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Can You Workout With Beats Solo3 (and What About Sweat)?

At first glance, the Beats Solo3 is the ideal exercise buddy with its compact, lightweight design. Don’t be fooled though, because it completely does not belong on the list of workout headphones. The wireless device may be advanced in terms of software technology, but it's not made for all around use.
Can You Workout With Beats Solo 3?

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This is because the Beats Solo3 is not resistant to sweat or any kind of moisture. The product has no IP rating and is not invisible against the extremities of your workout sessions. If it’s constantly exposed to these, you risk the headphones getting some serious damage.

Can Beats Solo3 Be Used for Exercise?

If you’re hunting for headphones you can use during exercise, the Beats Solo3 ain’t the one for you. It may be advanced in terms of software technology, but you can’t rely on it during physical activities. There’s one reason for this – it was not created with this function in mind.

First off, consider the headphones’ on-ear design that is meant to squeeze the sides of your head. When worn, the earpiece will be sitting tightly on your ears. This will provide you with a stifling feeling of compression you can’t tolerate.

The Beats Solo3 also doesn’t possess the best material for exercise. It uses a faux leather design that may get damaged during your sweaty sessions. As such, if you were to treat the headphones roughly, it may flake and peel over time.

Can You Use Beats Solo3 for Sports?

The Beats Solo3 is not cut out for people who like to combine sports and music. This means that the headphones can’t be your companion when you’re playing high-intensity sports like basketball. It’s not even made for low-impact activities such as yoga or golf.

Admittedly, the device gives off an excellent sound output with dominant basslines. It’s wireless and has great connectivity ensuring you won’t experience audio latency. However, the dealbreaker is Apple’s hardware design itself.

The headphones are not made for sports, it’s for the lazy days that won’t involve sweat and moisture in the slightest. In fact, you can even consider it an accessory for when you want to wear a brand-name earpiece.

Can You Use Beats Solo3 at the Gym?

Since the Beats Solo3 is not the bulky kind, it may seem like the perfect gym companion. However, this is not the case especially if you consider its material and overall build. The headphones are not made to weather the extreme conditions during training sessions.

True, nothing is stopping you from ultimately whipping out the on-ear device during a workout. However, you’ll face the consequences, including damage to the earpads and the headband cushion. These parts are made with materials that are susceptible to wear and tear.

The headphones are also manufactured mainly with a plastic body. It’s foldable and quite compact, but you can’t deny that it feels a bit flimsy. This is quite concerning especially if you’re in the gym doing your extreme cardio routines.

It’s mostly made of plastic flexible enough for the arms to fold down. True, it’s convenient but a bit concerning during exercise as it gives off a fragile feel. This alone makes the headphones incompatible with working out.

There’s also the danger of internal impairment – the Beats Solo3 ain’t made with anti-sweat capabilities. As such, getting down and damp with it will most likely result in water seeping through. Note that these Apple headphones are not moisture resistant, just like the Airpods Max from the same company.

Are Beats Solo3 Good for Running?

It’s best not to consider the Beats Solo3 when you’re going for a run. This is the case whether you’re sprinting on the treadmill or racing laps around the track. Simply put, the headphones are not made for that range of activities, especially if you look at its overall build.

First off, the Beats Solo3 has plastic as its main material. This means that the headphones are not as flexible as others in the market. Aside from being fragile, it can also give feelings of tightness and discomfort you’re bound to feel over time.

Since the headphones are not as pliable, your ears will barely be able to breathe with its on-ear design. You’ll find yourself adjusting the Beats Solo3 often during your running laps. There’s also the risk of buildup sweat ruining your device’s internal and external hardware.

Note that the Beats Solo3 uses faux leather material on its earpads. It’s unlike Apple’s newer Airpods Max model which sports memory foam cushions instead. For reference, this inauthentic leather may get cracks and permanent damage the longer it is exposed to heat and sweat.

Is Beats Solo3 Sweat-Resistant?

If you’re planning to buy the Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones, there’s one thing you should know. The device is not meant to stand any kind of moisture, so don’t expect it to be sweat-resistant. These Apple-owned headphones are meant to blast bass-dominant music in a dry, secure environment.

For one, the Beats Solo3 does not possess an Ingress Protection rating. It has neither been tried nor tested for its resistance to dust and dampness. As such, constant exposure to sweat will only open up a lot of risk and damage. This is because the materials used to craft the device are not meant to withstand moisture. If you’ve already purchased this model, you’ll understand quickly what this means.

The wireless headphones’ earcaps and headband cushions are made of fake leather. As such, exposure to sweat, especially when coupled with heat, will only result in the product wearing out. The faux leather used to cover the earpads and the headband is susceptible to peeling when in constant moisture.

In the case where your Beats Solo3 has been exposed to a considerable amount of sweat, here are some pointers:

  • To dry the device, gently wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth. Ensure that the cloth is soft enough not to cause damage to the headphones.
  • Avoid drying the Beats Solo3 Wireless with an external heat source. This includes not using a blower or a hairdryer to speed up the process.
  • Avoid charging the headphones when it is still wet or damp.
  • Don’t use harsh cleaning products to disinfect your sweaty Beats Solo3. Any sharp objects or abrasive materials are also a no-go when sanitizing the wireless headphones.

Can You Sweat in Beats Solo3?

You can’t help it if you get all sweaty when wearing Beats Solo3, especially if it’s hot. In cases like these, it’s best to immediately remove your headphones. This will ensure that no further moisture will come in contact with the device, saving you the worry of it getting damaged.

If the Beats Solo3 absorbed a considerable amount of sweat, try to wipe it down with a clean, dry towel. Once you’re done doing so, place the headphones in a secure place where moisture can evaporate. Note that you should not expose the product to extreme heat or direct sunlight either.