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Turning Your Beats Solo3 On and Off (What You Need to Know)

If you're a first-time Beats Solo3 user, you may get confused about how to turn on your Apple headphones. Worry not, though, because you can quickly locate the power button on the right earcup if you look hard enough. All you need to do is press this specific key for a few seconds, and your device will turn on or off according to your command.
Turning Your Beats Solo 3 On and Off

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However, there are instances when the Beats Solo3 Wireless won’t respond to all your pressing. In this case, it’s best to focus on troubleshooting the problem instead. There are many reasons why this is happening, but it’s something you can solve with the proper steps.

Where Is the Beats Solo3 Power Button?

Looking closely at the discrete stylish design of the Beats Solo3 Wireless, you won’t have any trouble looking for the power button. It’s located on the right earcup, under the Beats logo dominating the headphones’ hardware. For reference, it’s the key found above the Fuel Gauge lights and the charging port.

You can’t get the power key wrong, especially since the left earcups of the Beats Solo3 are for different use. It’s the side where you control the audio playback, including the volume and Play/Pause functionality. There’s also the 3.5 mm USB port on the bottom part for days you want to go the wired way.

How Do I Turn On My Beats Solo3?

Turning on your Beats Solo3 is as easy as pie. All you need to do is press the power button on the right earcup for a second or so. Wait for a few moments and hold the headphones near the source device you intend to use.

On-screen instructions will appear, which will guide you on how to link the Bluetooth headphones wirelessly. Note that you’re not only limited to connecting Apple devices with your Beats Solo3. It’s a handy device that can pair up with more technology, like your Android phone.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming to link the Beats Solo3 Wireless via cable, you don’t need to press the power key at all. You have to plug the wire on the headphone jack and connect the other end to your compatible device. This is a great way to conserve battery and also a great way to reduce audio latency.

Why Do My Beats Solo3 Not Turn On?

Your Beats Solo3 Wireless may not be turning on due to various factors. You’ll have to determine the cause of this to successfully weed out the roots of the problem. Here are some of the most common reasons why your headphones are not turning on:

  • Dead Battery. Your Beats Solo3 may not be turning on due to it not having any charge at all. You may have forgotten to check the Fuel Gauge on the right earcup to pinpoint the device’s power level. In this case, the only logical way is to plug it into the nearest electric outlet.
  • Faulty Wire and Charging Outlet. If you’ve plugged the Apple headphones into a port and it still hasn’t turned on after a few hours, then it may be due to external factors. It’s best to check if your Beats Solo3 Wireless is charging properly so it can turn on later.
  • Broken Power Button. There are times when the power key has long worn down with use. It’s a common occurrence, especially for headphones that sport traditional controls instead.
  • Problems in Software. The Beats Solo3 Wireless may be having some software glitch that leads to it not turning on. That, or your Apple headphones are outdated and would need to get on the latest firmware.
  • Accumulated Water Damage. Since the Beats Solo3 has no IP rating, it’s bound to be broken with constant water exposure. Gym sweat isn’t something safe either, so this is the culprit if the headphones are not turning on.

What Do You Do if Your Beats Solo3 Won’t Turn On?

Different problems would require unique solutions. As such, it’s vital you first determine why your headphones aren’t working in the first place.

Once you’ve pinpointed the root cause of your Beats Solo3 Wireless not turning on, it’s time to solve it. Here are some of the things you can do to troubleshoot your Apple headphones not powering up:

Link It to a Power Outlet

That’s right – this is the most common solution for your Beats Solo3 Wireless not turning on. If your headphones are not powering up, chances are, it’s not charged. As such, reach out for your micro USB cable and look for the nearest power outlet.

You’ll know if the headset is fully charged if the Fuel Gauge indicator on the right earcup has all bars lit up. For reference, it will take you almost two hours for your Beats Solo3 to completely charge. This will give you about 40 hours straight of music playback.

Also, you could check if the Beats Solo3 Wireless has a rightly functioning battery. If you’ve already used the headphones for several years, the battery may be obsolete. Look for an appropriate replacement or go to the nearest service center to do so.

Replace Your Wires and Check Your Outlets

If your Beats Solo3 isn’t charging no matter how long you’ve plugged it in, the charger may be the culprit. In this case, purchase another mini USB cable from Apple, or find anything equivalent in your stash.

Your outlets should also be checked if the wire isn’t the problem. All you have to do is determine if the port is in working order. If it isn’t, find one that can accommodate your Apple-owned headphones.

Repair the Headphones’ Power Button

There are instances when your Beats Solo3 Wireless isn’t turning even though you’ve watched it charge. In this case, it’s worth checking the functionality of your power key. Sometimes, the button isn’t working because it’s loose or has been worn out for too long.

Here’s the know-how on how to check the Beats Solo3 Wireless’ power key:

  • Look over your headphones’ earcups and locate the power button. The Beats Solo3 has its power button right above the micro USB charging port.
  • Remove the ear cushion on the right earcup to better access the power key. You won’t need any extra tools for this since you can do it by hand.
  • Once you’ve removed the earmuff without any damage, you’ll see three screws hidden underneath. Get your hands on a screwdriver and gently loosen all three. Ensure that the screws are put aside for later use.
  • After doing so, press the power button on the internal part and use a few drops of WD-40. For reference, WD-40 is a multiuse lubricant that removes rust and displaces moisture. Reassemble the screws and the ear cushions properly.

Update Your Beats Solo3 Wireless

If your Apple headphones are not turning on and there’s no problem with the battery, the firmware may be outdated. It’s ideal to always keep the beats Solo3 Wireless up to date as it will give you access to the latest features. It’s also something you should do to get rid of the latest bugs.

Here are the steps on how to do this:

  • Link your Beats Solo3 on a MacBook or any compatible PC. You can do so by using the cable and connecting it to a compatible port on your device.
  • Open the Beats Updater and navigate to the Status icon. It’s under the Main Menu, so you can’t miss it.
  • On the list of devices open for upgrades, tap on the Beats Solo3. Choose Update and follow the on-screen instructions provided. Once the software update is finished, try turning the headphones on.

Restart Your Apple Headphones

If you think the hardware’s not the problem, then there’s no harm in trying out solutions from within. The most common way to start with this is by restarting your Beats Solo3 Wireless. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to do this:

  • Locate the power button on your Apple headphones. Its located on the right earcup, right above the Fuel Gauge indicator.
  • Hold the power key for a minimum of ten seconds or until the light turns off on the indicator. Wait for a few and press down on the power button again to turn the headphones on.
  • Once the headphones are flashing again, immediately connect them to the electric port. Check if the Beats Solo3 is functional and will power on each use.

Reset the Beats Solo3 Wireless

When all else fails, one of your last resorts is doing a factory reset. This will wipe out every custom setting you’ve made on the Beats Solo3. You’ll also have to reconnect the devices anew since the headphones will be back when you first purchased them.

Check out how to reset the Apple headset below:

  • Ensure that your Beats Solo3 Wireless is fully charged and powered on. Once you’ve turned the headphones on, locate the power key on the right earcup.
  • Press and hold it down for about five to ten seconds. While doing so, you should also press the volume button simultaneously.
  • When the Fuel Gauge LED indicator is flashing, you can release the power and volume keys. The blinking lights also show that the Beats Solo3 has been reset and is ready for setup.

Does Beats Solo3 Turn Off?

The Beats Solo3 Wireless does turn off, but only if you do it manually. The headphones will also turn off if you’ve left them on for too long and it has depleted their battery life. Other than that, it will not turn off arbitrarily unless there are problems.

True, there are Apple audio devices that can turn themselves off – or be as powered down as possible. This includes the AirPods Max, which is the product of the brand’s power-saving goals. The Beats Solo3 isn’t equipped with this technology, though, so you’ll have to rely on the traditional way.

It does not have the necessary software or neck sensor to detect usage. As such, it cannot power down on its own and possess no battery-saving modes.

The headphones do not have any standby feature either and cannot enter a sleep state when not in use.

Why Do My Beats Solo3 Keep Turning Off?

If your Beats Solo3 constantly turns off, it may be malfunctioning. The Apple headphones do not possess the right technology to power themselves off when idle, so this is the only explanation. The only other scenario where the device will turn off is when it has no charge.

It can be annoying if you’re listening to music and the headphones you’re using randomly turn off. As such, the only logical route to approach this is to troubleshoot the problem. To start with this, you should know some of the common reasons why this phenomenon keeps on happening.

First off, your Beats Solo3 Wireless may have a malfunctioning battery. Since the headphones do not have any power-saving mode, this is the most likely cause. Note that the malfunction can also stem from depleting your battery’s overall life.

That’s right: your headphones’ battery is consumable and will normally degrade in a few years. If the Beats Solo3 has been your companion for quite some time, opt for battery replacement. You can go to your nearest service center to help you with this.

If the battery is not the problem, then your headphones may be turning on or off due to some hardware issues. In particular, your power button may be loose, or it may be nonfunctional. To remedy this, you have to disassemble the earcup and adjust the power key.

Your software may also be out of date, which is causing some serious system malfunction. Note that you have the Beats Updater to help you with this. It’s pretty easy, just plug your Beats Solo3 into a Mac or PC and update your firmware from there.

Aside from the mentioned hurdles above, your headphones may also accumulate moisture in their deepest parts. This phenomenon is called condensation and is quite common for on-ear or over-ear headsets. To solve this, try to dry the Beats Solo3 properly or refer to an expert to determine if it can still be salvaged.

How Do You Turn Off Beats Solo3 Headphones?

It won’t take much effort for you to turn off your Beats Solo3 Wireless manually. All you have to do is press the power button for a few seconds and watch as the headphones shut down. It’s essentially the same as turning it on, so you really won’t encounter any kind of confusion.

For reference, the power button on the Beats Solo3 is located discretely above the Fuel Gauge indicator. You’d only have to press it for a few seconds to get the headphones off or up and running. If on the instance, it’s not turning off even after doing so, you’ll have to troubleshoot what’s wrong with the device.

Why Are My Beats Solo3 Not Turning Off?

Maybe you’re wondering why you’ve been holding down the power button for a few seconds, but the Beats Solo3 still won’t respond. There are a few plausible reasons why your headphones are doing this. The most common one is because of a software glitch, which may be due to outdated firmware on your device.

In this case, you can take the time to update your headphones to the latest possible software. Here’s how you can do so:

Using an Android Device

  • Launch the Google Play Store and look for the Beats application. It’s a free program, so you don’t have to purchase anything even though you’re using non-Apple devices.
  • Set up the Beats Solo3 Wireless on the software and check out the notification tab afterward. A reminder to update your firmware will appear if you need to do so. Click on it and follow the instructions provided.

Using an iPhone, iPod, or iPad

  • Before anything else, ensure that your iPhone, iPod, or iPad is running on the latest iOS software. If it isn’t, it is mandatory that you go through with the Update.
  • Once the firmware update is done, restart your source device. After turning it on once more, download the Beats Updater app and check out the specific software update on your Beats Solo3.
  • Follow the provided instructions to update your headphones’ software without any delay. After a few moments, try to check if your Beats model turns off the way you want it to.

If a software glitch is not the problem, it may be because the headphones are not properly disconnected. Sometimes, the Beats Solo3 Wireless won’t turn off because it is still linked to a source device.

Always strive to turn off Bluetooth on your devices, and remember to unlink the headphones. Similarly, it would be best to unplug the Beats Solo3 from a device when using the mini USB cable. If none of these is working, then you could try resetting the device.

To do so, press the volume and the power buttons down for a few seconds. Note that you should hold the two keys simultaneously. Once the Fuel Gauge indicator flashes, you’re free to release the button as the reset process is done.

The Beats Solo3 Wireless should be turned off after resetting. If it is not powered off, try to remove the battery instead. Note that this should be your last resort, as removing the battery randomly is not good for your headphones.

If none of the mentioned solutions can help you fix the Beats Solo3 not turning off, then it may be due to hardware defects. Your only choice is to contact support or any headphone expert to access professional help.