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How to Setup and Connect Sonos Arc to the Tv

How to Set Up and Connect Sonos Arc to the TV (and Other Devices)

If you’re a Sonos whiz through and through, you’ll know that the Arc can be set up using the brand’s controller program. This is done before connecting the soundbar to TV using the provided HDMI cable, which is compatible with both ARC and eARC protocols. If there are no available ports for HDMI, you can link the home theater device via an optical audio adapter instead.

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Is It Worth Getting a Sonos Arc?

Is It Worth Getting a Sonos Arc (and What Should I Know Before Buying One)?

If you’re looking for the perfect soundbar for your setup, you should consider getting the Sonos Arc. Behind its $899 price tag is a world of perks and features that will definitely up your home cinema game. It’s mostly recognized for Atmos compatibility but there’s one other thing making the device worth your money – its versatility.

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Will Sonos Arc Work on All Tvs?

Will Sonos Arc Work on All TVs (and What Else Can You Connect It to)?

The Arc is Sonos’ finest soundbar that is the culmination of their developing surround sound technology. It’s able to integrate to your home theater setup and pair with your modern television as long as it has HDMI ARC support. Older-generation TVs can also link with the soundbar as long as it has a digital optical audio output.

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How to Use the Sonos Arc

How to Use the Sonos Arc (and How to Get the Most Out of It)

The Arc is Sonos’ Dolby Atmos soundbar with a 5.0 surround sound configuration. It performs out of this world when used as part of your home theater setup thanks to its premium engineering. However, the device can also function as a regular Sonos speaker capable of being part of the brand’s multiroom network. 

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Where Should the Sonos Arc Be Placed?

Where Should the Sonos Arc Be Placed (and Do You Have to Mount It)?

The Sonos Arc is a streamlined soundbar that should be placed alongside your home theater setup. You can maximize its features if you keep at least 4 inches (102 mm) of distance between the device and your smart TV. This ensures there’s no lag between devices and you’re able to listen to the audio in real time.

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How to Set Up and Fix Sonos Move

How to Set Up and Fix Sonos Move (How Do I Troubleshoot It) 

The Move is Sonos’ first venture outside the home ground capable of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. However, you still need to set it up, the traditional way, using the controller app and source device. In this regard, it is no different from other products manufactured by the multiroom powerhouse. 

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How Can You Connect Your Sonos Move?

How Can You Connect Your Sonos Move (and What Does It Pair With)?

The Sonos Move is an exceptional speaker, capable of linking with devices using different operating systems. You can connect it to various techs through the Sonos app that works via Wi-Fi or link it using Bluetooth. If you have an Apple gadget, you can even use AirPlay to join with the portable audio device.

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