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How Comfortable Are AirPods Max for Workout and Casual Use (and Are They Sweat and Water Resistant)?

Airpods Max sports a unique design while providing the highest comfort possible for everyday use. However, using these headphones with workouts in mind can only cause premature damage.
How Comfortable Are Airpods Max for Workout and Casual Use?

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Despite the solid build and top-of-the-line materials, you should be aware that your Airpods Mac is not for all-around use.

Are AirPods Max Comfortable to Wear?

While the Airpods Max sports an unconventional design, it offers top-notch comfort to its users. Apple is known for its minimalistic style, but they focus on comfort during wear over aesthetics this time.

If you’re more into the visual appeal, you can still be impressed by the build quality. Aside from the hi-fi audio output, the Airpods Max also offers the topmost comfort when in use.

What Makes AirPods Max Comfortable to Wear?

Here are the factors that make Airpods Max comfortable to wear:

  • Stainless Steel Headband: Airpod Max’s headband is made from high-quality stainless steel. It has adjustable features.
  • Memory Foam Cushion: It has a memory foam earpiece, able to mold itself according to the user’s style. The more you use these premium headphones, the more comfort they provide.
  • Cups With Aluminum Coating: These aluminum-coated cups are hollow, allowing the cushion to rotate. You can adjust it based on your head shape.
  • Mesh Canopy: Since the earpads have mesh canopy covering, it is breathable and does not stifle the ears.

Are Airpods Max Tight?

Rather than tight, Airpods Max provides the perfect fit for its users. The telescoping arms are adjustable, keeping the headphones in place without being rigid.

The earpiece clamping pressure is tight but not too tight to give you discomfort. The headpiece mesh distributes the pressure evenly – you won’t feel the bars poking you.

Also, the Airpods Max possesses a spring that is non-resistant when you adjust the notch.

How to Adjust Airpods Max Telescoping Arms?

You can adjust Airpods Max’s telescoping arms like you would any other headphones. Just extend the sides according to your preference and desired fit.

The stainless steel arms have a smooth mechanism to extend the headphone’s joints. You won’t have trouble fine-tuning the fit according to what you’re comfortable with.

If you feel it’s still a little too tight to your liking, try to carefully stretch them for a much better fit.

Are Airpods Max Too Heavy?

Made from stainless steel and aluminum, the Airpods Max weighs 386 grams (13.6 oz). It can be heavy on the first try if you’re used to lightweight ones.

For reference, here’s a table showing other notable headphones and how much they weigh:

Sony WH-1000XM4 251 grams (8.6 oz)
Bose 700 252 grams (8.9 oz)
Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 290 grams (10.2 oz)

Notice how the weight of the Airpods Max differs from other choices in the market? It’s because the premium headphones offer features that need a sturdy build.

What Makes the Airpods Max Too Heavy?

Apple created the Airpods Max with a solid quality build in mind. The headband frame is made with stainless steel, which handles most of the weight.

The ear cups are also crafted with aluminum, with plenty of hollow spaces to ensure high-quality audio feedback. It has plush padding that helps distribute the weight equally, though, so you’ll get used to it in no time!

Do Airpods Max Get More Comfortable?

The premium Apple Airpods Max gets more comfortable over time. Apple made their wireless headphones by prioritizing user versatility and comfort.

Made from cushion materials and memory foam, the Airpods Max is soft on the ears and the head. Some headphones provide an uncomfortable feeling on the top of the head and behind the ears.

You won’t need to worry about this as the Airpods Max sports a frame that balances the pressure – it adjusts to the user’s unique head patterns as time goes by.

Can I Wear Airpods Max With Glasses?

Wearing Airpods Max with glasses is possible, even if you prefer different rim styles. The headphone cups won’t be a hindrance at all.

Since the headphone cups of the Airpods Max are made from aluminum, you might think that it is too rigid and tight. That is not the case.

Airpods Max has adjustable features partnered with a soft cushioning material. With this, your premium headphones are glasses-friendly.

Are Airpods Max Comfortable With Glasses?

Wearing glasses with Airpods Max is as comfortable as it gets. The secret lies in the ear cuffs made with cushion and airy fabric covering.

These ear cushions are crafted from memory foam. This padding can shape itself according to your rim set with enough heat and pressure.

The airy fabric covering also helps you wear your glasses in comfort because they are breathable. You won’t have to worry about feeling stifled when you wear glasses with headphones for too long.

No matter what kind of rim your glasses have, the Airpods Max will only provide comfort and won’t cause any pain.

Can You Wear Airpods Max in Bed?

Since the Airpods Max is wireless, you can bring it to bed. You won’t have to worry about the cables being a hindrance as they are non-existent.

The build poses no problem as the adjustable bands can secure the headphones on your head. The telescoping arms can even extend, which is helpful if you want a more relaxed fit while in bed.

Can You Sleep With Airpods Max?

Even though the Airpods Max has a stainless steel headband, it is still wearable during sleep. You can wear it comfortably while dozing off on your back.

Airpods Max is ideal for sleeping since it has earcups that distribute the weight evenly. Wearing it while tilting your head to the side will cause no discomfort because it is flexible and not tight at all.

Most headphones aren’t designed for sleeping because they’re bulky and restrictive. But, the AirPods Max has a breathable material that makes it cool for sleep.

The only restriction lies if you’re a side sleeper. You can accidentally lie on one side of your headphone with the full brunt of your head weight.

You can remedy this with a bit of tweak – use a travel pillow to avoid putting pressure on the cups.

Is It Safe to Sleep With Airpods Max On?

Sleeping with Airpods Max won’t cause any physical discomfort, but it is not completely safe. Long-term effects may include ear infections and earwax build-up.

Studies show that listening to music while sleeping is beneficial. However, it is best to do so without having the audio device close to your ear.

Airpods Max may be breathable, but it can still make you sweat if you wear it while sleeping. This makes your skin susceptible to irritation.

Here are the other plausible effects of wearing Airpods Max, or any headphones in general to the body:

  • Hearing Loss
  • Physical Damage to Ear
  • Sleep Interruption
  • Tinnitus
  • Learning Disability

Can You Wear Airpods Max Backwards?

It can be confusing to wear the Airpods Max as it there is no clear label about the proper orientation. This poses no problem though because you can wear these over-ear Airpods backward.

Apple incorporated head and neck detection in their headphones instead of over-ear variation. This enables your Airpods Max to detect whether you’re wearing them on your head or around your neck.

It also detects which ear caps are connected and rightly adjusts the audio channel. You can also resume what you’re listening to because there is an automatic pause function.

In addition, Airpods Max has nine microphones in total that work no matter how you wear them.

Are Airpods Max Waterproof?

Made with stainless steel and aluminum, the Airpods Max has a build incapable of handling water of any kind. It also uses cushion material on the ear cuffs, which is prone to water damage.

Its metal build can develop rust and erosion if submerged in water for long durations. You can’t dry them as quickly because of the memory foam and mesh material.

Besides, the ear cushions are attached via magnets which will rust when wet.

Are Airpods Max Water Resistant?

Some headphones may be immune to water to a certain extent, but the Airpods Max is not one of them. It is not water-resistant and should be placed in a dry area if not in use.

Since the Airpods Max has quite a few openings, even a little bit of water can mess with your audio system.

Can You Wear Airpods Max With Wet Hair?

Wearing Airpods Max with wet hair is not advisable. Its stainless steel frame has cushion material and absorbs moisture quite fast.

In addition, the ear cushions themselves are made of memory foam. They can be shaped efficiently but are not resistant to water.

Can You Wear Airpods Max in the Rain?

Airpods Max is not made to withstand any water exposure, be it a splash or a dip. Exposing your headphones in the rain is not recommended.

First off, it is made with a combination of metal and soft cushion material. Exposing your Airpods Max in the rain can erode the metal surface and keep unwanted moisture.

Your premium headphones also have plenty of microphones – it’s safe to assume none of the openings are sealed. Water can easily penetrate and cause damage.

Is Airpods Max Condensation a Problem?

Airpods Max is prone to condensation due to its metal build. Water forming under the earcups can irritate and cause headphones’ long-term problems.

Condensation occurs even when the Airpods Max is not in a humid environment. This affects the sound quality and ear detection feature.

Your premium headphone’s aluminum is the root of the problem. It is a poor insulator and collects heat when the Airpods Max is used for an extended time.

How To Prevent Airpods Max Condensation Problems?

Here are several ways to cut the chances of condensation with your Airpods Max:

  • Avoid Humid Places.
  • Don’t Use Them in Strenuous Activities.
  • Avoid Sudden Shifts in Temperature.
  • Wear The Case When Necessary.
  • Avoid Usage That Lasts For Long Durations.

If your Airpods Max got wet, immediately wipe it with a lint-free cloth. This will prevent further water absorption and condensation damage.

Can You Run With Airpods Max?

Premium headphones like the Airpods Max are made for indoor use. Apple may have given it a sturdy build, but it’s still not designed for heavy activities like running.

It has poor versatility because of its weight. Using them for running can tire you out and stretch your neck due to their heaviness.

Additionally, you encounter a variety of environments when you run. If you ever pass in a humid route, you risk your Airpods storing unnecessary water.

Can I Use Airpods Max at the Gym?

Bulky over-the-ear headphones are never a good idea when working out. The Airpods Max is no exception due to the materials used.

It is not designed for dynamic activities and for moving around. Instead, these Apple headphones are made for quality listening and not sportswear.

When you constantly move around, doing sit-ups, for example, the headphones will slide down no matter how perfect it fits.

High-intensity workouts can also make your Airpods Max retain water. It can ruin the cushioning material over time.

Does Sweat Ruin Airpods Max?

Airpods Max is not designed to be moisture-proof; this includes both water and sweat. It is made to provide a quality audio experience to users, not as a sports device.

Since it is not moisture-resistant, sweat ruins your premium headphones in different ways. The ear cushions are made of water-absorbent material, which can deteriorate quickly.

Your headband is also made from the same material. When exposed to sweat, discoloration and peeling can occur.