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Are Beats Solo3 Waterproof (and Is It Possible to Use Them in the Shower)?

Apple may have released a few Beats models that are water-resistant, but the Solo3 Wireless isn’t one of them. Although the headphones are phenomenal in terms of sound quality, it lacks the immunity against any kind of moisture - including sweat. This is because the device has no Ingress Protection rating, which is a must for waterproof and water-resistant technology.
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Don’t get your hopes up if you’re planning to use it in the shower, either. This applies whether you wish to use the Beats Solo3 with or without wetting your hair when taking a bath. It’s unsafe, especially if you consider the headphones’ build and the consequences you may face afterward.

Can Beats Solo3 Get Water Damage?

The Beats Solo3 isn’t made to be water-resistant, so it’s prone to water damage. It has no Ingress Protection rating, something you should look for when hunting for waterproof items. For reference, the IP rating is the standard resistance of a device against dust and liquid exposure.

Note that the headset is made with a combination of plastic and metal, and these are not of waterproof varieties. The head cushion and earcups are made from synthetic leather, which ain’t immune to humidity either. You also have the internal mechanism to think of, especially since the headphones’ many openings aren’t sealed.

As such, you should be extra careful in using your Beats Solo3 in damp environments. You’re not safe with even a bit of moisture, so sweaty activities are a no-go either. This means no going to the gym or running laps equipped with the stylish headset.

What Happens if You Get Beats Solo3 Wet?

If you ever get your Beats Solo3 wet, get yourself ready for some water damage. Of course, a few droplets won’t give you any problem, but it’s different when the headphones are soaked and dripping. In this case, you better hope that the water has not reached the most internal workings of the device.

When you think of water damage to the Beats Solo3, the most common route you worry about is condensation. In fact, it’s a common problem for all headphones and not limited only to the Apple-made audio device. There’s also a risk of a short circuit occurring, but only if you’re stubborn enough to turn your headset on while it’s damp.

Think of your Beats Solo3 as a fun-sized speaker you can bring anywhere. No matter how convenient these headphones are, they’re still powered by magnets, wires, and a coil.

On the chance that they get wet, these metallic components will get zapped. The electricity running on the wire strands will go haywire due to the moisture. In turn, overheating and snapping can happen, leading to short circuits.

Is Beats Solo3 Condensation a Problem?

Condensation is a problem on the Beats Solo3 and all earphones in general. It’s also something of a common hurdle with another Apple headset known as AirPods Max. For reference, condensation occurs in the environment where the humid air is converted into liquid.

This may be helpful and natural but unwanted when it comes to your audio devices. It’s because it can ruin the quality of the headphones in the long run, both hardware and software properties. This is especially the case with Beats Solo3, which does not possess any kind of IP rating.

Since the headset has no protection against moisture and dust, it’s quite susceptible to condensation. The device is also made from plastic, reinforced with a few metal bits. That’s why the hardware is prone to corrosion, even more so if not dried correctly.

Aside from these, you also have the internal workings to be worried about. Note that the Beats Solo3 has synthetic leather material used on the earcups. True, they can peel more easily when always exposed to water, but there’s a more serious problem —

Water can seep through the material, reaching the deepest parts of your Beats Solo3. Liquid can accumulate inside, affecting the sound quality and further degrading your headphones. Condensation can also bring about the total impairment of your headset, increasing the risk of short circuits.

Can I Use Beats Solo3 in Rain?

Logically, there’s no stopping you from using the Beats Solo3 in the rain. However, if you’re eager to keep the $200 headphones functioning for longer, you won’t do it. The device is not moistureproof or water-resistant, so you’ll only damage it if you do so.

True, there are headsets in the market with dampness immunity to a certain extent. The Beats Solo3 isn’t one of them; it does not have an IP rating. This means that the Apple headphones do not have protection against any kind of liquid at all, including rain.

As such, your best decision is to leave the device lying safely at home or store it in its case when it’s raining. This will preserve it and save the Beats model from any kind of water-induced damage. Note that this kind of headphones have humidity as their mortal enemy, so it’s best always to be careful.

Can I Wear Beats Solo3 in the Shower?

It’s never a good idea to wear Beats Solo3 in the shower, be it in ice-cold or steaming hot ones. First off, the device is not made to withstand any kind of moisture, especially those that go beyond temperature extremes. Several problems may arise, of which condensation is one of the biggest issues.

That’s right – since your headphones have no protection against dampness, they’re not resistant to condensation. Water will accumulate in every nook and cranny, resulting in audio distortion. There’s also the possibility of your Beats Solo3 permanently saying goodbye.

You may be luckier and survived severe headset damage, but external parts will also be waving. You get to see the synthetic leather peel slowly or witness the setting of rust in the device’s metallic parts.

Also, wearing headphones inside the shower is not recommended for safety purposes. Especially one like the Beats Solo3, which possesses noise-canceling properties. Not hearing what’s happening in your surroundings may lead to accidents, as you cannot notice fire alarms, sirens, and doorbells.

There are also shower hygiene issues to be concerned about. The Beats Solo3 is an on-ear headset, so it’s meant to sit on your ears. The damp environment is ideal for bacteria to grow, which may cause ear irritation and other severe health concerns.

Instead of using headphones in your shower moments, try to use portable speakers instead. In fact, there are many impressive models on the market that can bring your shower concerts to another level.

Can You Wear Beats Solo3 With Wet Hair?

If you’re planning to wear the Beats Solo3 with wet hair, you’ll have to cancel. Doing so will only reduce the lifespan of your headphones and may lead to them not functioning ever again. Note that the Apple-owned headset did not put water resistance to the device’s list of impressive perks and features.

That’s right, other Beats models have a bit of immunity against moisture, but not the Solo3. It has no Ingress Protection rating, so any kind of water exposure and you risk damaging them. The first thing you should be worried about when you wear it with wet hair is the leather-cushioned headband.

If you have long hair that is dripping wet, the earcups will be a cause of concern too. They’re susceptible to peeling, especially since the Beats Solo3 is an on-ear headphones. They can also store and absorb water, which can cause irritation if used even longer.

Rust can also form on the metal joints that are holding your headphones together. You’re also not safe from internal damage either, with condensation leading to the list of risk factors. It’s a general issue regarding headsets, though, so don’t think it’s an Apple-exclusive problem.

Can You Wear Beats Solo3 in the Pool?

Wearing the Beats Solo3 in the pool is plausible, but only if you’re secured on an inflatable. This means you’re not allowed to dive under or risk your headphones getting in contact with water. It’s a huge risk, but if you’re confident that they won’t get wet, you’re free to do so.

The Beats Solo3 is neither resistant nor completely immune to water, so it is not meant to be submerged. A few splashes may be no problem, but too much moisture like the pool will surely render them useless. As such, if you’re eager to sport the stylish headset in the pool, always keep your head above water.

Are Beats Solo3 Water-Resistant?

The Beats Solo3 is not water-resistant in any way, so it’s highly prone to moisture damage. Even a light drizzle or exposure to sweat during workouts can ruin your headphones, so it’s best to be mindful of how you’re using them. The Apple audio device may seem advanced in terms of its audio quality, but not when it comes to immunity against any kind of dampness.

Logically, the Beats Solo3 isn’t of the waterproof variety either. That’s right, being waterproof and water-resistant is different from one another. You may find it confusing, especially if people use it interchangeably.

Simply put, water-resistant means that the device is unaffected by moisture externally. It’s resistant against water, but only up to a certain degree and duration. On the other hand, a waterproof widget means safe from all water interaction, including total submersion.

The Beats Solo3 Wireless is neither of the two – it has no IP rating after all. For newbies, the Ingress Protection rating is a device’s grade when it comes to liquid or solid protection. The Apple headphones are not classified using this scale, so it’s not waterproof and water-resistant.

How Do You Fix Water Damaged Beats Solo3 Headphones?

If you’ve got your Beats Solo3 Wireless wet, don’t immediately lose hope. They’re susceptible to water damage, but there are ways to redeem them if you’re quick to act. Here are some of the options you can go to when you got your headphones dripping:

Use a Soft Towel for Drying

This step is something you should immediately do when you get your Beats Solo3 wet. All you need is a soft, dry towel to remove the excess water on your device. Note that if the moisture has already seeped through, you should still perform this tip to eliminate any more wetness.

When wiping the Apple headphones, it’s best to use a cotton towel to avoid scratching the leather earcups. However, you can also settle with anything soft as long as it is clean. Also, try to be careful when wiping the water to prevent any physical harm to your Beats Solo3.

Remove and Dry Ear Muffs

Like most headphones on the market, the cushions on your earcups are removable. As such, you should take advantage of this feature when you get the Beats Solo3 wet. It’s a must-do since there’s a huge chance they also contain water even when it’s not showing.

Note that the material on your Apple headphones is made from synthetic leather, so they’re also prone to carry moisture. Take caution in removing the ear pads from the body and dry them separately in a safe place. You could also replace them for a small cost – a big help if the earphones are only minimally exposed to water.

Shake Off Excess Moisture

Using hairdryers and other heat-producing gadgets is not advisable when you’ve drenched your Beats Solo3. Sun drying is also not advisable, especially if the sun is too hot and hitting the headphones. In this case, you can shake off excess moisture, but ensure you do it as gently as you can.

This is to disturb and try to expel any moisture residing in the tiny cracks of the headset. There’s also a chance that water has entered the holes of your device, so shaking it off may help. Try to continuously jiggle your wireless headphones for two to three minutes until you can’t see any more droplets.

Dismantle Your Headphones

Disassembling your Beats Solo3 Wireless is the last resort if you want to take a chance to put it back in working order. Of course, there are risks such as you failing to return it to what it was, or the headphones are entirely hopeless. No matter what it is, note that this step is optional and won’t guarantee the functionality of your headset.

All you need to do is secure the right tools, specifically some long nose pliers or something equivalent. Try to carefully open up your Beats and put every screw aside for later assembly. Once you’re done, wait for a few hours to air dry the headphones’ parts.

Rely on Desiccants

If you’ve already disassembled your headphones and waiting for them to dry, try to look for household desiccants. For reference, you could use salt, dry rice, or instant oatmeal to do the trick. You could also take a short trip down to the local store and get a bunch of silica gel or anything equivalent.

Note that silica gel is your best bet since it’s less messy and takes a shorter drying time compared to other means. All you need to do is get yourself a ziplock bag or any kind of airtight container. Once you’ve had that on hand, pour your silica gel until it reaches ¾ full.

Gently put all your headphones’ parts inside the container and wait for a few hours to dry. Ideally, the silica gel will absorb all moisture within an overnight drying period. This gives you a bit of time to bring your Beats Solo3 Wireless to an expert or service center.

After performing some of the recommendations above, it’s time to learn a few don’ts when drying your headphones. These include refraining from plugging the device to power no matter how tempting it is. It can be nerve-wracking to wait for your Beats Solo3 to dry, but you don’t have to check its status by connecting it to power.

Instead, try to wait and do other tasks like contacting your service center for additional tips to help with your headphone situation. Also, no matter how tempting it is, do not use any heat styling device to speed up the drying process. Microwaves and ovens are also prohibited, so let the Beats Solo3 dry in peace for a few hours.

How to Prevent Water Damage on Your Beats Solo3

Water damage to your Beats Solo3 Wireless can entirely be avoided if you know how to properly do so. In fact, you need to practice extra care since the model you’re using has no resistance or immunity to moisture. Here are some of the steps you can do to prevent impairment of your headset due to dampness:

  • Avoid swimming or bathing with your headphones. The Beats Solo3 Wireless is not a device you can use mindlessly in the shower or any wet environment.
  • Steam and sauna rooms are not the ideal locations to use your Apple headphones. They’re not resistant to heat either, and water damage will become great since moisture is packed in the air.
  • Pressurized or high-velocity water is a no-go either. This means you should opt to use resistant earbuds or headphones when water skiing or surfing.
  • Complete submersion of your Beats Solo3 is not advisable. They’re not immune to water, so the tendency is they’ll be accumulating it instead.
  • Keep your headphones stored in a proper place. The Beats Solo3 Wireless comes with a case that protects it from external factors. You can also use other containers, so long as the headset is away from risks.