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Where Should the Sonos Arc Be Placed (and Do You Have to Mount It)?

The Sonos Arc is a streamlined soundbar that should be placed alongside your home theater setup. You can maximize its features if you keep at least 4 inches (102 mm) of distance between the device and your smart TV. This ensures there’s no lag between devices and you’re able to listen to the audio in real time.
Where Should the Sonos Arc Be Placed?

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It is recommended to place the Arc in a wall mount. Not only because of its aesthetics but also because you get the most out of the device this way. If you’re not keen on that, then there are other options, such as placing the soundbar on a credenza.

How Far Should Sonos Arc Be From Wall?

You could position the Arc as close to the wall as possible, and you’ll encounter no problem. As long as the positioning is correct and none of the drivers are being blocked, then you’re good to go.

If you’re curious about the distance to the sidewalls, then both ends of the Arc should be at least 1 foot (305 mm) away. Remember that the soundbar has side-firing speakers which should not be obstructed. By being mindful of the device’s side placement, you get to maximize the Arc’s surround sound stimulation.

Can You Mount Sonos Arc to the Wall?

Nothing is stopping you from mounting the Sonos Arc to the wall. It’s actually advisable if your smart television is installed in a similar fashion. By doing so, you get the best surround sound experience with only the most minimal equipment.

This will also be beneficial if you’re aiming for a seamless living room aesthetic. If you were to mount the soundbar to the wall, you can save space since there’s no need for any additional table. With the right mount, the Arc will look like it’s floating and will give off a more organized feel to your setup.

Should Sonos Arc Be Wall Mounted?

Installing the Arc on a wall mount is mostly a discussion of preference. That, and the availability of space in your intended setup. If you want to maximize the soundbar’s features, then your best bet is to go the mounted route.

One of the reasons for setting up the Arc on the wall is its compatibility with Dolby Atmos. The soundbar has two upward-firing drivers that throw the sound to your ceiling. This provides you with a more immersive and enveloping sound stage.

Mounting the Arc on the wall would also maximize Sonos’ very own TruePlay feature. It’s the brand’s autocalibration technology that optimizes the audio according to the Arc’s surroundings.

If you don’t have the space and the equipment to mount the Arc, then you can opt not to mount it. Positioning it on the table below your TV is enough, as long as you put it at ear level.

Does Sonos Arc Come With Wall Mount?

Sonos recommends that the Arc be mounted for maximum user experience. However, the multiroom giant did not include its wall mount in the $899 soundbar package. The box only contains the necessary cables, adapter, and a guide to help you smoothly set up the device.

If you’re aiming to invest in your home theater setup, then you can purchase the wall mount for an additional $79. By doing so, you give your soundbar the ability to automatically fine-tune the EQ while it is mounted. The wall mount has a minimal design and comes with installation hardware to make it more convenient.

How to Install Sonos Arc Wall Mount

If you have already purchased the wall mount, then installing it is pretty easy. First off, you’ll need to figure out where you want to position the soundbar. Here are the basic guidelines for doing so:

  • There should be a minimum of 4 inches (102 mm) space between the Arc and your smart TV.
  • Be mindful of the Arc’s positioning. It should have the touch controls accessible and facing up.
  • Both ends of the soundbar should be at least a foot (30 cm) away from the wall or any other object.

If you’ve complied with the instructions above, then your next step is to check whether the box contents are complete. It should have the wall mount bracket, 2 knobs, 6 screws, 6 wall anchors, and the positioning guide. Once you’re sure it’s complete, follow the installation instructions below:

  • Use the positioning guide to help you measure the needed distance from your TV. To do so, put the guide against the wall and align the top edge with the bottom of your television. Note that there should be a distance of 5.5 inches (140 mm) between the wall mount bracket and your mounted smart TV.
  • Use a pencil to lightly mark the screw locations. Double-check the alignments before removing the guide.
  • There are six wall anchors included in the package. If you intend to use them, use a 5/16 inch (8 mm) drill bit to punch through the pilot holes. Once done, insert the wall anchors.
  • Place the wall mount bracket over the holes you’ve marked. If you want to confirm the accuracy, then it’s better to have a level at hand.
  • To screw the bracket tightly on the wall, use a Phillips-head screwdriver or a power drill. Ensure that the arrows on the middle are pointing upwards.
  • You should screw the 2 knobs into the back of the soundbar securely. It should be fully tightened to avoid any accidents.
  • On the back of the Sonos Arc, place the power and HDMI cables. Note that the HDMI cable should be connected to the HDMI Arc or eArc port on your television.
  • Slide the soundbar down and make sure the knobs are aligned with the slots on the wall mount. Double-check if the touch controls are up and that the Arc is fully secure.

One thing to worry about during installation is if the bracket would work with your wall material. If you have a brick wall, then you have nothing to worry about. As long as you have the necessary tools, the Sonos wall mount can work with most materials.

Here’s the mounting information based on the Sonos guideline for your reference:

Wall Material Pre Drill Will it Require Wall Anchors?  How Many Screws to Use? 
Wood Stud ⅛ inches (3 mm) No 2 screws
Drywall (No Stud) 5/16 inches (8 mm) Yes 6 screws
Plaster 5/16 inches (8 mm) No, so you’ll need to buy a toggle bolt 2 to 6 screws
Concrete or Brick 5/16 inches (8 mm) Yes 2 to 6 screws

Can Sonos Arc Be Mounted Upside Down?

Mounting the Sonos Arc upside down may be convenient, especially if you want more access to its touch features. However, expect a downgrade in sound quality because the device is not designed for a non-traditional approach.

First off, the Arc has upward-firing speakers which are used for Dolby Atmos technology. Hanging it upside down will mess up the audio direction and ruin your surround sound experience.

Second, you can’t change the speaker configuration. This means the left and right channels have no option to be swapped, resulting in further sound issues. This is because the Arc is installed via an HDMI cable, so you really can’t reverse the correlating speakers.

Mounting the Arc upside down may be ideal for some, especially if you’re placing it on a higher level. Since it is solidly built, the orientation of the device will not damage the device physically. However, the soundbar is used for its directional sound, so you’ll need to think twice about this.

How Does Sonos Arc Know Its Wall Mounted?

The Arc will know when it’s installed on the wall if you’re using the Sonos-issued wall mount. The soundbar utilizes magnets to distinguish whether it is installed on the wall bracket. With this smart feature, the device modifies its EQ and minimizes bass resonance from the wall.

That automatic sound adjustment is useful since it helps with the audio playing through your Sonos Arc. Regulating bass resonance will improve room acoustic and your overall surround sound experience.

How High Should I Mount My Sonos Arc?

The height in which you position the Arc depends on how high you installed your television. Sonos recommends you leave a minimum space of 4 inches (102 mm) between the soundbar and TV.

This ensures the upward-firing speakers designated for the Dolby Atmos are not obstructed. If the speakers are still blocked by the television, then you can position them at a distance of 5.5 inches (140 mm).

Note that for you to mount the Arc without any inconvenience, you’ll need to figure out your TV’s placement. This can be done by measuring your eye level when watching, which helps you catch the optimal viewing position.

If your television does not support Dolby Atmos technology, then you can opt to mount the Arc 2 inches below the TV. This is because the up-firing drivers won’t be active and won’t be jammed in the first place.

How High off the Floor Should Sonos Arc Be?

There’s no definite measurement on how high the Arc should be from the floor. However, it is generally recommended to place soundbars at ear level. This is because positioning them higher or lower may affect the way you receive audio frequency.

If you’re still doubting about the Arc’s distance to the floor, then just refer to the Sonos guideline. This states that there should be a minimum of 4 inches (102 mm) between the Arc and the TV. Relative to this, it’s a rule of thumb to place the television at the optimal eye level to prevent any inconvenience.

As such, figuring out the ideal height placement of the Arc means you need to consider your position while watching. Also, note that the ear level while sitting down should be measured for a stellar listening experience.

Can Sonos Arc Be Mounted Below the TV?

Modern soundbars are designed to go below your smart televisions. The Arc is no different and works best when positioned near the base of the TV. Here are the reasons why:

  • It Is Aesthetically Pleasing. Mounting the Arc below the TV won’t make it look out of place. Since the Sonos soundbar is quite long, it will be visually strange to station it above your television.
  • Superior Audio Performance. The Arc has forward-facing drivers so expect it to sound phenomenal when positioned at ear level. There will be fewer reflections and you’ll hear the audio with lesser echoes.
  • Easy Access and Convenient Placement. Since the Sonos soundbar connects to your TV via an HDMI cable, you’ll need to be mindful of its reach. Mounting it below the TV gives you better access to power sources too, so it’ll provide more convenience. This also makes it easier for you to hide wires and unwanted cables.

How Far Does Sonos Arc Have to Be Below the TV?

For maximum audio experience, position the Arc at a minimum of 4 inches (102 mm) below the base of your television. This will ensure you won’t block the upward-firing speakers responsible for Dolby Atmos technology. If you do it right, you get the best surround sound encounter and maximize the soundbar’s features.

If it is still being blocked, then the installation page of the Arc also recommends a 5.5 inches (140 mm) distance from the TV. This is the case if the audio is still obstructed when space is left at the minimum. If your television does not have compatibility with Dolby Atmos, then you can install the Arc 2 inches (50 mm) below instead.

This is the same whether you want to mount or simply put the Arc on the table below the television. As long as you’re not hindering the performance of the drivers, then you could choose the distance of the Arc to the base of the TV.

Can You Mount Sonos Arc to the Bottom of a TV?

Mounting the Sonos Arc right at the bottom of your television is the general practice. However, be mindful that you don’t keep it too close as you may impede the upward speakers. Installing it at a minimum of 4 inches (102 mm) from the bottom of the TV is the rule of the thumb.

You can also choose to station it on a cabinet at the bottom of the television. This is the most plausible option if you don’t like the hassle of installing a mount. As long as there’s no obstruction to any of the sound drivers, you can position it any way at the bottom of your TV.

Can You Mount Sonos Arc Above the TV?

Technically, the Arc is a soundbar that should not be mounted above the TV. Instead, it is designed to go below the television to maximize the eight woofers and three tweeters it contains.

If you were to mount the soundbar higher than the TV, then you restrict the abilities of the Dolby Atmos drivers. These upward drivers are mostly responsible for a surround sound presentation. As such, placing them above the television affects the way you receive these particular audio signals.

Listening to the Arc from above makes it seem like the sound is going over your head. Instead of getting the audio straight and clear, most of it would be reflected or blocked by various obstructions.

To get the most of the Arc’s capabilities, you should place it based on your optimal ear level. This means you should measure the position in which you watch television the most. As for your TV placement, it is generally placed at eye level to make viewing much easier.

Can a Sonos Arc Be Behind the TV?

No restriction hinders you from placing the Arc behind your TV. However, it doesn’t mean this placement option will give you an ideal audio experience. In fact, putting the soundbar behind the television would severely ruin the sound quality.

First off, the Arc is Sonos’ streamlined soundbar that is known for its surround sound compatibility. If you were to place it behind the TV, then you’ll compromise the speakers responsible for this feature.

If you’re planning to position the Arc to project behind your TV, then you’ll ruin the sound acoustics. The audio waves will end up crashing with any solid object blocking its path.

Also, the Sonos soundbar works best with a minimum working space of 4 inches (102 mm) all around. This can’t be done if you have compact space behind your television, so you’ll need to think twice about it.

Your best bet is to put the Arc out in the open where the sound travels at its optimum capacity. This is either by mounting it or putting it on the cabinet below the TV. Not only will this give you a better audio output, but also provide a more organized home theater setup.

Can Sonos Arc Be Recessed?

Another way to keep your home theater setup neat is by building in a recess on the wall. However, this won’t work on the Arc soundbar mainly because of its recommended placement. Keeping the device in a hole by the wall only downgrades your surround sound experience.

Sonos itself recommends in their guidelines that there should be a 4-inch (102 mm) minimum space around the Arc. This is because it has upward and side-firing drivers that work best if not obstructed. Keeping the soundbar in a recess will affect the sound quality, and you won’t get to enjoy its unique features.

Aside from this, the Arc has ventilation openings that should not be blocked. If you keep it in such a tight space, then the device may be prone to overheating.

Another thing to consider is the length of this particular soundbar. It’s not that much in terms of height, but the Arc is quite long. This means that you need to create an extensive recess in the wall if you badly want the device to be recessed.

One alternative you can do if you want the Arc by the wall is by mounting it directly. This requires less work and will ensure the soundbar’s optimal performance. Also, you won’t need to damage your wall material and will only require minimal effort to do so.

Can You Put the Sonos Arc on the Floor?

Some soundbars are built so they can be positioned almost everywhere, including the floor. Well, the Sonos Arc is one of the many exceptions to this. The device is made to be mounted on the wall or put on a tabletop, at the very least.

If you were to put the Arc on the floor, you invite a lot of problems you don’t want to deal with. First off, you expose the wires that make the soundbar functional. The power cables are susceptible to being walked on and unprotected from spills.

Second, the Arc has sound-firing drivers that work best at an angle. This includes a Dolby Atmos speaker that works best at a certain height. If you were to position the Sonos soundbar on the floor, you decrease the sound quality you’re gonna get.

At the very least, mount the soundbar on a slightly elevated surface instead. This ensures that the device is not left completely unprotected from outside factors. You also get to avoid wear and tear, for the most part, so opt not to put it directly on the floor.

Does Sonos Arc Have Feet?

If you’ve turned the Arc upside down, you’ll find a flat piece of rubber with two raised bars at each end. You can consider these bars as the device’s feet, which lift the soundbar when it is stationed on a flat surface.

These feet are 105 cm (41 in) apart, and helpful in keeping the Arc stable and upright. You should be mindful of these raised bars as they support the device. When purchasing a table, ensure that none of the feet are overhanging to avoid the soundbar from falling off.

Can You Put the Sonos Arc on the Shelf Under the TV?

You’re not limited to the option of mounting the Arc soundbar to the wall. In fact, putting it on the shelf under the TV is also an excellent choice. This is good if your television is stationed on a stand of its own or you have an available shelf underneath.

As long as the shelf is flat and level, then you can consider placing the Arc on it. Don’t forget that you should also ensure that the soundbar’s ventilation openings are not blocked. Sonos recommends you leave a space of 4 inches (102 mm) around the unit to be safe.

Can You Put the Sonos Arc on the Credenza?

If you don’t intend to use a wall mount or dig up a recess to station the Arc, then using a credenza is the way to go. This gives you the chance to make the most of your available furniture instead of spending on a new installment. Here are the specifics about placing the Arc on the credenza:

  • Position the Arc soundbar horizontally on the credenza’s stable surface. Avoid placing the device vertically or on its side.
  • Double-check if the touch controls are facing up. This will make it easier for you to adjust the soundbar using the hardware buttons.
  • Make sure there’s a minimum of 4 inches (102 mm) space between the Arc’s top and the television’s base. By doing this, you ensure that the upward speakers won’t be blocked by the TV itself.
  • Eliminate all objects that can block the soundbar’s side-firing drivers. At the minimum, both curved ends of the Arc should be a foot (305 mm) away from the sidewalls and other hindrances.

Should I Mount My Sonos Arc or Not?

Deciding on whether you should mount the Arc or not depends mainly on your preference and current setup. If you’re aiming to maximize the space and focus on minimalism, then placing the Arc on the wall mount is a great option. By doing so, you not only add an organized feel to the station but also reduce the usage of extra furniture.

Another good reason for doing this is the audio quality. Since the Arc is capable of Dolby Atmos technology, positioning it on a bracket will help the sound encompass the whole room. Through this, you get the best of the surround sound experience without any obstructions.

Also, if your television is stationed high off the floor, then installing the Arc via wall mount is the logical thing to do. Keeping the soundbar close to your TV ensures that there will be no audio latency and the sound won’t lag behind the video.

On the other hand, you can also opt not to mount the Arc on the wall. This is the case if you have an extra table you want to use instead. You can place the soundbar anywhere as long as the cables are safe and securely connected to the TV.

What Are the Dimensions of the Sonos Arc Soundbar?

If you’re eyeing the Sonos Arc for your home theater setup, it’s wise to know whether you have the space for it. To help you with that, here are the specific dimensions for the soundbar:

Width 45 in (1142 mm)
Height 3.4 in (87 mm)
Depth 4.5 in (116 mm)
Weight 13.78 lb (6.25 kg)

How High Is Sonos Arc?

The Arc soundbar is 3.4 inches (87 mm) tall, which is the ideal height for most living room spaces. You can fit it in a custom-made hole for a minimalist aesthetic, or simply mount it to save more space.

This device is a replacement for Sonos’ first-ever soundbar, the Playbar, which is just as tall. As such, you’ll have no trouble affixing the Arc to where you put the older-generation soundbar. This is considering you have extra space for length since the more recent Sonos Arc is ten inches longer (250 mm).

How Long Is the Sonos Arc?

Sonos Arc is a lengthy soundbar measuring 45 inches (1142 mm) long. If you’re an avid user of the brand, you’ll find the Arc to be much wider than the Beam or the Playbar. It’s meant to complement TVs on the larger spectrum, so don’t be too surprised.

That is a good thing, especially if you want to spice up your home theater system. It pairs well with modern TV models, like those with 55-inch (1397 mm) displays. Next to these kinds of televisions, the Sonos soundbar won’t look minuscule or even lacking in length.