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Are Beats Solo3 Comfy (The Complete Guide)?

The Beats Solo3 Wireless is a remarkable device that sports crazy good acoustics and great connectivity. When it comes to providing comfort, though, the headphones can improve by leaps and bounds. It's mainly made of plastic and metal, which may cause a lot of discomfort if not used correctly.
Are Beats Solo 3 Comfy

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Its earcups are also made of synthetic leather, providing only a bit of cushion. At the end of the day, though, the Apple headphones are still phenomenal to a degree. It may not be the comfiest one out there, but there are simple steps you can do to make it more pleasant to the ears.

How Do You Wear Beats Solo3?

The Beats Solo3 Wireless is classified as on-ear headphones. Since the device is made a bit smaller than the over-ear variety, you should wear it by resting the earcups on the top of your ears. For more detailed instructions, refer to the guidelines on how to put on the Apple-owned headset:

  • Identify the left and right sides of your on-ear headphones. For reference, the Beats Solo3 Wireless has the ‘b’ button on the left earcup. Use this as your guide to determine how to use it in its proper orientation.
  • Once you’ve successfully discovered the proper orientation of your headphones, it’s time to put on your Beats model. Carefully position the headband on the middle of the top of your head. Also, be careful in stretching the bands when you put each earcup on the ears.
  • Since the Beats Solo3 has an on-ear design, ensure that the earpads sit on the ear rather than over. Alter and adjust its placement until you find the ideal position for your maximum listening experience. Aim to hear the sound output properly, but also prioritize not feeling constricted or awkward.
  • After settling down on the perfect earcup position, make alterations with the other headphones’ parts. Check whether the height and the clamping strength of the Beats Solo3 Wireless are tailored for your convenience. Also, if you’re using the headphones as a wired device, ensure that the wire placement won’t get in your way.

Note that headsets of the on-ear variety are smaller and more compact than over-ear ones. For reference, over-ear headphones are ones that largely cover your ears, like the Airpods Max. If you’re an avid Apple sound whiz, you’ll immediately spot the difference between the Beats and the latter headset.

Are Beats Solo3 On-Ear or Over-Ear?

Looking at the Beats Solo3’s compact build, you’ll immediately identify it as on-ear headphones. It’s the same style you’ll find on other Beats models, so there’s nothing much that has changed. The only noticeable difference is the new color releases matching new iPhones, like red and rose gold.

This lack of design alteration isn’t a bad thing, especially if you consider all the perks you get with an on-ear headset. If you’re wondering what the pros are, check out the list below:

  • As an on-ear headset, the Beats Solo3 is in direct contact with your ears. This means that you’ll hear the audio much clearer without being bothered about how big the earcups are.
  • You’ll notice that on-ear headphones are less expensive. This is clearly evident when comparing the $200 Beats Solo3 with Apple’s over-ear $550 AirPods Max model.
  • The Beats Solo3 is ideal for you if you’re not keen on headphones with high isolation characteristics. It has a simpler acoustic seal which ensures you’re still aware of what’s happening in your environment.
  • You’ll also notice the Beats Solo3’s compact and portability. The headphones’ earcups are much smaller because they’re made to be travel-friendly. As a bonus, it even has a protective case you can use when you’re folding the headset up.
  • On-ear headphones are generally more comfortable and breathable compared to over-ear models. This is because the earcups don’t sit directly on your ear canal so you won’t feel as hot. This saves you from much sweat and moisture, which is irritating.
  • As compared to in-ear headphones, the Beats Solo3 possesses more powerful drivers. Both types generally belong in the same price range, but on-ear varieties can provide a broader range of frequencies.

Can I Wear Beats Solo3 Backwards?

Wearing the Beats Solo3 backward will provide you with a left and right reversed audio. As such, this is really not advisable. Headphones, in general, are made to use with proper orientation in mind.

Admittedly, some headsets can function without much difference if you wear them to reverse. However, Apple’s Beats Solo3 is really not built for this particular perk. This can be noticed if you were to look over the buttons located on the left earcup.

Also, you’ll struggle with identifying the left and right audio channels if you were to persist in using them backward. Stereo channels are divided into two because they give off particular sound effects. As such, it’s best to wear the Beats Solo3 properly to avoid disorientation.

Are Beats Solo3 Tight?

Like all other headphones, the Beats Solo3’s tightness and fit depend largely on the user’s head. The Apple-owned headset may be adjustable to some degree, but it’s not totally flexible. A reminder that it is primarily made of plastic, which is not elastic and fully moldable.

Since it’s a bit rigid, especially if you consider its metal parts, expect the headphones to sit snugly on your ears. You may find it a little too tight, especially during long periods of wear.

There’s one particular upside, though: the Beats Solo3 is made with an asymmetrical design. The right and left earcups are not fully proportional, making the headphones grip a bit better. You can run around and be confident that the headphones won’t fly off your head anytime soon.

Do Beats Solo3 Stretch?

If you find that the Beats Solo3 is too tight to your liking, you can stretch it out. Of course, you can’t bend the headphones too much that they’ll lose their shape, but you’re free to add leeway for your head. Note that it is made of plastic, so its flexibility is not something to look forward to.

However, it will only take a few uses and bits of patience for you to grow into the Beats Solo3. Think of the Apple headphones as brand-new shoes you’ll need to mold according to your shape and size. You’ll have to condition it according to your preference too, so take note of its grip every time you wear it.

How Do You Make Beats Solo3 Tighter?

While the Beats Solo3 fits snugly for some, other people find it lacking in terms of grip. If you belong in this spectrum, here are the steps to make the Apple-owned headphones tighter:

  • Secure Your Tools. Get long-nose pliers on your toolbox to prepare for the tightening process. This won’t cost you much if you get it directly from the local hardware store. However, if you don’t have any money to spare, improvise by getting something that is durable, pointed, and with a metal tip.
  • Show the Hinges. To expose the hinges, extend the earmuffs of the Beats Solo3. Lengthen the headphones to their maximum capacity but ensure to handle them with care.
  • Find the Pin. Look over the point where the arm of the earmuffs is linked with the headband. You’ll find the pin of the hinge in the form of a short metal rod.
  • Fasten the Pin More Securely. Using your long nose pliers or anything equivalent, raise one end of the metal rod towards the headband. Do the trick to the other end once you’ve secured the pin enough for it not to wiggle around.

As a hack, try to only bend the pin’s tip rather than the entirety of it. This ensures that you won’t damage the metal arm where the pin and the plastic portion of the Beats Solo3 meet. Also, pulling the hook off the metal area is a no-go, so avoid doing this.

To test whether the Beats Solo3 is tightened as expected, try extending its arms. Lengthen the headphones to their maximum capacity and check their condition. You can also try folding out the arms to see if the headset will stay in position.

To do this, spread the earcaps away from the headphones’ main body. Check whether the Beats Solo3 is tightened and won’t budge if shaken arbitrarily. If you feel like the headset is still too loose, repeat the steps above.

Does Beats Solo3 Fit Small Ears?

If you’re an avid Beats user, you’ll find that the Solo3 model is the smallest one in the line-up. It’s the best choice among the brand’s models if you have small ears. This is because the headphones are the most petite of the Beats family, be it on-ear or over-ear variations.

Although this is the case, the Apple-owned headset packs a powerful punch on its own. You won’t find it lacking, especially if you consider its advanced sound technology focusing on rich bass. There’s also the W1 chip to look forward to, which honestly makes the Beats Solo3 worth the price for Apple users.

For reference, the W1 chip is Apple’s silicon responsible for Bluetooth connections. With it, you’re free to link the Beats Solo3 Wireless to compatible devices within the blink of an eye. This is also a kid-friendly perk if you want to hook up their headphones to your source device.

Are Beats Solo3 Good for Kids?

With its compact size, the Beats Solo3 will be a great fit for your kids. In fact, you can even consider the model one of the best headphones available for children in the market. It’s a huge hit for parents who knows how to prioritize class, quality, and style.

True, it may be a bit pricey if you’re on a budget, but it’s definitely worth it. The fine-tuned acoustics and great compatibility with devices make it phenomenal even for kids. It’s also adjustable to a certain degree, so rest assured it won’t fall off your child’s ears randomly.

Here are other factors that make the Beats Solo3 a wonder to kids of varying ages:

  • Plush Cups. The Apple-owned headphones are made with leather earcaps that provide softness and comfortability. With it, your little one’s ears won’t be irritated by the plush earcaps. You can also add another layer of cushion for extra coziness to the headphones.
  • Impressive Battery Life. The Beats Solo3 can last for 40 hours straight without being linked to a power source. It’s amazing, especially on days you’re traveling long distances with your kiddos.
  • Color Variations. Apple ensured you’ll have no shortages of color options with the Beats Solo3. It is available in different hues, which you can mix and match with other iPhone models.
  • Superb Audio Quality. Your kid will have no trouble entertaining himself with the headphones’ sound quality. The Beats Solo3 is remarkably detailed with bass, including the low, mid, and high-end varieties.
  • Passive Noise Reduction. The Apple headphones will stay in place on your child’s head. While doing so, the device will make an acoustic seal, reducing background noise. Similarly, music will also be prevented from leaking out to a certain degree.

Is Beats Solo3 Too Heavy?

The Beats Solo3 is made for convenient travel use. As such, there’s no reason why the headphones will be manufactured with heavy-duty materials. Instead, it is made mainly of synthetic plastic and bits of metals for reinforcement.

If you’re wondering how light the Apple-owned headphones are, it only weighs 0.47 lb (214 g). Worry not, though, because the headphones are quite sturdy despite its almost weightless feel. Its joints and weak points are reinforced with metal, so rest assured it won’t break randomly.

Are Beats Solo3 Good With Glasses?

Wearing the Beats Solo3 with glasses is bearable, at least for a certain amount of time. If you’re wondering why, know that on-ear headphones like this particular model don’t jive well with eyeglasses. This is mainly due to the build and the materials used to craft the headset.

First off, the headphones are made to sit in direct contact with your ears. It’s not like in-ear headsets that are meant to go inside due to their much smaller size. You’ll also have to wear it over your glasses, resulting in the stems pressing tightly into your skin.

You’ll also have the shorter end of the stick if you’re using glasses with thick stems. You’re bound to feel a gnawing discomfort after wearing the Apple headset for a few hours. True, the Solo3 does have protective earcups, but it does have considerable grip.

Also, the Beats Solo3 is mainly made of plastic material. It’s hard but not as flexible, so using it with your glasses may give you sore ear cartilages. There are also higher cases of friction due to the synthetic rubber material used on the cups.

How Do You Wear Beats Solo3 With Glasses?

You can’t deny the fact that the Beats Solo3 does look good and even sound exceptional. This makes it a very tempting on-ear headset, even for those who are wearing glasses. Here are some tips for wearing your headphones with glasses with added comfort:

  • Make Sure to Stretch Your Headphones. The Beats Solo3 Wireless may not be that flexible, but you can definitely stretch them out. To assist you on this, try to put the headphones over some books to loosen their grip and clamping force.
  • Get Yourself Glasses With Thinner Frames. If you’re keen on using on-ear headphones, you should choose thin frames over thicker ones. This reduces the surface pressure you will experience when the earcaps are pressing against your head.
  • Opt for Thicker Ear Paddings. The Beats Solo3’s padding is made from synthetic leather. Some may find this sufficient, but others find the comfort lacking, especially for those wearing glasses. To solve this, try to purchase thicker ear cushions to fit your Apple headphones.

Once you’ve done the guide above, you can listen for longer durations using the Beats Solo3. Of course, this really depends on your stamina and how your headphones are gripping your head shape and size. If these don’t work, there are also other unconventional ways to wear your glasses with the Apple headsets.

You could try out virtual reality frames, which are eyeglasses that go without any frames at all. This solves plenty of issues, including the soreness and discomfort brought by regular glasses. Pince-nez glasses are a great vintage option too, which sit on the bridge of your nose rather than use stems.

Can You Sleep in Beats Solo3 Headphones?

If you’re someone who dozes on your back, you can probably sleep in the Beats Solo3 Wireless. There’ll be no problem regarding this unless you’re fond of your twists and turns. The device is an on-ear headphone, so it only makes sense that you can’t use it while napping on your side.

These types of headphones sit on top of your ears, a small and compact build. As such, wearing the Beats Solo3 will provide you with fewer restrictions on your movement. However, there’s one specific downside: the on-ear headset is highly prone to slipping.

This is due to its dominant plastic material and the synthetic leather adorning the earcaps. It’s not such a big deal, though, if you’re a back sleeper or just taking a nap on a chair upright. For other tips to make sleeping with Beats Solo3 comfortable, look over the list below:

  • Consider Changing Your Sleeping Position. You can’t last long with the Beats Solo3 while napping sideways. It’s meant to hug your ears, so you’ll have a tendency to put your whole weight on it if you do so. Try to practice sleeping on the chair or in a position that won’t compromise the headset.
  • Get Yourself a Pillow With Holes. No, you don’t have to ruin your pillows to wear the Beats Solo3 for sleeping. There are especially made pillows in the market with a hollow side meant for better sleep. You could try being resourceful and use these to take your listening experience to a comfortable level.

Once you’ve experienced wearing the Beats Solo3 Wireless to sleep, you’ll have to be aware of certain cons. These include wax buildup in your ears and may even cause problems to your hearing. This is not exclusive to Apple-owned headphones and occurs in every headset in general.

You should also be aware that headphones like these can block off sweat and other moisture. As such, it’s essential to practice good hygiene to prevent bacteria buildup and infection. Also, don’t forget to keep your headphones to an acceptable volume to avoid hearing damage.

How Long Can You Wear Beats Solo3?

It’s a rule of thumb to listen to headphones for a maximum of sixty minutes a day. This is, of course, if you use them at only sixty percent of the overall volume. The Beats Solo3 Wireless is no exception, so make sure to follow that rule to avoid complications.

You could do a bit of a workaround and lengthen your usage by significantly lowering the volume. However, ensure that you’re giving your ears longer breaks if this is the case. Try to avoid listening to higher volumes as it can cause a lot of complications, including:

  • Hearing Loss
  • Skin Irritation
  • Dementia
  • Dizziness
  • Ear Infections
  • Ear Wax
  • Tinnitus

Do Beats Solo3 Hurt Your Ears?

If used for extended hours, the Beats Solo3 Wireless is bound to damage your ears. It may or may not be permanent, depending on how you’re pushing your ears to the limit. Generally, you should follow the 60:60 rule – listen for 60 minutes at a maximum output of 60 percent.

If you’re wondering why you should stick to this practice, you’ll save yourself from moments of hurt. The Beats Solo3 is made of plastic and metal, which isn’t the most comfortable combination out there. The synthetic leather caps serve minimal protection, but it’s quite lacking if you’re wearing them for longer.

One thing you can do to alleviate the damage is to listen to lower volumes. You should also let your ear breathe from time to time since the Beats Solo3 is sitting tightly on them. A tip: you could alternatively rely on portable speakers to supply you with all-around music.

Why Are the Beats Solo3 Uncomfortable?

The main reason why the Beats Solo3 Wireless is uncomfortable is its clamping effect. As an on-ear headphone, it’s meant to sit tightly on your ears and press against your head. There’s no workaround with this; tightness is needed to ensure the device won’t fly off randomly.

Aside from the headphones’ clamping effect, you also have to factor in your head’s size and shape. The Beats Solo3 is adjustable to a certain degree, but it’s not that flexible or moldable. Generally, headphones like these can’t cater to every head shape as they are not tailor-made to do so.

They have smaller sizes, with the ear cushions directly in contact with the wearer’s ear. This generates and pools up body heat, promoting sweat and irritation steadily. The Beats Solo3 is also on the lighter side, which directly influences its clamping force.

Simply put, the headphones will have to possess a firmer grip and force to distribute their weight evenly. This affects the pressure point of the headset, making it a tad bit more uncomfy over time.

The Beats Solo3 Wireless isn’t completely uncomfortable though. If you’re using it minimally, you can maximize all its perks and features. In fact, the cushioned earcups are even adjustable so that you can personalize them for use. It also pivots for better sound delivery.

Do Beats Solo3 Get More Comfortable?

Don’t worry if you think the Beats Solo3 Wireless will stay rigid as it is. If the device is fairly new, it’s expected to feel a bit too tight and uncomfortable. All you have to do in this situation is wait and practice patience.

Note that the headphones are made of soft, pliable leather. As such, it’s bound to mold according to your ear shape with constant use. Of course, it’s not as moldable as the AirPods Max, but you’ll get used to it over time.

If you’ve waited out and still find the Beats Solo3 Wireless uncomfy, here are some tricks for you:

  • Stretch the headphones over a pile of books overnight. This ensures that an unbearable clamping force won’t burden your ears and skull. By doing this, you extend the Apple headset to a degree where its grip is cozy and snug.
  • You could also purchase extra padding that fits the headphones. It can be used as a different position you place on the earcaps. Alternatively, you can also use this as an added cushion to your Beats Solo3 headband portion.

On the off chance that you still find the Apple headphones uncomfortable, here’s what you can do to reduce discomfort:

  • Ensure that the Beats Solo3 Wireless is the right headphones for you. You can use many headset varieties for listening, so check if the model is compatible with you.
  • Make sure that the Apple headphones is adjusted according to your unique head shape and size. You can do this by shortening or extending the device to fit you correctly.
  • Another thing to do is to stay away from any extra accessories. If you’re one to adorn your ear with multiple earrings, then the Beats Solo3 is not meant for you. It’s supposed to hug your skull tightly, which can press the jewelry to your skin and cause pain.
  • If you’re a glasses-wearing individual, wear the appropriate eyeglasses. Headphones and eyeglasses really don’t mix with each other, especially those with thick stems. Try to use thinner ones or opt for contact lenses instead.
  • Be aware of the responsibilities of operating the Beats Solo3 or any headphones in general. You should aim to prioritize your ear health over anything else, so know when to remove the headset. Try to take breaks between hours of use, and of course, clean the headphones occasionally.

Can You Adjust Beats Solo3?

Adjusting the Beats Solo3 Wireless is totally within your reach. It’s a perk you can find on all the models, making it convenient and user-friendly. You can choose to tighten or loosen the device, thanks to its adjustable arms reinforced with metal.

All you need to do is push or pull the earcaps away from the metal pin you’ll find on the bands. It’s best to wear the headphones while doing so to ensure you fit them correctly on your head. Also, note that the ear caps should be placed directly on your ears to serve as your guide.

If you think that the Beats Solo3 Wireless needs a bit more steps for adjustment, you can easily do so. As long as you have long nose pliers or anything equivalent, you can alter the metal pins on both sides. Of course, you’ll need to practice delicacy and be careful in handling the headset while doing so.