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Can Beats Solo3 Connect to a TV (and What TV Models Can I Connect to)?

If you're a Beats Solo3 Wireless user, you'll quickly discover that versatility is one of the headphones' strong suites. In fact, it's more than capable of linking to different technology, including the smart TV you use to stream movies with. To top this off, remember that the headset has great sound quality, so you get to listen with standard and style. 
Can Beats Solo 3 Connect to a Tv

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You’re free to pair the Beats Solo3 with a wide range of smart television brands. This means you’re not only restricted to pairing the headphones with an Apple TV. You also get Sony, Samsung, and LG models on your playing field as long as they pass certain connection criteria.

Are Beats Solo3 Good for Watching Movies?

The Beats Solo3 Wireless has an extensive list of features that makes it stand out, one of which is its superb sound quality. There’s no doubt that the headphones will perform remarkably when you use them to watch movies. Of course, the audio output won’t completely be audiophile-grade, but you’ll enjoy whichever genre you have playing for the night.

If you’re a dedicated patron, you’ll notice that the Beats Solo3 has a different sound signature than other Apple models. The headset puts extra emphasis on trebles and mids rather than having a dynamic, overpowering bass. This is great when you’re watching a movie and want to listen more to the voices instead of the background music.

Another thing to note that makes the Beats Solo3 great for movie marathons is its top-notch connectivity. It doesn’t matter if you’re choosing to stream from your MacBook, Android, or Windows PC; the headset will pair with any of them just fine. Not only that, but you can also link the Apple headphones to the smart TV lying in your room.

How Do I Connect My Beats Solo 3 to My TV?

It may seem impossible to hook up your Beats Solo3 Wireless to a television that does not support smart features. However, this is doable so long as you have obtained the right accessories for linkage. That, and you’ve figured out the extent of what your regular TV is capable of.

To elaborate on this, you can consider regular TVs as enlarged computer monitors. They do not have any processing power, so they cannot do several things. These include not having a Bluetooth function built in and the inability to connect to the Internet.

As such, linking the modern Beats Solo3 wirelessly to a regular TV with no Bluetooth protocol is not within reach. However, this can change if you find a capable Bluetooth transmitter to solve the problem. With this accessory, you provide the regular TV a means to connect with the Apple headphones.

All you have to do is plug an adequate Bluetooth transmitter into your regular TV’s output panel. Once you’ve inserted the dongle and turned it on, activate Pairing mode on your Beats Solo3 Wireless. Hold the Power button for a few seconds and wait until the light indicator flashes white.

Once the Fuel Gauge is blinking, the headset is discoverable. The connection process will automatically take place, so you’ll only have to wait for a moment. Afterward, you should check whether the Beats Solo3 works with your TV by streaming any of your favorite shows.

If you’re not a fan of using a Bluetooth dongle, there’s another alternative that may work for you. This is by using an auxiliary cable that will perform well with the Beats Solo3 and your regular television. Note that this method will depend on your TV model and the output ports it possesses.

Here’s the step-by-step process to hardwire the Beats Solo3 to your regular TV:

  • Look over the back of your regular television to check what kind of output ports it contains. Most TVs, even those without smart capabilities, have a 3.5 mm aux port in their connection panel. This is crucial since the Beats Solo3 Wireless can only link with devices having this specific output.
  • If your TV has one, this means you can hardwire the Apple headphones to it without any hurdles. Choose the correct 3.5 mm cable and connect one end of it to your Beats Solo3.
  • Link the other end of the wire to your TV’s designated output port. Ensure that the line is secured and that there is no strain on the connection.
  • You should also tinker with your TV’s Audio Output Settings. Note that this is only for TV models that do not pass sound automatically to their audio-out port. If you hear the audio passing through the Beats Solo3 just fine, there’s no need to switch up the Main Menu.

How Do I Connect My Beats Solo3 to My Smart TV?

Generally, there are three options available for you if you want to connect the Beats Solo3 Wireless to your smart TV. You could go the Bluetooth route, link up using an auxiliary cable, or use a Bluetooth adapter. However, don’t be confused about which method to choose because it’ll depend on compatibility and preference.

When it comes to connecting your Apple headphones to your TV via Bluetooth, there’s one crucial thing to consider. Both devices should have a built-in Bluetooth protocol, or this method will be ineffective. If this is the case, you’re free to rely on the second option: hardwiring the Beats Solo3 to your television.

However, you’ll have to find yourself an adequate cable that matches the port of your smart TV and headset. For reference, the Solo3 model has only one opening meant for wired connections; it’s 3.5 mm in size, which can be found in most modern devices on the market.

In case you’re not a fan of wires and cables, you can use a Bluetooth adapter. Note that you won’t need an adapter if your smart TV has a Bluetooth function. This is something you should rely on if your television can’t connect wirelessly on its own or if you’re not fond of hardwiring your headphones.

Can You Connect Beats Solo3 to Samsung TV?

Although of different manufacturing brands, the Beats Solo3 Wireless can still connect to your Samsung TV. This is thanks to the Apple headphones’ impressive connectivity known to cater to a wide range of technology. So long as your smart TV has the right qualifications, linking it up with the Solo3 will be easy as pie.

These qualifications will depend on the type of pairing mode you’re interested in. First, your Samsung TV should have a built-in Bluetooth feature if you’re eager to establish a Bluetooth connection. The Beats Solo3 has the 4.0 version of the protocol, which means it is compatible with other variations, including the modern 5.0 one.

In the unfortunate instance that your Samsung TV has no built-in Bluetooth, you’re free to use a Bluetooth adapter. However, the disclaimer for this method is that there’s no guarantee it’ll work seamlessly. This will depend highly on your smart television’s system and your headset’s affinity for it.

This is why the third reliable route exists: via an auxiliary cable. You may not like the restrictions and the extra work required to hardwire your Beats Solo3 Wireless but it’s well worth it. Aside from the lack of latency common in wireless connections, you’ll also experience much better audio quality.

How Do I Connect My Beats Solo3 to My Samsung TV?

If you’re still figuring out how to connect the Beats Solo3 to your Samsung TV, know that there are three routes available for you. You can link the devices up via the Bluetooth protocol, use the traditional cable method, or rely on a Bluetooth adapter. It’s best to choose the one which is the most convenient for you, so check each of them out.

Beats Solo3 to Samsung TV via Bluetooth

Pairing the Apple headphones to your Samsung TV is easy, as long as both devices have the Bluetooth function activated. Here are the general steps to linking the two tech together:

  • On your Samsung TV remote, locate and press the Home button.
  • Look over the far left part of your television screen and tap on the Settings menu. Navigate to Sound Settings and select the Sound Output submenu.
  • In this particular submenu, go to the Bluetooth Speaker List.
  • Get hold of your Beats Solo3 Wireless and put it into Pairing mode. To do so, simply press the Power button on the right earcup for several seconds. When the Fuel Gauge flashes, the headphones are discoverable.
  • Look over the Bluetooth Speaker List and watch as the Apple headset appears. Once it is, tap on it to begin the pairing process. Afterward, you’re free to watch and enjoy your movie night while listening via the Beats Solo3.

For reference, you’ll have to perform a slightly different process if you’re using select Samsung TV models. Here are the details:

  • If you have a Samsung TV Series R, N, and M, navigate to Settings and then Sound. Tap on Sound Output and select Bluetooth Speaker List.
  • On the Samsung TV Series K, go to Settings, then tap on Sound. Open Expert Settings and scroll down until you find the Wireless Speaker Manager option. Click Bluetooth Audio Devices and find your headset among the list of available gadgets.

After doing these specific steps, you can simply tap on the Beats Solo3 Wireless. This will trigger the connection process to occur, enabling your devices to pair with each other.

Beats Solo3 to Samsung TV via an Auxiliary Cable

If your Samsung TV is incompatible with the Bluetooth protocol, you can use an auxiliary cable instead. This method is also for users who are not fond of wireless connections and prefer wired ones. To do so, check out the specifics below:

  • The Beats Solo3 Wireless has a single headphone jack with a size of 3.5 mm. As such, you can only use a cable that can fit with the said port. Any on the market will do, so choose one that you’re comfortable enough to be using.
  • Once you’ve chosen the 3.5 mm wire and affirmed that it’s compatible with the Beats headset, it’s time to plug it in. Put one end of the wire on the Solo3’s headphone jack located on the left earcup.
  • Insert the other end to your Samsung TV’s auxiliary input. Once they’re secured, go to Settings and then Sound.
  • Scroll down the menu until you find the Sound Output Label. Lastly, tap on the Aux option to select the Beats Solo3 as the output device. Doing so will enable you to watch movies without being restricted to using the TV’s speakers only.

Beats Solo3 to Samsung TV via a Bluetooth Adapter

The third method would require you to purchase an accessory in the form of a Bluetooth adapter. It’s something you can use to add integrated Bluetooth protocol to devices that don’t sport one. Check out how it works on your Samsung TV:

  • To get this out of the way, you don’t have to buy a Bluetooth dongle if your Samsung TV model has built-in Bluetooth. To determine whether this is the case, check your television’s specs via the user guide or the internet.
  • If your TV doesn’t have Bluetooth, look for its panel that contains all the audio outports. Once you find it, link up your Bluetooth transmitter to one of these ports.
  • Ensure that the Bluetooth transmitter is turned on and its Pairing mode is activated. Once you’re sure that it is, it’s time to link it up with your Beats Solo3 Wireless. After the process, you can listen to whatever’s streaming on your Samsung TV via the Apple headphones.

Does Beats Solo3 Work With LG TV?

If your intention is to pair the Beats Solo3 Wireless with your LG TV, worry not. Although both devices are from different companies, they can still work seamlessly with each other. Of course, this is only if your television model jives well with the Apple-owned headphones.

Generally, you can make the Beats Solo3 to your LG TV in three ways. First off, you have the traditional hardwiring method that requires a 3.5 mm cable. It’s something you can rely on if wireless connections don’t satisfy you.

You can also use Bluetooth pairing if you’re more into cable-free linkages. This is only available if your LG TV model has the Bluetooth protocol built-in. Usually, you can determine if the model sports Bluetooth if it has the Bluetooth Speaker List option in its Settings menu.

If your television has no Bluetooth feature, don’t lose hope immediately. You still have the third method, which will require you to use a Bluetooth dongle. Note that this method is not foolproof as some TVs can sense if an external accessory is bypassing their systems.

However, you won’t lose anything from trying this particular connection route. Bluetooth dongles don’t cost much, especially if you buy from reputable sellers. It’s worth it if you consider the quality and standard you’ll get with the Solo3 to LG TV streaming experience.

How Do I Connect My Beats Solo3 to My LG TV?

There are three possible ways for you to connect the Beats Solo3 to your LG TV. You can link up the devices through a 3.5 mm audio cable, rely on the wireless Bluetooth protocol, or use a Bluetooth dongle. Whichever way you prefer, there’s only one thing that’s certain.

The audio quality of the Beats Solo3 Wireless may not be on par with modern home theater systems. However, the headphones’ unique soundstage will still provide you with a memorable movie night. If you’re looking forward to this, check out the process of each available connection method:

Using the Bluetooth Feature

  • Bluetooth linkage will only work if your LG TV model has Bluetooth capabilities. To check it, go to your television’s Settings and find the Bluetooth category. That or look over your LG TV’s remote control and ensure that it has smart features.
  • Once you’ve guaranteed that your TV model sports Bluetooth software, turn on your Beats Solo3 Wireless. Moreover, activate its Bluetooth feature by pressing the Power button for a few seconds. Pairing mode is activated if you’ve seen the Fuel Gauge Indicator flash white.
  • Go to your LG TV’s Settings menu by clicking on the traditional gear icon on the screen. Scroll down until you find the Advanced Settings category and tap Sound Settings.
  • Tap the LG Sound Sync Bluetooth option and then the Detect button. After doing so, your smart television will start scanning the area of available devices.
  • The Beats Solo3 Wireless will appear on the list, so ensure that you select it among other gadgets. Once linkage is finished, you can enjoy the Apple headphones’ audio quality while streaming media on your LG TV.

Note that the method of connection will be a bit different on select LG TV models. Activating the Beats Solo3 Wireless’ Bluetooth mode is always a default. However, some models have a unique Settings menu that would require you to perform special configurations:

Bluetooth Pairing via LG NanoCell TV and LG 4K Ultra HD TVs
  • On the magic remote of your LG TV, press the Gear button. This will open up the Menu bar on the left side of your model’s screen.
  • On the Menu bar, tap on the More icon. To be specific, it’s the key with the three consecutive dots.
  • Go to the Sound menu and then tap the Sound Out label. Afterward, select the Use Wireless Speaker among the list of subcategories.
  • In this submenu, tap the More button once again. The three dots are found right beside the Bluetooth Device option. After doing so, your LG TV model will be on the lookout for compatible Bluetooth devices.
  • A list of available gadgets will appear in which you should select the Beats Solo3 Wireless. Pairing will immediately take place, so wait for a few moments for it to be established. Once done, movie streaming with the headphones is within reach.

Using an LG TV Bluetooth Adapter

For this method to succeed, you have to get your hands on an LG TV Bluetooth adapter. You can either purchase this accessory at an affiliate store or the company’s online website. There are also other alternatives in the market, so check which one of these dongles you will prefer.

  • Once you have the Bluetooth adapter with you, it’s time to connect it to your LG TV. Note that before doing so, ensure that the dongle is connected to a nearby power source. If it is, plug it into one of the outports of your LG TV model.
  • Put your Beats Solo3 Wireless in Pairing mode. To make it discoverable, press the Power button for several seconds. For reference, the Power key can be found discretely on the headphones’ right earcup.
  • After the headset has been set into Bluetooth mode, link it up with your Bluetooth adapter. The process will be quick, and you’ll only have to wait for several seconds at most.
  • Once the devices are paired, go to your LG TV’s Settings menu. Scroll down and navigate until you see the Digital Audio Format to PCM option. Turn this label on to ensure that audio output will be routed to the Solo3 Wireless.

Using a Compatible Auxiliary Cable

If you’re not eager on wireless linkages, an auxiliary cable might be the route you’re looking for. This hardwiring method is a straightforward process, only requiring you to buy an adequate audio wire. For reference, the Beats Solo3 Wireless can only cater to 3.5 mm cables.

As such, only purchase an aux cord with the exact measurements, or the method is a bust on the get-go. Once you’ve secured a compatible wire, simply link one end to your Beats Solo3 headphones. The jack is located on the left earcup, among the volume toggles and Play/Pause buttons.

The other end should be inserted into your LG TV’s outports. Ensure that the audio cable is tethered to both devices correctly to avoid any listening inconvenience. Afterward, streaming media on the smart television and listening via the Beats Solo3 is possible.

Does Beats Solo3 Work With Sony TV?

While you may think otherwise, the Beats Solo3 Wireless is able to work seamlessly with the Sony TV. It’s surprising, especially if you’re aware of Apple and Sony’s practice about their devices’ exclusivity. However, both the Apple headphones and the smart television have several ways to hook up with one another.

To be specific, you can link up the Beats Solo3 to your Sony TV using an adequate 3.5 mm cable. If you’re looking for recommendations, try getting the Beats’ own RemoteTalk line. It will cost you $30, but it’s guaranteed to work well with any compatible device you decide to hardwire the Solo3 with.

There’s also the Bluetooth connection, though it will require you to comply with fixed criteria. Specifically, the smart television you plan on using with the Solo3 should have a built-in Bluetooth protocol. To ensure this, check whether your TV Settings have A/V sync available by:

  • If you’re controlling the Sony TV via a Remote Control with a Quick Settings key, tap the Quick Settings button. Select Settings, Display & Sound, then Audio Output. In this category, find whether there is an A/V sync option available.
  • On a Sony TV Remote Control that sports a Home button, press the Home key. Tap Settings, Display & Sound, then Audio Output. Navigate the menu until you find the A/V sync category.

Also, you should check whether the Beats Solo3 is also within your TV’s specifications. Note that Sony TVs can only link to external products that support Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP). You’ll have no problem with this since the Apple-owned headset functions around this Bluetooth profile.

Lastly, check out your Sony TV model to ensure that your Beats Solo3 Wireless can link with it. Below is the list of models that is compatible with Bluetooth pairing:

  • 2022 TV series (X75K series)
  • 2022 TV series (with the exception of the X75K series)
  • 2021 TV series
  • 2020 TV series
  • 2019, 2018, 2017 TV series

On the chance that your smart TV does not belong to any of the models mentioned above, you can use a Bluetooth dongle. However, note that this may not work due to Sony’s very own system security. The connection may also falter since you’d be bypassing the television’s output functions.

How Do I Connect My Beats Solo3 to My Sony TV?

To connect the Beats Solo3 Wireless to your Sony TV, you’ll have to choose between three linking methods. To be specific, you can rely on the Bluetooth protocol, a Bluetooth dongle, or a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable. The route you will take should put your TV’s specs and your headphones’ compatibility into consideration.

First, you can use the aux cord if your Samsung TV model has a port that fits with the 3.5 mm cable. There’s no way around this since the Beats Solo3 Wireless can only function with this kind of wire. It’s the most reliable method if you’re eager to have much better sound quality without audio latency in the mix.

You simply have to plug one end of the 3.5 mm auxiliary cable into the headphone jack of your Beats Solo3. The other end should be inserted into the Sony TV’s respective audio outport. Once they’re secured, you’ll have to set the Apple headphones as your output device on your television’s Settings menu.

If hardwiring the Beats Solo3 Wireless does not appeal to you, you still have two cable-free options to consider. One of these includes using the built-in Bluetooth feature on your devices. Of course, this is only open for Sony TV models that sport the same protocol on their software features.

After determining that your Sony TV is compatible with this wireless linkage, start by turning on your Solo3. To do so, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds until the Fuel Gauge indicator flashes white. This will indicate that the headset is open for connection and is on discovery mode.

Next up, go to the Settings page of your Sony TV. Scroll down and tap on Remote & Accessories among the selection. Choose Bluetooth Settings and select Pair Accessory or Add Device.

In turn, the Sony TV will be searching for compatible devices in its range. A list will appear bearing the available gadgets, in which you should choose the Beats Solo3 Wireless. Upon doing so, the devices will pair with each other and will form a connection after several seconds.

Once the process is done, you’ll hear any media streaming from your Sony TV passing through your Beats Solo3. The connection is wireless, so you’re free to go around the vicinity, unlike when using the wired route. However, delays are inevitable since audio latency is rampant in this kind of connection.

On the off chance that your smart television does not have any kind of Bluetooth properties, you can use the second wireless option. This is by using a Bluetooth adapter, an accessory that enables your technology to sport a Bluetooth function. All you have to do is link up the dongle to one of your TV’s ports and activate its Pairing mode.

Then, turn on the Bluetooth of your Beats Solo3 Wireless. The headphones will then form a connection with the Bluetooth adapter attached to your TV. This will enable you to create a wireless linkage without your Sony TV having a Bluetooth protocol built-in.

Does Beats Solo3 Work With Apple TV?

Since both Beats Solo3 and Apple TV are of the same brand, it’s not a surprise that they remarkably work well together. You won’t even need any kind of auxiliary cable since both techs are capable of using AirPlay. If you’re unaware, AirPlay is Apple’s proprietary suite that allows the sharing and streaming of media across devices.

With it, you can seamlessly connect the Beats Solo3 Wireless to your Apple TV. This is kind of like using Bluetooth but with much greater perks and features. For one, AirPlay is tethered to your Wi-Fi system, meaning you get a wider connection range than Bluetooth.

Of course, you’re still capable of using the Bluetooth route with the Solo3-to–Apple TV linkage if you feel like it. You’ll have no problem pairing the two together so long as both their Bluetooth capabilities are on and working. You must also toggle a few settings on the TV configuration, which you can easily do in a few simple steps.

On the chance that you’re not a fan of Bluetooth or AirPlay connections due to latency, you can always rely on an audio cable. This will limit your movement significantly but it’ll do if you’re comfortable in one position for the whole movie duration.

How Do I Pair My Beats Solo3 to My Apple TV?

There are several options available if you want to pair the Beats Solo3 Wireless to your Apple TV. First, you have the Bluetooth option that will no doubt work as long as both your devices are in Pairing mode. You can also rely on using an audio cable, specifically those of the 3.5 mm variety.

There’s also the AirPlay route which is the most convenient to take since you’re an Apple user. With it, you can link your Beats Solo3 to your Apple TV, together with another compatible device of your choosing. Here are the step-by-step details to access each connection mode:

Pair via the Bluetooth Protocol

  • To make use of this method, you’ll have to first make your Beats Solo3 Wireless discoverable. This is done by simply pressing the Power button for a few seconds until the Fuel Gauge flashes. Note that the Power key is located on the right earcup, right above the LED indicator.
  • Next, go to the Settings page of your Apple TV. To do so, tap the standard gear icon on the Main Menu.
  • Click on Bluetooth under the Remotes and Devices menu. You’ll find the Beats Solo3 listed among the available devices. Select the Apple headphones and wait a few seconds for the connection.
  • Also, don’t forget to tap in the four-digit code that will appear during the linking process. Failure to do so will result in the connection not pulling through.

Connect Using an Audio Cable

  • The Beats Solo3 Wireless can be hardwired to most technology so long as a 3.5 mm port is available. As such, you should obtain a 3.5 mm audio cable for it to tether to your Apple TV. To note, the RemoteTalk Cable is a good option, but you’re free to find other alternatives on the market.
  • Plug one end of the cable to the headphone jack of your Beats Solo3 Wireless. The jack can be found on the left earcup, together with the volume control and the Play/Pause buttons.
  • On your Apple TV, locate the audio input port and connect the other end of the 3.5 mm auxiliary cable. Start streaming the movie of your choice and check whether the audio is working well.
  • If you’re unable to hear anything, try to look at your headphones’ volume level. If it’s on an adequate setting, the problem may lie in your Apple TV’s configuration.
  • To remedy this, go to the TV’s Settings menu and navigate to Audio and Video. Under this submenu, click on Audio Output. Tap the Beats Solo3 Wireless to select it as your television’s audio output device.

Link the Devices via AirPlay Protocol

  • Since both the Beats Solo3 Wireless and the Apple TV are AirPlay-compatible, linking them together will be a breeze. You simply have to press and hold the Home button on the Siri remote for a few seconds. You can let go of the key when the Control Center on your television pops up.
  • Tap on the Audio Controls button and swipe down to the headphones category. Choose the Beats Solo3 Wireless to initiate AirPlay pairing. Wait out for a few seconds for the linkage to be established.
  • Once done, you’re free to stream whatever media you want on your Apple TV. Note that you’re also free to add a second pair of headphones to the connection if you feel like it. This is possible through Apple’s Share Audio feature exclusive to AirPlay-compatible devices.