other competitors.
  • Design Screams of Smooth and Sleek Quality. The AirPods Max has an elegant, minimalistic style that you can’t help but love at first sight. Apple’s obsessive craftsmanship gave birth to a capable device. Not only does it look premium but also boasts superior performance to boot.

Are AirPods Max Overpriced?

Apple’s AirPods Max is astonishingly expensive – enough to rent a rural city apartment or purchase a month’s worth of groceries for a family. However, you can’t say it’s overpriced especially if you see everything it has to offer.

If you’re an audio enthusiast that finds value in high-quality headphones, then $549 ain’t that much. You can consider the Max headphones a smart investment in the years to come.

For the price of $549, you avail yourself of maximum comfort and a top-of-the-line listening experience. Of course, don’t forget the privilege to wear something Apple-made.

Admit it, using something manufactured by the brand of the century elicits a feeling of pride. This more than makes up for your money’s worth.