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Is There a Mic on the Beats Solo3 Headphones (and All Your Other Questions Answered)?

Like all modern headphones you can find on the market, the Beats Solo3 Wireless also possesses built-in microphones. To be specific, it has dual beamforming mics embedded on its right earcup. Thanks to these, you get to do a lot of other things with the Apple headset aside from all-day music streaming. 
Is There a Mic on the Beats Solo3 Headphones

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For instance, you’re capable of answering calls, hosting video conferences, and talking to Siri with no trouble. You can even use the Beats Solo3 as a gaming accessory and speak to your teammates through it. However, some restrictions still exist, like the lack of a noise-cancelation feature.

Does the Beats Solo3 Have a Good Microphone?

While it’s not the best out there, the Beats Solo3’s microphones perform their job just fine. They’re good enough for calls of every kind, including conference sessions that involve video outputs. The headphones’ mics are even smart enough to pick up voice instructions, allowing your smart assistant to do basic tasks.

However, when compared to other Beats models like the PowerBeats Pro, you’ll find the Solo3 lacking. Its microphones do not have Active Noise Cancelation nor can they block out background noise digitally. This particular headset model also does not sport a speech accelerometer, unlike Apple’s AirPods Max.

You’re not entirely losing out with the Beats Solo3 Wireless, though. While they may be subpar compared to other modern Apple models, the mics used on them are dual beamforming microphones.

If you’re clueless about how good they are, know that beamforming mics have plenty of upsides. Indeed, the Beats Solo3 does not have any noise-cancelation feature. However, with beamforming mics built-in, you can still separate noise from audio within limits.

Aside from this, you can listen to stable media all throughout your listening session. This applies even when you’re moving from one area to the next. Note that this is only possible if you’re within range.

Do Beats Solo3 Have Noise-Canceling Microphones?

Unlike other more recent Beats models, the Solo3 Wireless does not have a noise-canceling microphone. It also does not possess Active Noise Cancelation, which you can find on other Apple headphones like the AirPods Max. This means that the headset cannot block out ambient sounds and surrounding noise digitally.

However, the Beats Solo3 is not entirely susceptible to unwelcome audio. It is an on-ear headset so it can still block out external sounds to a limited degree. This passive isolation is thanks to the leather earcups sitting right above your pinna.

The earcups are capable of blocking out specific audio, specifically the high-frequency varieties. You won’t be protected from low frequencies, like motor and engine sounds. Noise cancelation may be out of the equation, but the Beats Solo3 can still soften external rackets.

Do Beats Solo3 Have a Wireless Mic?

Even without the use of an external cable, the Beats Solo3 can still receive calls on its own. The reason for this is that it has built-in wireless mics capable of processing the sound vibrations you’re giving off. Through this, you can use the Apple headphones for gaming, communication, or even giving Siri commands.

Since this is the norm for stereo Bluetooth audio accessories, you may find the Beats Solo3 a bit on the expensive side. However, the major perk with these particular headphones lies not in their microphone quality. What makes them worthy of their $200 price tag is mainly the battery life and standout connectivity.

Where Is Beats Solo3’s Microphone?

If you’re looking for the Beats Solo3 Wireless’ built-in microphones, they’re located exactly in the right earcup. With them, you won’t need extra accessories for both conference and hands-free calls. You’re even capable of bossing Siri around so long as you clearly say the words of activation.

True, the microphones do not possess any kind of noise-cancelation feature. However, they more than suffice if you’re not looking for total background isolation. They make the Beats Solo3 an ideal headset for travel as they won’t completely block surrounding sounds.

Note that these microphones won’t work if you’re using the Apple headphones the wired way. In this case, your only choice is to get a cable that sports a compatible mic with your Beats Solo3. The RemoteTalk cable worth $30 will do the job well, but you can find other alternatives in the market.

How Many Microphones Does Beats Solo3 Have?

The Beats Solo3 Wireless has two built-in microphones embedded in its right earcup. To be specific, it has dual beamforming mics capable of tracking down simultaneous talkers accurately. This means that you’ll have no trouble deciphering who the speaker is when in an audio or video conference.

It has been established that the Beats Solo3 model does not possess noise-cancelation technology. However, thanks to its beamforming microphones, you can still differentiate the noise up to a certain degree. This is because these mics are designed to listen to audio from a particular direction.

In addition to this, you also get stable audio streaming with these mics even when you’re pacing a lot. This means that the audio quality will stay the same even though you’re likely to move around the room. Of course, this is applicable only if you stay within your headphones’ Bluetooth range.

How Do You Use the Beats Solo3 Microphone?

To use the Beats Solo3’s microphones, you should figure out how to pair the headset to a source device. You’re free to use any gadget to link with the headphones, be it Apple or non-Apple products. Of course, there are still some things you should take note of, including Bluetooth compatibility.

If you need help in wirelessly pairing your Beats Solo3 to your source device, locate the Power button first. This is situated discretely on the right earcup, above the Fuel Gauge indicator. Press and hold for a few seconds to activate Bluetooth pairing mode on your Apple headphones.

Once open for connections, pair your chosen gadget with the Beats Solo3 by configuring its own Bluetooth settings. Wait for a few moments and linkage will occur. With this, you can use the headset and its microphones with your source device.

The Beats Solo3’s mics function like normal Bluetooth accessories. You can use them to receive calls, communicate with your team in-game, and receive voice control commands. The headset can even function well in conference communications so long as it is connected properly.

How Do I Turn On the Microphone on My Beats Solo3?

Turning on the microphones on your Beats Solo3 Wireless is simple. All you have to do is power on the headphones and put them into pairing mode. After doing so, the mics will automatically function and jive well with your source device.

With your source gadget, you’re free to control the Apple headset’s beamforming mics. You can answer calls by simply pressing the Beats symbol on the left earcup. Muting or unmuting these mics is as easy as tapping the Mute button on your source device’s screen.

Similarly, you can also access the voice command perk with the Beats Solo3 Wireless. Say the magic words to wake Siri up, or hold the ‘b’ icon on the left earcup to prompt your mics to receive commands. Note that you should start speaking after the chime to ensure that what you’re saying is getting picked up by the headphones.

How Do I Use Beats Solo3 Mic on a PC?

There are two ways for you to use the Beats Solo3 Wireless’ microphones using a PC. You can either connect the Apple headphones to your computer via Bluetooth to access its microphone functions. That, or you use a compatible cable to hardwire the headset to your intended source device.

First off, you should know that pairing the Beats Solo3 to your computer via Bluetooth follows a common procedure. Ensure that the headphones are completely turned off. If it is, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds until the Fuel Gauge indicator blinks.

These flashing lights signal that the Apple headset is discoverable and ready for pairing. Next up, turn your attention to your computer and tap on the Windows logo and the ‘I” key simultaneously. This will lead you to the Windows Settings page.

Scroll down until you see the Devices option and choose Bluetooth & Other Devices on the left panel. Toggle the Bluetooth button and tap click on the (+) icon next to the Add Bluetooth or Other Device option. On the Bluetooth menu, tap the Beats Solo3 on the list of discoverable devices and wait for the linking to finish.

Once pairing is successful, you can access the headphones’ features, including its mic abilities. In case you’re having trouble using the mics with your PC, here are some steps to help you:

  • Check whether the Beats Solo3 Wireless is set as the output device on your PC.
  • Ensure that the latest firmware updates are installed in your PC and Apple headphones.
  • Turn off unnecessary audio devices that can interfere with the connection of your PC and Beats headset.

On the other hand, using the Beats Solo3’s mic the wired way is more of a straightforward process. All you have to do is plug a compatible 3.5 mm cable that has a built-in mic into the device’s audio port. Remember to double-check whether you’ve inserted the other end of the line into your PC’s output port.

This is because plugging the 3.5 mm cable on the input port won’t make the connection functional. If you’re confident that you’ve plugged both of the wires’ ends but still face mic problems, check out some tips below:

  • Check whether your cable is fully plugged into the audio jack. Note that the straight input should be inserted on the Beats Solo3’s port, and the L-shaped end goes into your PC.
  • Ensure that your PC has the right configuration settings that match the Apple headphones.
  • Examine whether your PC’s audio socket is blocked by debris and accumulated dirt.

How Do I Use Beats Solo3 Mic on a MacBook?

Since the Beats Solo3 Wireless and your MacBook are both Apple products, you have an easier time pairing them together. Doing so will give you access to the headphones’ dual beamforming microphones. Thanks to these, the headset can act as an external mic to help you maximize the MacBook’s capabilities.

There are two ways to approach this, either by making the most of the Beats Solo3’s Bluetooth or by using a compatible cable. Whatever route you choose, one thing’s for sure – the Apple headphones will perform remarkably so long as you connect them properly. However, note that its mics do not come with any noise-canceling abilities.

If you’re still eager to use the Beats Solo3’s mics on your MacBook despite this, get a 3.5 mm cable. This wire should be connected to the laptop’s Line-In port for the headset’s microphones to work. For reference, the Audio Line-In on your MacBook is marked by two triangles linked to a circle.

To make this route work, select the Apple icon on the upper left corner of your Mac. Tap on System Preferences and select Sound. Click on the Input tab above the Sounds option and choose Line-In under Select a Device for Sound Output.

Once done, you can use the Beats Solo3 Wireless’ mic with your MacBook. Be it answering calls or recording audio; the headphones will work with your source device just fine.

On the other hand, you can also pair the Apple headphones with your MacBook via Bluetooth. This is a useful alternative if you’re not an avid fan of cables that restrict your movements. Kickstart the process by holding the Power button on your Beats Solo3 Wireless.

When the Fuel Gauge shows some flashing lights, the headset is discoverable and on pairing mode. Navigate to the Bluetooth menu on your source device and ensure its Bluetooth function is activated. Once it is, your gadget will begin scanning for compatible devices for connection.

Note that it’s advisable to turn off other unrelated devices during this process to avoid signal interference. Among the list of discoverable tech, select the Beats Solo3 Wireless and wait for a few seconds. The Fuel Gauge indicator will flash once more if the connection has been established.

You don’t have to do anything afterward once the Beats headset has wirelessly linked to your MacBook. The headphones have built-in microphones on the right earcup, which work by default after pairing. However, on the chance that the mics aren’t working as intended, do the following tips below:

  • Exit all programs that use the Beats Solo3 Wireless’ built-in microphones. Try out your audio once more to pinpoint whether the problem lies in the headphones or the apps themselves.
  • Ensure that your MacBook and headphones are within range of each other. If the devices are too far away from each other, the mics won’t pick up your voice. Similarly, the connection will fluctuate and may be cut off abruptly due to distance.
  • Check whether the Sound panel on your MacBook’s System Preferences is not open. If it is, close and exit the window immediately.
  • If the mics on your Beats Solo3 are still not working properly, reselect your headphones as the MacBook’s output device. Go to the Apple Menu, select System Preferences, and tap on Sound. Click on Output and select the Beats headphones on the Internal Speakers option.

How Do I Use My Beats Solo3 Mic on PS4?

The only foolproof way you can use the Beats Solo3 Wireless’ microphones on your PS4 is through the wired route. To be exact, you’ll have to get yourself a 3.5 mm cable compatible with both the headphones and the video game console. With it, you won’t have to bypass Sony’s system and risk the connection not working well.

If you’re looking for the right wire to start with, you may want to consider the RemoteTalk cable. It’s Beats’ own audio wire worth $30 which you can use seamlessly with the Solo3 Wireless. There are also plenty of alternatives in the market if it’s not your cup of tea.

All you have to do is insert one end of the cable to your Apple headphones’ jack. The other end of the wire goes to the audio port of your PS4 controller. Once you’ve hardwired the devices together, go to Settings and scroll down until you find Devices.

Under this category, tap Audio Devices and click on Output Devices. After doing so, look over if the Headset Connected to Controller option is turned on. If it is, promptly return to the Output Devices page, select Output to Headphones and tap All Audio.

Once you’re finished with the given steps, you’re free to use the Beats Solo3 with your PlayStation model. This includes using the headphones’ microphones to communicate with your team during a raid or during a game meeting. Wired connections like this offer a more stable linkage so that you won’t have much trouble with audio input and output.

However, if you’re not a fan of cables, you can gamble on a third-party Bluetooth dongle to attempt a wireless connection. There’s no guarantee this will work, though, considering Sony’s stand towards third-party accessories. In fact, the electronics company made their PlayStation models a bit on the exclusive side.

This means that they do not cater to just any kind of Bluetooth headphones. Instead, the PS4 and its counterparts work the best with headphones of the same brand. If you’re still eager to use the mics on the Beats Solo3 with your PS4 despite these restrictions, check out the steps using an adapter below:

  • Start by plugging the Bluetooth adapter into your PlayStation 4 through one of the USB ports. If the adapter is up and working, the LED indicator will light up.
  • Remember to connect the 3.5 mm AUX adapter to your console’s controller too. After doing so, tap the Pairing mode button on your Bluetooth adapter.
  • Once the Bluetooth adapter is ready for connection, it’s time to activate Pairing mode on your Beats Solo3 as well. To do so, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds until the Fuel Gauge blinks.
  • Wait for a moment until the Bluetooth adapter’s LED indicator light stops flashing. This means that the wireless connection with the Apple headphones has been established.
  • Go to Settings and click on the Devices submenu. Tap on Audio Devices and choose the Go to Input Device category.
  • Under this panel, check whether the Headset Connected to Controller option is selected. Note that if it isn’t, the AUX mic adapter on your connection is not working as intended.
  • To remedy this, navigate to Output Device and click on USB Headphones (USB Audio Device). Doing so will change the game audio route into the Bluetooth dongle instead. Your Beats Solo3 Wireless will then be able to output the sounds playing through your game. You can also input your audio through the headphones’ built-in dual microphones.

Can You Use Beats Solo3 as a Mic for Xbox?

Although of different brands, the Beats Solo3 works as a phenomenal gaming accessory for your Xbox. Not only can you enjoy superior audio quality, but you also get access to the headphones’ dual beamforming microphones. It’s an impressive combination that can elevate your gaming experience to the next level.

However, you should be aware of the catch when attempting to pair the Solo3 with your Xbox. To elaborate, Microsoft’s Xbox is not created to connect with Apple-made headphones. Generally, the gaming console cannot link up wirelessly with the Beats Solo3 or any of its model variations.

This is especially the case if you’re aiming to use the Apple headset as a mic for your Xbox. True, you’re free to use a Bluetooth dongle to pair the two devices wirelessly. However, this cable-free connection will only yield audio outputs from the game.

You won’t have any chance to use the Solo3’s beamforming microphones in this setup. As such, your only option is to use a compatible wire to link up the headphones to your Xbox console. Note that this is not a straightforward process and will require you to buy a supporting third-party accessory.

Specifically, get your hands on a 2.5 mm male to 3.5 mm female audio adapter. If you’re wondering why you need to do so, check out the ports of both your Xbox and Beats headphones. You’ll see that your console has a 2.5 mm audio port while the Apple headset sports a 3.5 mm jack.

Only after using a compatible cable and the right audio adapter can you use the Solo3’s mic with your Xbox. This is well worth it, though, especially since the Beats Solo3 Wireless is known for its phenomenal audio quality. As a bonus, you can play and communicate with your teammates in style.

Can You Use Beats Solo3 as a Mic for Nintendo Switch?

Using the Beats Solo3 as a mic for your Nintendo Switch is easier than ever, thanks to a 2021 software update. The upgrade in firmware provided you with a total of three connection routes to consider. You can use the Apple headphones as an accessory for the Switch via Bluetooth, a dongle, or an audio cable.

First off, you have the traditional hardwiring method. This is by far the easiest route to take as you only need to plug the Solo3 into your Nintendo Switch. For reference, you’re required to use a 3.5 mm audio cable when doing so.

However, the downside of this particular connection method is the restriction it brings. You’re required to keep the Apple headphones near your console since there is a wire. This may be a hassle in the long run, especially if you’re one to move around when playing.

If this is the case, Nintendo opened up a new path for you on their 13.0 software update. The company decided to add Bluetooth support on their gaming consoles, allowing wireless pairing. The connection process is a lot like your typical Bluetooth linkages requiring you to activate Bluetooth on both gadgets.

For the Beats Solo3 Wireless, simply press the Power button for a few seconds. Once the Fuel Gauge indicator flashes, it means that your headphones have entered Pairing mode. On the other hand, go to the System Settings page on your Nintendo Switch Home menu to activate the feature on your console.

Once your Beats Solo3 appears on the list of available devices, tap on it to trigger the connection process. Wait for a few moments to solidify the linkage of both technologies. Afterward, you’re free to use the headphones and the microphones with the Nintendo Switch.

The third connection method is a lot like the Bluetooth route. However, it will require you to use a third-party Bluetooth dongle instead. You may find this unnecessary, especially since Nintendo already allows the use of the protocol in its system.

Still, the use of a Bluetooth dongle will ensure a more stable connection. With it, you won’t experience many limitations when using the Solo3 with your Nintendo Switch. You’re free to use any kind of Bluetooth adapter, so long as it is compatible with the console’s jack.