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Can You Listen to AirPods Max Wired (and Does It Sound Better)?

Your AirPods Max is mainly used wireless, but it can also function via wired connections. However, you will need to purchase a Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio Cable to connect it to similar-sized ports. If you plan to link to other Apple products like your iPhone, you'll need another Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter.
Can You Listen to AirPods Max Wired?

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It may be inconvenient and pricey, but using the AirPods Max wired yields a better sound experience. Connecting it using cables can give you smooth audio without lag or delay.

Do AirPods Max Have a Wired Connection?

Your Airpods Max has many premium functions worth its price. It is convenient when used via Bluetooth, but Apple made sure you can also use it wired.

The downside? You can’t use your over-ear Airpods via wired connection without purchasing the Lightning Audio USB Cable. Apple doesn’t even include it in their headphones bundle, so you’ll need to buy it for $35.

You may think it’s too much, especially as the AirPods Max already costs more than $500. However, if you’re eager to listen to devices requiring cables, then it’s worth it. This includes gaming consoles or several other techs that can’t perform wirelessly.

How Do You Use The AirPods Max Wired?

You can easily use wired connections with your AirPods Max. This is if you have the bi-directional Lightning to Audio Cable in hand.

Simply plug the Lightning audio port in your headphones. You can locate it through the hole on the bottom part of your right earpiece. Once done, connect the other port to your device.

Note that the cable only measures 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) long. It also has an audio port the size of 3.5 mm, so make sure it’s compatible with what you’ve planned.

Can You Use The AirPods Max Wired on iPhones?

The Lightning to USB Cable solves your problem if you want to use your AirPods Max without using Bluetooth. However, another hurdle arises if you’re going to connect it to your iPhone. Ironically, Apple doesn’t manufacture their phones with headphone jacks anymore.

From their iPhone 7 models onwards, the company threw the traditional 3.5 mm port out the window. You can overcome this obstacle by buying yet another Apple product – the Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter. This dongle costs $9 and will allow you to connect to devices with a 3.5 mm audio plug.

To put it simply, you’ll need two adapters to connect AirPods Max to your iPhone. The first one is the Lightning to Audio Cable for your headphones to have a 3.5 jack. The second is Apple’s jack adapter to fit it in your iPhone’s lightning port.

Does AirPods Max Sound Better Wired?

Your Airpods Max boasts of its premium build and strong Bluetooth activity. In fact, they are marketed as luxury wireless headphones with an excellent range. However, using wired connections provide you with a more seamless sound experience.

When you use the AirPods Max the traditional way, you’ll have a more stable bandwidth. This is because it does not rely on transmitting data rates using Bluetooth signals. Plus, the cables serve as direct contact between your two devices, forming a solid bridge.

This is unlike the experience you’ll have when you turn Bluetooth mode on. If you’re an audiophile or a hardcore gamer, you’ll notice a few seconds of delay during gameplay.

This hold-up is due to audio latency, which happens to all wireless headphones. If you’re listening to your headphones with connected devices a few meters away, the signal will be unstable and have delays.

Does Wired Connection On AirPods Max Support Lossless Audio?

Apple has improved its audio features up a notch and introduced Lossless Audio Codec. You may be excited about this development, but unlucky for you; it won’t work on your AirPods Max. This applies to both Bluetooth and wired connections on your premium headphones.

You can’t experience Lossless Audio via wired links because the Lightning to Audio Cable is not made for it. The cable is made for the AirPods Max to connect to analog devices for music streaming. It has an analog-to-digital conversion, so the playback you’ll get is not lossless.

Here’s what you’ll miss if you can’t listen to lossless audio, as stated by Apple:

  • Music Videos
  • Live Radio and On-Demand Content from Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music Country
  • Broadcast Radio

Can You Connect AirPods Max via Aux?

Your AirPods Max is an over-the-ear headphone mainly used for its wireless features. However, you can still use the AirPods Max via aux if you have Apple’s Lightning to Audio Cable.

Basically, an aux is the audio input you can use to link two devices. If you’re thinking of connecting your AirPods Max to your device the archaic way, you only have the aux option to resort to. There are different kinds of auxiliary, depending on the technology you will use.

Can You Connect AirPods Max to Audio Jack?

Audio jacks are aux ports located on music players and other items with audio outputs. You can listen in using your AirPods Max if you buy the Lightning cable specifically made for these.

Some jacks are 2.5 mm in diameter, but the common ones measure 3.5 mm. Apple only manufactures a Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio Cable, so you’ll need to check if they’re compatible.

Can You Use AirPods Max With Headphone Jack?

Using the AirPods Max with a headphone jack is possible, but only if you have a suitable cable in mind. The Airpods functions primarily via Bluetooth, which is why it’s made wireless in the first place.

It doesn’t have a headphone jack, but your luxury headphones are not inferior to other devices. In fact, you can consider your AirPods Max a step towards progress because it functions on digital over analog technology.

Does AirPods Max Have A 3.5 mm Jack?

The AirPods Max only has one hole located on the bottom right earpiece – the Lightning port. It does not have any other fixes, including the traditional 3.5 mm jack Apple used to have.

The company has removed the classic jack because it functions through analog tech. They consider it downright old and high-maintenance. Apple favored the Lightning port instead because of its superior audio receiving capacity.

Can I Use AirPods Max Wired on a Plane?

Your AirPods Max is perfect for plane travel with its noise-canceling features and superb sound quality. You can use it via Bluetooth, but the signal won’t be smooth. It will also require you to turn your cellular connection off the whole flight.

Luckily, you can use your Lightning to Audio cable instead. If your airline offers in-flight entertainment, this is definitely possible. Not only will you have a variety of amusement options, but you’ll also save a couple bars of the Airpods Max battery life by going the wired route.

How to Wire Connect AirPods Max on an Airplane

To connect your Airpods Max wired on an Airplane, you’ll need your trusty Lightning to Audio Cable. Most in-flight entertainment systems function on 3.5 mm audio sources, so it’s the right fit.

You’ll only need to plug the Lightning port into your AirPods Max and the 3.5 mm jack on the hole located in the plane seat. The cable is 1.2 meters long (3.9 ft), so you’ll have enough room to move around your seat without discomfort.