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How to Pair Beats Solo3 (Everything Explained)

Chief among the list of the Beats Solo3’s remarkable features is its excellent connectivity. The versatile headset is well-equipped with dual pairing modes, able to link easily with Apple and non-Apple devices alike. It can pair wirelessly to a plethora of gadgets thanks to its built-in Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. 
How to Pair Beats Solo 3

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The headphones are also capable of connecting to different techs via a 3.5 mm audio wire. Both of these pairing modes allow the Beats Solo3 to tether to almost all modern devices out there. Of course, you need to be aware of a few specifics, including the connection process and the list of compatible devices.

Are Beats Solo3 Wireless?

The Beats Solo3 is mainly advertised as a wireless headset, boasting its W1 chip and excellent pairing prowess. With this, you’re not required to carry a cable everywhere you go so long as your devices are Bluetooth-friendly. Of course, you still need to keep the gadgets in range to avoid any audio interruptions.

You could pair the Beats Solo3 Wireless with any tech of your choosing. You’re not limited to Apple devices and can even stream using an Android tech or a Windows PC. However, you should still be mindful of Bluetooth range and compatibility.

Are Beats Solo3 Only Wireless?

You may think you’ve had the Beats Solo3 all figured out, but there’s one other thing you should know. Though it is primarily marketed as wireless, you can still use it with an adequate cable. The device is more than capable of functioning over Bluetooth or via a compatible wire.

To be specific, you can use any cable of your choosing as long as it can fit into a 3.5 mm port. This is the only way you can use the Beats Solo3 Wireless with a wire, so ensure the line you’re using fits the criteria. If you’re looking for something specific, opt for the RemoteTalk Cable, which you can link to almost every modern device.

You could also use other Apple-certified connectors, like the Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio Cable. It costs $35 and will enable you to link seamlessly to the company’s tech that sports a lightning port.

How Far Can Beats Solo3 Wireless Reach?

If you’re wondering how far the Beats Solo3 Wireless can reach, you’ll be impressed. The headphones can maintain the connection to a source device from up to 400 ft (122 m) away. In fact, Apple has yet again proved why they’re known for their ever-advancing technology.

Generally, Class 1 Bluetooth devices can only reach a range of 300 ft (91 m). However, the Beats Solo3 has exceeded this limit by more than a few feet. The Apple headphones have surpassed what the general Class 1 devices are capable of.

This means that you won’t experience audio problems with the Beats Solo3 unless you go out of the given range. You can enjoy streaming top-notch music wirelessly even though your source device is a few meters away. It’s a valuable perk, especially if you’re one to move around constantly.

Does Beats Solo3 Have Bluetooth?

The Beats Solo3 Wireless mainly uses Bluetooth as its mode of connection. This means you get to link with a wide range of modern devices as long as they function in the same protocol. It doesn’t matter if they’re not made by Apple; you still get the full Beats experience.

If you’re wondering what version of Bluetooth the Solo3 has, know that it has the 4.0 variation. This type of Bluetooth is known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth Smart. It’s not the most modern of the bunch, but you’ll still be surprised how great it works with the Apple headphones.

One of the things you can be excited about is its power-saving properties. Bluetooth version 4.0 is known for its battery optimization. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why the Beats Solo3 Wireless has an impressive battery life of 40 hours.

There’s also a decrease in interference thanks to the version’s better audio data transmission. With this, your Beats Solo3 won’t be as laggy compared to other headphones using older Bluetooth models. You also get an increased range in connection, with the headset working 60 m (200 ft) away from the source device.

Are Beats Solo3 Bluetooth Only?

Aside from being a convenient Bluetooth audio device, the Beats Solo3 can also function as wired headphones. True, it may generally be used as a Bluetooth headset that doesn’t discriminate between brands and operating systems. However, you can also hardwire it to a compatible tech to enjoy a more stable streaming connection.

In fact, this versatility is yet another reason that makes the Beats Solo3 Wireless worthy of its $200 price tag. Its Bluetooth connectivity may be impressive, but it can also shine when linked to another gadget using a cable. If you’re curious, the headphones has a 3.5 mm port.

This is the standard when it comes to modern gadgets, making the Beats Solo3 an all-around device. You won’t have trouble looking for a compatible cable as long as it has a 3.5 mm plug. It’s pretty common, budget-friendly, and can easily be found in the market.

Does Beats Solo3 Have Bluetooth 5?

Rather than the more modern Bluetooth 5.0, the Beats Solo3 Wireless is built with the 4.0 variation instead. This doesn’t mean the Apple headphones are lagging when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity, though. In fact, you can rest assured there’s not much difference when it comes to overall headset quality.

One of the main perks you can get with the 4.0 Bluetooth version is its extreme energy optimization. With it, your Beats Solo3 Wireless is capable of functioning for long hours. To be specific, the audio device can last up to 40 hours of straight music streaming.
Aside from this, you also get a few more upsides, including:

  • Impressive connection range of up to 200 ft (60 m)
  • Decreased interference between Bluetooth and LTE/4G connections
  • Efficient pairing and re-pairing between devices
  • Improvements in packet capacity and data range for modern technology
  • Better data transmission and optimization

Do Beats Solo3 Use AirPlay?

If you’re an avid iOS user, you’re given yet another reason to like the Beats Solo3 Wireless. The headphones can be used with AirPlay, providing you with an alternative to Bluetooth linkages. Of course, it’s exclusive to the company’s devices since AirPlay is Apple’s proprietary system for media sharing.

It’s WiFi-based, meaning you can link the Beats Solo3 to any Apple device tethered to the same local network. This is unlike the Bluetooth protocol, which functions over the 2.45 GHz band. Here are other perks you can get by using AirPlay on your Beats Solo3 Wireless:

  • When using AirPlay, you can stream audio across much larger distances. So long as your Wi-Fi reaches your intended location, you’re free to play through the Beats headphones.
  • There is direct communication between the iOS device you’re using and the Beats Solo3 Wireless. This means you get to navigate different audio aspects, like volume control and playback. Some Bluetooth connections are not capable of doing this.

Yet another impressive feature you can get when using AirPlay tethering on Beats Solo3 Wireless is audio sharing. The concept behind this is simple. You can share whatever is playing on your Apple device with a pair of compatible techs.

This is useful in several scenarios, like when you’re working out with a buddy. You can stream media on your Beats Solo3, and it will also pass through your friend’s compatible audio gadget. Here’s how you access this incredible feature:

  • Link your Beats Solo3 Wireless to your Apple device using AirPlay.
  • Once you’ve finished connecting them, select the AirPlay button in the Control Center. To access this, you can swipe up or down depending on the model you’re using.
  • Click on Share Audio. Note that you should hold the audio tech closer to your Apple device to make the linkage happen smoothly. Wait it out, and you’re ready to stream and enjoy the media with another person.

How Do I Turn On Bluetooth on My Beats Solo3?

To turn on Bluetooth on your Beats Solo3 Wireless, you have to press the Power button for a few seconds. To be specific, don’t stop holding this specific key until you see the Fuel Gauge flashing. For reference, the Fuel Gauge is the LED light indicator you can see on the right earcup.

Once you’ve seen it light up, it’s time for you to pair your intended source device. Note that the Beats Solo3 is a convenient headset that is not exclusive to Apple users. You can also pair it via Bluetooth with an Android, a Windows PC, or even a gaming console.

Where Is the Bluetooth Button on Beats Solo3?

It’s futile to look for a separate Bluetooth button on your Beats Solo3 Wireless. Instead, the Bluetooth function can be activated by pressing the Power button for several seconds. To help you locate it, look over the right earcup and press the key above the Fuel Gauge indicator.

It’s discrete and small enough not to ruin the minimalistic style of the Beats Solo3. However, you won’t mistake the Power button for anything else since it’s the only key on the right earcup. On the other hand, the left earcup contains more buttons, including those you can click for music control.

How Do I Make Beats Solo3 Discoverable?

To make the Beats Solo3 Wireless discoverable, you should first figure out how to turn on its Bluetooth. Once you do, you can see it appear on your source’s list of compatible devices. In this case, your next step is to link your intended audio tech with the headset and enjoy the Beats music experience.

If this is your first time using the Apple headphones, worry not. Turning on its Bluetooth function is not a complicated process. The only thing you have to do is locate the Power button and press it for several seconds.

Once the Fuel Gauge indicator flashes, that is your cue to let the key go. The blinking LED lights signify that the Beats Solo3 Wireless is discoverable. The device is in pairing mode and ready to connect to your source gadget any minute.

Why Won’t My Beats Solo3 Connect?

No matter how great the Beats Solo3 Wireless is, there are times when you’ll experience connection problems with it. Several factors may cause this particular challenge, including:

Due to Signal Interference

If your Beats Solo3 won’t connect to your intended device, it may be due to signal interference. Chances are, the source gadget you’re planning to link the headphones with has a dual connection feature. To be specific, the tech has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support.

While this is mainly a perk, it may cause a Bluetooth performance downgrade. The signals in which your Beats Solo3 functions are blocked by Wi-Fi traffic. This can lead to signal interruptions and may eventually be the cause of linkage failures.

Not in Bluetooth Pairing Mode

Another reason your Beats Solo3 is not connecting is that it’s not in pairing mode. This is more common than you think, especially since your headphones require a few seconds to activate this function.

If you’re sure that the Apple headphones have Bluetooth activated, the problem may lie in your source device. You may have failed to put your gadget in pairing mode, causing linkage failure.

Using an Incompatible Wire

If you’re not an avid fan of wireless connections, you may use an audio cable to connect your Beats Solo3. However, linkage failure may occur due to wire incompatibility. The headphones can only cater to select aux cords, particularly those of the 3.5 mm variation.

There’s no way around this since this is the only port you can use for wired connections. If incompatibility is not the problem, then the cable you’re using may be damaged or nonfunctional.

Insufficient Battery Level

Failure to connect the Beats Solo3 to your target gadget may be because of low power levels. Your Apple headphones has a remarkable battery life, able to last for up to forty hours. However, it may not operate as intended when functioning on a low battery.

This is because the processor your Beats Solo3 contains may lack the needed power to work properly. It may cause connectivity issues, especially when you’re using the headset on Bluetooth mode. If this is not the case, then your source device itself may be running low on battery.

Your Devices are Out of Range

The Beats Solo3 Wireless failing to connect with your source gadget may be because of the range. Generally, Bluetooth connections require you to keep your devices within 20 ft (6 m) of each other. This ensures that linkages will occur seamlessly, without unnecessary pause and interference.

If the distance is not the culprit, then it may be because of several barriers in the room. Connection failure may also be due to physical obstructions, like walls, partitions, and even other furniture. These hurdles may cause signals to be disrupted or make the devices out of each other’s radars.

Why Do My Beats Solo3 Headphones Say Bluetooth Off?

Your Beats Solo3 Wireless has its Bluetooth off because it has not been set into pairing mode. Note that you must hold the Power button for a few seconds to activate the connection protocol. The Fuel Gauge should flash, indicating that it is ready to link with your chosen source device.

In the instance that the headphones refuse to enter Bluetooth pairing mode, here are some plausible reasons:

  • Outdated Drivers. This is one of the most common reasons why your Beats Solo3 fails to activate the Bluetooth function. You’re obligated to update the source device and your headphones’ firmware regularly. Doing so will avoid software malfunctions, including Bluetooth connection failures.
  • Faulty Hardware. If you’re sure that your firmware is up-to-date, then the problem may lie with the hardware. The Power button in the Beats Solo3, which you activate the Bluetooth with, may not be working correctly. Ensure that the headphones are maintained regularly or checked with a service center to solve the issue.
  • Dead Battery. The Beats Solo3’s Bluetooth staying off despite holding the Power key may mean that the device has a dead battery. If it does, there will be no response no matter how hard you press the button. However, you can avail a battery replacement or learn how to do so yourself.

What to Do if Your Beats Solo3 Won’t Connect?

The first thing you should do when your Beats Solo3 Wireless doesn’t connect is to determine the root cause of the problem. It may stem from the headphones themselves or the source device you intend to link with. In any case, check out the troubleshooting steps below to help you solve this issue:

Check Your Beats Solo3 Manual

If you’re new to using the Beats Solo3, it’s ideal to know its features to the best of your ability. This prevents several hurdles, including connection problems due to failure in Bluetooth activation. You should specifically keep an eye on how to trigger pairing mode on your Apple headphones.

Most headsets in the market will require you to press the Power key for a few seconds to turn on Bluetooth. The Beats Solo3 Wireless is no exception to this common practice. As such, ensure that you’re holding the button a little longer to ensure it is open for wireless linkages.

Concerning this, you should also check whether your source device has its Bluetooth on. Sometimes, your Apple headset won’t connect simply because it has no gadget to link with in the first place. Ensure that both your techs have their Bluetooth protocol activated to avoid this.

Keep Your Gadgets in Range

If you’ve placed your source device far away from your Beats Solo3, the connection won’t occur. This is because there’s only a certain range the Bluetooth protocol can reach. To be specific, it’s best to keep the gadgets at least 20 ft (6 m) of each other to avoid inconveniences.

On another note, you should also ensure that there are no physical blockages hindering your connection. Some materials like wood, metals, and walls may cause the devices to be out of range. This is because they disrupt the signal waves that the Apple headphones and source devices use.

Disconnect Other Devices

Another troubleshooting step you can do if your Beats Solo3 won’t link is to disconnect other devices. These include any technology that functions on the same radio protocol in the vicinity. If you’re wondering why you should do this, these gadgets may interfere with your devices’ pairing process.

For instance, another headset may automatically be linked with your intended source gadget. This prevents the Beats Solo3 Wireless from establishing a solid connection to your widget of choice. Similarly, you should also disconnect your headphones to a device it has recently paired up with.

Like most Apple headsets, the Solo3 also links up with the most recent gadget it has connected with upon power up. As such, if you’re aiming to change your source device, disconnection from others is a must.

Plug the Headphones Into a Power Source

If Bluetooth failure is due to the Beats Solo3’s low battery, immediately plug it into a charging port. The headphones running low on battery may cause connection problems due to the lack of power supply. This is because the system struggles to maintain the linkage in the time leading up to a dead battery.

To avoid this, use a compatible charging cable that fits into the headset’s power port. You won’t have any trouble looking for one because it was included in the headphones package. Note that after two hours or so, the Beats Solo3 Wireless has replenished its battery to a hundred percent.

Use a Compatible Audio Cable

The Beats Solo3 is mainly advertised and used as a Bluetooth headset. However, you can also get a compatible aux cord to hardwire it to your source device. This is a perk you should take advantage of if you’re not a fan of wireless connections.

Aside from less Bluetooth latency, you also don’t have to worry about your headphones running out of power. The wired route is a great option but note that you can only use a particular audio cable to access it. To be specific, find an aux line with a 3.5 mm end.

If none of the methods mentioned solve your problem, it’s time to consider resetting your headphones. To do so, hold the Volume Down and the Power buttons on your Beats Solo3 simultaneously. Keep pressing the keys for about ten seconds or so.

Once the Fuel Gauge flashes, let go of the buttons. The blinking lights indicate that the Apple headphones have been reset and are ready to be set up with your source device. Remember that if you choose to reset the Solo3, all pairing information it contains is wiped clean.

Can Beats Solo3 Connect to Two Devices at the Same Time?

Your Beats Solo3 Wireless is well-equipped with the impressive Share Audio perk. This means that you’ll have no trouble connecting the headphones to two devices at the same time. It’s a helpful feature, especially if you’re eager for some quality time with another person.

Of course, you must comply with a few requirements to get the best of this detail. First off, you should possess a compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on its latest software version. The second nonnegotiable is that you and your partner should both have compatible headset models.

Go to the General panel to help you determine whether your source device is viable for Share Audio. If your model ranges from the iPhone 8 and later or the iPod touch (7th generation), the feature is accessible to you. Meanwhile, if you’re using an iPad, look over the list of compatible models below:

  • iPad (5th generation) and later
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • iPad Pro 11-inch
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation) and later
  • iPad Air (3rd generation) and later
  • iPad mini (5th generation) and later

On the other hand, you and your partner are not required to exclusively use a pair of Beats Solo3 Wireless for sharing audio. You can also use other specific Apple devices, including selected Beats and AirPods models. For instance, connecting the Solo3 to the other person’s AirPods Max is possible so long as you’re using the right source gadget.

How Do I Pair My Beats Solo3 to a Second Device?

Pairing the Beats Solo3 Wireless to a second device is done by activating the Share Audio feature. The process is not complicated and can be done quickly through the use of the AirPlay protocol. Here’s the step-by-step process to help you access this built-in Apple perk:

  • First off, you should start by linking your Beats Solo3 to your iOS or iPadOS gadget. To do so, press the Power button on the headphones’ right earpiece to turn them on.
  • Once the headset is powered on, make sure that it is in your source device’s immediate vicinity. Don’t forget to activate Bluetooth on your source widget and wait for the linkage to occur.
  • After establishing the connection, go to your source device’s Control Center. You can easily access this by either swiping up or down, depending on the model you’re using.
  • Tap on the audio card and click on the AirPlay icon. If you’re not yet familiar with this, the icon is symbolized by a triangle with three curved lines on top. Select Share Audio once you’ve located it.
  • Notify your friend to prepare linking to the Beats-source device connection. If they are using an AirPods or AirPods Pro, ensure that the device is close to your source gadget while inside the case.
  • On the other hand, if they have AirPods Max, they should simply hold the wireless headphones close to your chosen audio widget. If they have another Beats headset, they should first put it in pairing mode before connecting.
  • Once the devices are near each other, your source device will show your friend’s headphones on the screen. In this case, select Share Audio and wait for the process to complete.

After a few seconds, you’re able to listen to the same media using the same audio device. You’re free to jive on the same music while working out or bond over a movie session. Once you’re done using the feature, here’s how you stop the Share Audio linkage:

  • Go to your source device’s Control Panel and choose the audio card. Select the AirPlay icon and tap the check mark next to the headphones you’re sharing audio with. Note that doing so will also disconnect your friend’s AirPods or wireless headphones model.

Can Beats Solo3 Connect to Multiple Devices?

Unlike more advanced headphones out there, the Beats Solo3 can only link with one source device at a time. It does not have multipoint Bluetooth tech, so you can’t expect it to maintain simultaneous connections. This means you’ll have to choose which gadget to link it with, be it with an iPhone, iPad, or other compatible OS.

That’s right; your Beats Solo3 may be limited in terms of device linkages. However, what it lacks in this regard is its excellent connectivity. The wireless headphones do not exclusively cater to Apple widgets only.

You’re free to connect it with any Bluetooth-enabled Android or Windows products. You can even hardwire it to gaming consoles for a more immersive audio experience. Of course, you’ll have to choose one among these options since linking to two or more is impossible.

How Do I Use Multiple Devices on Beats Solo3?

There’s no way for you to use multiple source devices with the Beats Solo3 Wireless. Instead, you’re limited to only forming one Bluetooth connection with an audio source. This means that media streaming can only occur using an iPad, iPhone, or any compatible gadget.

However, using another wireless output device with the Beats headphones is possible with Apple’s Share Audio perk. Simply put, the feature allows you to pass media playing through your Beats Solo3 and source device to another headset. Of course, you’d have to use devices that strictly fall under the Apple brand. This is because the Share Audio perk is only accessible through the AirPlay feature.

To note, AirPlay is Apple’s proprietary tech stack that allows mirroring and streaming among devices. With it, you can connect two output devices to your chosen Apple gadget.

How Many Devices Can I Pair With Beats Solo3?

Through the use of the Share Audio feature, you’re able to pair a total of two devices with the Beats Solo3. To be specific, you can connect to one source device and another audio output headset. Note that this is only plausible if your gadgets are compatible with the AirPlay protocol.

The first step to accessing this perk is connecting your Beats Solo3 Wireless to your chosen Apple device. Remember, you should be using an AirPlay connection rather than the default Bluetooth technology. Once done, navigate to your source gadget’s Control Panel and select the AirPlay icon.

Click on Share Audio and ensure that the other output headphones are in pairing mode. If it is, it will show on your source device’s list of available gizmos for connection. Simply tap on it and wait for audio sharing to be established.

How Do I Switch Between Devices on Beats Solo3?

Unlike the AirPods Max which has Automatic Switching, the Beats Solo3 Wireless can only shift between devices manually. If you want to use another source gadget, you’ll have to disconnect from the present one. This is usually done through your gadget’s Settings, particularly the Bluetooth category.

Once you’ve severed the connection from the first device, you can then proceed with linking with the new widget. Navigate to the second tech’s Bluetooth menu and tap the Beats Solo3 on the list of compatible gadgets. Wait for a few seconds for the connection process to finish and enjoy streaming content on your chosen product.

The Beats Solo3 Wireless does not possess other Apple audio devices’ features. It cannot automatically pair up with other source gadgets, even when the said widget is signed in the same iCloud account. However, it will automatically link up with the last tech it was connected to upon turning on.

Although there is no Automatic Switch feature, the Beats Solo3 Wireless does have something to boast about. It has Apple’s default iCloud integration, courtesy of its great W1 chip. With it, the headphones’ pairing information will be available to all your iCloud-enabled devices.

All you have to do is open your Apple widget’s Control Center and the Beats Solo3 will appear on the list of available devices. Simply tap on it and the tech will link up with the headphones upon the initial pairing process.

How Do You Delete Pairing Information on Beats Solo3?

To delete the pairing information on your Beats Solo3 Wireless, you’d have to reset the device. It’s a surefire way to clean up gadgets you don’t have access to anymore. That, or you’re experiencing connection issues and want to address the problem.

All you have to do is to press the Volume Down and the Power button for about ten seconds or so. Note that the Volume Down key is located on the left earcup, under the Beats signature logo. Meanwhile, the Power button can be found on the right earpiece above the Fuel Gauge indicator.

After holding both controls for a few seconds, watch out for the Fuel Gauge. This LED light indicator will flash if the process of resetting the Beats Solo3 is successful. In this case, you’re free to connect the headphones to devices once more.

There’s another approach if you want to erase any trace of data regarding the Apple headset completely. This is by eliminating the Beats headphones’ information on your source device. To do this, start by disconnecting the Beats Solo3 Wireless on your gadget.

If you’re using an iOS product, simply navigate to the Settings page. Look for the Bluetooth category and select the Info icon. Afterward, tap Forget This Device and wait for the process to take place.

On a MacBook, go to the Apple Menu instead. Scroll down until you find System Preferences and tap Bluetooth. A list of connected devices will show, in which you should choose the Beats Solo3 Wireless.

There should be an (x) button on the upper right corner of the Beats label. Select this and choose Forget Device. Your MacBook will then remove the Beats Solo3 Wireless from its Bluetooth database.

Once you eliminate the Apple headphones from your source device’s system, you can reset the Beats Solo3. This will give you an entirely fresh start and will require you to pair your gadgets from scratch.

How Do I Reset My Bluetooth on My Beats Solo3?

If your Beats Solo3 Wireless is not working as seamlessly as before, one of your first moves would be resetting it. This is a basic troubleshooting step that you can do in two easy ways:

Using the Power Button

To reset the Beats Solo3, you should press and hold the Power button for five seconds or so. One surefire way to ensure that the headphones have been reset is by looking at the Fuel Gauge. There should be a green blinking light followed by a red flash on the LED indicator.

The Fuel Gauge won’t’ stop blinking unless you press the Power button once more. After doing so, the Beats Solo3 Wireless will turn itself off to conserve battery.

You should hold the Power button once more to stop the Fuel Gauge from blinking. After doing so, the Beats Solo3 will turn itself off to conserve the battery. Upon powering the headphones, you’ll have to reconnect them once more to your source device.

Using the Power and Volume Buttons

Another way to successfully reset the Beats Solo3’s Bluetooth is by holding the Volume Down and the Power keys. You should keep pressing the buttons for about ten seconds or until the Fuel Gauge flashes. For reference, you should see a red blinking light indicating the reset process’s fulfillment.

Note that the procedure can take a total of sixty seconds. This is because your headphones would need to undergo configuration and reinitializing.

It’s best to know that when you decide to reset the Beats Solo3 Wireless’ Bluetooth, you’re also wiping the entirety of the headphones’ memory. This means you have to repeat the setup operation across all your source devices.

How Do You Turn Off Bluetooth on Beats Solo3?

To turn off Bluetooth on your Beats Solo3 Wireless, you’ll have to turn the headphones off entirely. This won’t take too much of your time; you only have to press the Power button for a second or so. There’s no separate Bluetooth key on the headphones, so this is the only way to control the connection protocol.

Of course, before doing this, you should be aware whether the headset is linked to a particular source device. If it is, it’s best to disconnect the gadgets first to avoid any complications. Failure to do so may prevent you from completely switching the Bluetooth and the Beats Solo3 off.