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How Do I Charge My AirPods Max (and How Long Does It Take)?

AirPods Max comes with a Lightning USB-C cable you can connect to a charger or a port. You can use different adapter types, from lower 5-watt to the greater 96-watt varieties. You can connect it to a power source or any compatible port including the ones in MacBook Pro or Air.
How Do I Charge My AirPods Max?

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Generally, the headphones take two hours to fully charge. However, you can plug them in different spans based on intended usage.

Do AirPods Max Charge Wirelessly?

Unlike other AirPods models, the AirPods Max does not offer wireless charging capabilities. You can instead use the lightning to USB-C cable included in your package.

This seems like a downgrade compared to other Apple models with a rechargeable case. However, it is worth it if you’re eager for high-fi audio and comfort over extreme portability.

How Do You Charge AirPods Max using Lightning Cable?

You can charge your AirPods Max as you do with other Apple products. First, pop in the lightning cable in the charging hole. The gap is located on the bottom-right part of the headphones.

You can then connect the other end to a USB charger or port. The cable fits into different Macbook models like the Pro and Air. You can also plug it into other compatible brands.

Can You Charge AirPods Max Using Smart Case?

The Smart Case functions differently than other Apple cases with built-in charging properties. It is designed to put your headphones into an “ultra-low power state that helps to preserve battery charge when not in use.”

It won’t charge your AirPods Max, but it will lengthen battery life. The Smart Case also operates as a non-bulky covering during travels.

Can You Charge AirPods Max Inside The Smart Case?

You can easily charge the AirPods Max even when inside the Smart Case. It has a built-in cutout explicitly made for this purpose.

You just need to align the lightning port into the case opening, and your headphones will charge. You won’t need to worry about damaging your lightning cable because the port is fully exposed.

Does AirPods Max Have Fast Charging?

AirPods Max uses Apple’s lightning charger combined with a USB-C as their default charging line. These are different from standard lightning cables with no fast charging features.

A Lightning to 3.5mm audio cable is in your AirPods Max bundle, which you can pair with different power adapters. Your best bet is the 20W USB-C power adapter for maximum compatibility.

How Fast Does AirPods Max Charge?

AirPods Max charges quite quickly due to its USB-C lightning cable. If you plug in your headphones for five minutes, you’ll acquire 90 minutes of listening time.

You can charge them within 30 minutes, and you’ll get 50 percent of battery life. In an hour, you’ll have an 80 percent charge.

Does AirPods Max Charge Faster With Different Watts?

There are no improvements in AirPods Max charging time between different chargers. Whether you plug it in using a 96-watt or a 5-watt Apple adapter, it will still charge the same.

Your AirPods Max has a fixed maximum watt of 3.2 and uses CCCV (Constant Current Constant Voltage) charging method. It constantly regulates the power draw to prolong battery life.

How Long Does It Take to Fully Charge AirPods Max?

Apple does not specify how long it will take AirPods Max to charge fully. However, users share that it took about two hours to restore it to full power.

It will take only a few minutes to put some life back into your headphones. Still, you’re incapable of charging AirPods Max on the go. If you’ve drained your AirPods during travel, waiting is the only option you have.

How Long Does AirPods Max Battery Charge Last?

Your Airpods Max will last for twenty hours if you have spatial audio and Active Noise Cancellation turned on. This is based on Apple’s statement but may vary depending on user activity.

It may last for 22 hours if you include the 1 percent battery before completely shutting down. It is an upgrade compared to other models which have wireless charging cases.

For comparison, wireless Airpods from older models have a five-hour listening lifespan in a single charge. When used for talk time, these models will last even shorter.

How Long Should I Charge AirPods Max?

You should charge your Airpods Max for approximately two hours to fully restore battery power. However, charging times may vary depending on your intended purpose.

For reference, here’s a table of charging span for different AirPods Max uses:

Usage Duration Required Charging Time
One Hour and Thirty Minute Movie 4 minutes
Three-Hour Movie 6 minutes
Full-Time Usage (Eight Hours) 22 minutes
Half-Day Usage (Twelve Hours) 35 minutes

Can You Overcharge AirPods Max?

It is impossible to overcharge Airpods Max, like Apple’s other older generation models. Your premium-priced headphones have equally premium charging features, like the CCCV method.

This method reduces power draw as your device nears full power. If you leave your headphones plugged in even after reaching 100 percent battery, the output will be regulated to prevent damage.

They won’t stop drawing power completely but will reduce it to about 0.08 watts. This is due to the constant consumption of Bluetooth connections and automatic sensors.

How Do I Know My AirPods Max Is Charged?

The Airpods Max does not have any specific battery-level indicator. However, you’ll have no trouble knowing whether it is charged or not because it has several automatic functions.

Once you wear it over your head, it will automatically turn on if it’s not drained. Your premium headphones also have an always-on feature. It will instantly connect with authorized devices when charged.

How Do I Check AirPods Max Battery Life?

You can check AirPods Max battery life by looking at the status light located on the right ear cup. If your headphones are connected to a power source, press the noise control button.

A green light means that the battery is above 95 percent. If the light indicators turns amber, you have less than 95 percent of battery.

AirPods Max not connected to a power source at the moment or in use? Just click the noise control button and observe the light color shown.

Status light turns green when it is fifteen percent and above. It will turn amber when your headphones have less than fifteen percent charge.

How To Check AirPods Max Battery Life On Connected Apple Devices?

Once you’ve taken the AirPods Max out of its Smart Case, you can view its charge status on your connected device. If you’re streaming using an iPhone or an iPad, just unlock it and bring the headphones a little closer.

A pop-up box will show on-screen containing the name and image of the AirPods Max. You’ll find the battery level below with an attached figure.

If you’re using a MacBook, click on the Bluetooth button on the top-right screen. Hover your mouse on the AirPods Max icon, and the battery life will show.

How To Check AirPods Max Battery Life Using iPhone Widget?

You can check your AirPods Max battery percentage using the iPhone’s widget. Here’s how to activate this feature:

  • Access the widget picker on your device.
  • Tap on the Today View and select the ‘Edit Home Screen’ option.
  • Scroll through and locate the Batteries icon.
  • Choose the green plus sign next to the icon and tap ‘Done’ in the top right of the screen.

It’s up to you if you’ll choose the medium or large icon version of the widget. The large icon will show the percentage figure of your AirPods Max. The smaller one only displays the rings.

Can You Use AirPods Max While They Are Charging?

Your premium headphones are functional even when connected to a power source. Using them while charging is possible, but it doesn’t mean you won’t encounter restrictions.

First, you’ll be stuck in your charging station for a while if you’re aiming for full battery capacity. Connecting the lightning cable to a portable power bank is a possible solution. However, your premium headphones are heavy as it is, so you may want to reconsider.

Is It Safe To Use AirPods Max While Charging?

Modern technology like Apple products, won’t cause damage when charged and used simultaneously. However, the risk is not completely eliminated.

You may notice a slight change in temperature in your headphones. This can eventually seep through your ear cups material and cause you discomfort.

There is also a chance of getting electrocuted, but this is extremely unlikely. You only risk this happening if you use a damaged charger or one with faulty wires.

Does AirPods Max Go Into Sleep?

When you leave your AirPods Max idle for about five minutes, it will automatically enter sleep mode. This function allows your headphones to preserve battery life while not in use.

Putting them in their Smart Case also enables sleep function. They go into low power mode immediately without the five-minute mark.

Since your headphones can function in low-power alone, you might think the Smart Case is useless. However, there is another mode accessible only with the Smart Case attached.

How Do You Trigger AirPods Max Ultra Low Power Mode?

AirPods Max ultra low power mode is an exclusive option you can access with the Smart Case. This lower power feature occurs automatically, so you won’t need to do anything special to trigger it.

When you insert your AirPods Max in the Smart Case, it will immediately enter low power mode. After eighteen hours, the ultra low power mode turns on automatically. This feature gives you an extra fifty-four hours of idle AirPods Max time.

Your headphones turn off Bluetooth and Find My device features in this state. Additionally, it also maximizes your battery life.

Does AirPods Max Turn Off?

The Airpods Max does not completely turn off. Instead, it only has the lowest power feature, which occurs after eighteen hours.

This lowest power mode is the ‘off mode’ that Apple presented. If you don’t have any Smart Case available, you can still achieve this pseudo-off feature. Leave the headphones idle for seventy-two hours and it will ‘turn off’.

Can You Manually Turn Off AirPods Max?

You can’t manually turn off your Apple wireless headphones as it does not have a power button. The best bet would be to store it in the Smart Case for eighteen hours triggering the ultra low power mode.

Draining the battery is the only way to turn off the headphones entirely. You’ll need several hours of non-stop streaming and playback to do this.

Can You Charge AirPods Max With an iPhone Charger?

You can charge your Airpods Max using an iPhone charger, and it won’t give you any issues at all. Your over-ear headphones have the same lightning-to USB-C cable as other Apple products.

Apple has been working with compatibility for a few of its technologies. When you buy Airpods Max, it comes with a 20w USB lightning charger. This cable is well-suited for other similar models.

Can I Charge AirPods Max With 18w Charger?

You can charge your Airpods Max with an 18w charger, and it will still charge as fast as the recent 20w adapter. Apple does not specifically announce which charger type to use with their premium headphones.

You can even use Macbook chargers with 11 and 96 watts or other older generation chargers with 5 or 12 watts. And as long as it is compatible with Apple products, you can use other brands.

How Long Do AirPods Max Last in the Case?

Your premium headphones will last seventy-two hours in their case when in low power mode. It will remain on for another fifty-four hours of idle time when it enters the lower power feature.

In total, your Airpods Max will more or less last for one hundred thirty hours. This equals about five days of battery life in the Smart Case.

Can You Use AirPods Max Without the Case?

Airpods Max is fully functional without the case. In fact, you could consider the Smart Case as battery-saving storage rather than a vital part of headphone function.

You can stream music, make calls, connect with other devices without the case. It is also made of soft material, so it does not offer much protection.

However, if you like to take care of the device’s battery and prolong the functioning time, you will find the Smart Case useful.

Your AirPods Max doesn’t turn off unless you totally drain its battery to zero. This is where the Smart Case comes in. The case provides several power-saving features like low power and ultra-low function.