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Which Devices Can You Connect AirPods Max to (PC, PlayStation, TV, and Non-iPhone Explained)?

Apple has been letting go of its exclusive mindset and opening itself to inclusivity. This applies to the AirPods Max model, which is not limited to use on Apple devices only. Your headphones can connect with any compatible non-iPhone devices, including PC, PlayStation, and LG TVs.
Which Devices Can You Connect Airpods Max to?

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There are two main ways in which you can link to compatible devices. You either utilize its Bluetooth features or purchase the Lightning to 3.55 mm Audio Cable. Whether you choose wired connections or go wireless in your devices, there are still some limitations and steps to consider.

Does AirPods Max Work With PC?

Your premium headphones may be an elite Apple product, but it doesn’t mean they won’t work on other PCs. It is functional even when you’re not using any of the macOS, so feel free to use them with other brands.

You can work with Airpods Max wired or opt for Bluetooth connections, really. Apple made sure to add inclusivity in the mix; just make sure you enable your Airpods Max headphones on pairing mode.

Can You Connect AirPods Max To Windows?

The AirPods Max is equipped with an H1 audio processor in each ear. This feature allows you to connect them with Windows and works pretty well. It won’t give you the best hi-fi experience though, unlike when paired with other Apple products.

Your luxury headphones function best with fellow Apple lines, so expect some limitations. You won’t get any of the exclusive spatial audio or pairing as they’re built only for iOS devices.

It’s not much of a big deal as you can use the AirPods Max’s transparency feature as well as the noise cancellation perks.

How Can I Connect AirPods Max To Windows Wirelessly?

You can connect your AirPods Max wirelessly if you have Bluetooth on your Windows PC. If you don’t have one, consider buying a Bluetooth dongle to enjoy wireless connections.

Here’s how to connect your AirPods Max to Windows via Bluetooth in detailed steps:

  • Step 1: Right-click on the Windows icon on the bottom corner and find ‘Settings’ then ‘Devices’. If you have a Bluetooth icon on your taskbar, you can also select it and choose ‘Add a Bluetooth Device’.
  • Step 2: Enable pairing mode in your AirPods Max. You can do this by clicking on the noise control button for seven seconds or until you see a flashing white light.
  • Step 3: Your AirPods Max should now be reflected in your Windows list of devices. Select to connect and wait a few seconds for pairing.

Once the connection is successful, a notification will show that your device is ready to go. You can now enjoy your audio and control the output as you deem fit.

How Can I Connect AirPods Max To Windows Using Lightning Cable?

If you don’t have any Bluetooth devices available, you can connect your headphones with Apple’s Lightning to Audio Cable. It’s only compatible with 3.55 mm audio ports, so make sure your Windows device fits the bill.

Simply insert the 3.55 mm audio-in port in the AirPods Max. Then connect the similar-sized audio-out port to your device. This wired connection also works with speakers, so it’s a win-win.

The catch? This audio cable is not included in your AirPods Max bundle, so you’ll need to buy it for $35. You may think twice considering the AirPods Max costs a hefty sum, but you can listen to non-Apple devices in exchange.

Can I Use the AirPods Max for Gaming?

There’s no specific set of use for AirPods Max, with the exception that it’s not made for workouts. You can enjoy more than a few sessions of gaming with your headphones, especially with their hi-fi audio.

However, there are several reports of audio delay when gaming with AirPods Max. This is because of Bluetooth latency, which occurs on almost all Bluetooth headphones.

It’s up to you whether you use your over-the-ear headphones for in-depth gaming. What’s important is you explore your options so you maximize your AirPods Max usage.

How To Solve AirPods Max Audio Delay When Gaming?

If you’re keen on using your AirPods Max as a gaming device, you can solve the audio delay by using a wired connection. Apple got that covered through their Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio cable you can buy separately.

Audio delays occur because of Bluetooth latency. Your premium headphones may be less than ideal in this regard since its mostly wireless.

However, you can solve this by opting for non-wireless connections while gaming. It won’t even be a bother as you’re stationed in one place, anyway.

Does AirPods Max Work With PS4?

Not all headphones are compatible with the PS4 due to their different systems. Surprisingly, your AirPods Max isn’t one of those.

It’s not as easy as pairing with Apple products, but it will work with this game console. Even though they’re of different brands, you can establish a connection between them.

How Do I Connect AirPods Max With PS4?

You’ll need a Bluetooth dongle or receiver for your premium headphones to work with a gaming console. Sony’s PS4 does not offer any Bluetooth support, so your Airpods won’t connect automatically.

Here’s how you do it instead:

  • Step 1: Plug your Bluetooth dongle in the PS4 and wait for an indication that it is connected. This may be in the form of a slight sound or flashing lights.
  • Step 2: Pair the Bluetooth dongle with your AirPods Max by pressing the noise control button for several seconds. The Bluetooth receiver and your headphones have flashing lights to indicate sync success.
  • Step 3: Once they are paired, go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Devices’. Choose the Audio Devices option and navigate to the ‘Input Devices’.
  • Step 4: Select the ‘Headset Connected to Controller’ and then set the Output Device to ‘USB Headphones’.
  • Step 5: Set the output to the Headphones option and choose ‘All Audio’. This enables you to use audio and mic functions on the PS4.

If you prefer a strict audio-only connection, omit Step 5 in the instructions. You can also adjust the volume in the Level Control menu before using the AirPods Max. This ensures that the audio output is to your liking and stream directly to your headphones.

Do AirPods Max Work With PS5?

The PS5 doesn’t support Bluetooth audio connection alone. Your premium headphones are wireless but have noise cancellation and spatial pairing. Seems incompatible, but there are definite ways to make them work together.

The first way is to use a Bluetooth dongle, which you can also utilize to pair up with a PS4. Another option is by using the Lightning to audio cable with a 3.55 mm port on both sides.

How Can I Connect AirPods Max With PS5 Using Lightning Cable?

If you don’t have any Bluetooth dongle available or you can’t wait for it, your Apple Lightning to Audio Cable can function fine. You won’t need to do any complicated steps, just plug it right up your controller.

In fact, this method is much more preferred than using Bluetooth connections. Using wired pairings cut the audio delay when playing, giving you little to no latency issues.

Can I Use AirPods Max For PC Gaming?

Your luxury headphones are not only made for streaming music, watching TV, or making calls. With its superior audio and comfortable design, you can also use it for PC gaming.

The AirPods Max has the potential to give an immersive gaming experience. Take a look at its noise cancellation and solid sound quality. It also has high-performing microphones needed for vital co-op gameplay.

Can I Connect My AirPods Max To My TV?

Bluetooth technology makes it possible to connect your AirPods Max to any type of Smart TV. As long as it’s compatible and can establish a solid connection, you can enjoy shows with your headphones.

If there’s no Bluetooth available, consider getting a Bluetooth transmitter. This is vital to help you connect AirPods Max to your TV. Just make sure your wireless headphones are in pairing mode so you can locate them.

Does AirPods Max Work With LG TV?

Apple manufactures its recent products with inclusivity in mind. This is not limited to Apple-to-Apple connections only. Your AirPods Max is included with their goals of interconnectivity, capable of working with LG TVs.

However, note that Apple works best with fellow Apple devices. So there are some restrictions if you pair it with an LG TV. Certain features like spatial audio or volume control through the headphones are unavailable.

How Can I Connect AirPods Max to LG TV?

Your AirPods Max has a Bluetooth version of 5.0, compatible with the latest Smart TVs and other pairing apps.

You can connect your headphones to LG TV mainly through the headset or TV pairing option. There are also other streaming programs that help with inter-brand collaboration, such as Roku and Fire TV.

Another alternative is to use the Apple TV application. However, since you’re not using Apple products, there will be inaccessible features. Any of these options are fine, you just need to choose which one fits your needs.

Does Apple AirPods Max Work With Apple TV?

Your Apple AirPods Max does more than just work with Apple TV. Pairing the two can give you an even better home theater experience. You can maximize its functions which are unavailable when you connect with other brands.

Greater streaming quality, all-out controllable features, and the best audio support are some of its perks. Pairing has never been easier too, as Apple-to-Apple products tends to link best with each other.

How To Connect AirPods Max To Apple TV?

If you use the same Apple ID on different Apple devices, you can connect and share data across gadgets. This also applies to your AirPods Max and Apple TV. Just log in on the same account and watch them pair with each other automatically.

However, there are instances where they won’t pair up without prompt. Here’s what you should do when this occurs:

  • Hold the ‘TV’ button on your remote to access the Control Center portion.
  • Choose the Airplay icon located on the middle bottom row.
  • Once your AirPods Max has appeared under the ‘Headphones’ category, select it for pairing.

Will AirPods Max Work With Samsung?

Samsung has a different operating system, but the AirPods Max will still work with their devices. Your headphones have H1 chips which offer versatility. It also has a Bluetooth version that works with iOS, Windows, or Android products.

Despite some limitations, you can still pair it with supported devices. Apple-to-Samsung connections offers several features. This includes active noise cancellation, digital crown control, and transparency mode.

Can AirPods Max Connect to Two Devices?

If you own several Apple devices, you are already familiar with how your iCloud account works. With one Apple ID to sign in, it is possible to connect your AirPods Max to all your other devices.

However, if you’re thinking of pairing them simultaneously to two gadgets, you may need to think twice. This is because your AirPods Max has automatic device switching. It will switch between synced gadgets without prompt as long as the system deems it a priority.

For example, you’re watching a movie using your iPad, and a call comes through your iPhone. Your Airpods Max headphones will prioritize the incoming call and switch connections. This feature is useful when you have several Apple products, but you can disable it if you don’t prefer the auto-switch.