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Sonos Roam Power and Battery (How and When to Charge)

The Sonos Roam is a portable wireless speaker known for its quality sound experience. However, it's not so good when it comes to battery life compared to other brands on the market. The Roam will last for only ten hours of straight playback time and allegedly ten days after being put on Sleep mode.
Sonos Roam Power and Battery

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If you’ve ever found your Sonos Roam with a drained battery, plug it in using the USB-C cable included in the device bundle. Alternatively, you can also opt to charge it using Sonos Roam’s wireless charger or any Qi charging pad in general. Take note, though, that charging times may vary depending on the accessory used.

Is Sonos Roam Always On?

If you’re a bit paranoid about the Roam being able to listen to you all the time, then you should stop overthinking! There are indeed several devices that are ‘always listening,’ like the Echo series. However, Sonos Roam values your privacy and is not always turned on.

You can turn the wireless speakers on any time, or you can even opt to mute its mic for added protection. If you want to conveniently connect to Roam without hassle but are afraid of being spied on, just press and release the mic button to mute.

How To Turn On Sonos Roam?

If you’re new to the Sonos community, you may be a bit confused about the device’s ins and outs. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get used to the Roam’s features, and you’ll figure it out in no time. The first step is to turn it on, which can be done if you locate the power button on the speaker’s back.

You may be confused at first, especially as the speakers have plenty of buttons in the control panel. Press the switch right above the USB-C charging port once. You’ll find the Roam ready to connect to any device of your choice.

Why Is My Sonos Roam Not Turning On?

On bad days, you’ll find yourself unlucky enough and unable to use the Roam device. Worry not, because a bit of troubleshooting can help you by leaps and bounds. When your Sonos Roam is not booting up, here are some of the reasons why:

  • Your Wireless Speaker Isn’t Charged. The Sonos Roam still runs on charge during Sleep Mode, so check whether the battery hasn’t been down due to drainage. If you left your Roam on standby for more than ten hours, this is the most likely problem. After all, the speakers do not offer impressive battery duration.
  • Damaged Battery. Your Sonos Roam not turning on may be the cause of battery failure. If you’ve bought it brand new, you should return it for replacement due to a factory defect. On the other hand, if the Roam has been with you for quite some time, it may be due to deterioration.
  • Condensation. It is inevitable for devices with open ports not to undergo condensation. This is quite normal, but you can minimize it by covering the ports to avoid humidity. Your Roam is waterproof for about 3 feet deep underwater (~1 m), but it can still accumulate water over time.

Can You Turn Off Sonos Roam?

Unlike other devices or headphones with smart features, you can still turn off your Sonos Roam. In fact, this will be a good way to conserve battery rather than leaving it on Sleep mode. For reference, it will take about thirty minutes before Roam enters this state.

You can do this manually by pressing the same button you used to power it on. Simply hold the power button for about five seconds or until you hear a chime. Additionally, check whether the LED light indicator blinks to ensure that your Sonos Roam is totally turned off.

Can You Turn Off Sonos Roam From App?

Unfortunately, Sonos has not included features that will allow you to turn the speakers off via the app. Whether you use the official Sonos S2 application or opt for third-party programs, it is really impossible to do so.

If you’re thinking what’s the use of its software if you can’t control connected devices, be aware that you can still do cool stuff using them. You may not be able to turn it off without standing up from the sofa, but you can do the following:

  • Control the Roam speakers away from home
  • Set automatic functions
  • Navigate basic features like Play, Volume Controls, Pause, and Skip
  • Play the list of sound favorites
  • Sync with smart lights

Does Sonos Roam Turn Off by Itself?

Your portable wireless speakers can do a lot of functions, but they cannot turn off on their own. Instead, it can enter the Auto-Sleep mode feature that puts the Sonos Roam on standby to preserve the battery.

This mode can make your Roam last for ten days, ready to connect to any authorized devices upon prompt. Note that when in sleep mode, voice commands on Sonos Roam are not activated.

Can You Leave the Sonos Roam Plugged In?

Smart devices nowadays won’t deteriorate their battery when plugged in for most hours of the day. In fact, some technologies thrive on constant charging hours, so the battery cycle is maximized. Your Sonos Roam is no exception to this modern innovation.

You could leave your portable speakers in the charging port for a day or two – but don’t test your luck! It’s still good to use them occasionally and let the battery drop to about half or so. Leaving them indefinitely may cause them to be inactive and may even lose charge capacity after a long while.

Can You Leave Sonos Roam on the Wireless Charger?

Likewise, you can leave your Roam on the wireless charger without degrading or damaging its battery span. Sonos’ goal of extending the durability and longevity of their devices is well-known. That’s why you’ll have no trouble leaving the speakers on a charging pad.

You don’t have to worry about overheating or overcharging due to the hardware design and innovative software tricks. However, it’s still best to remove them from the charging base here and there to avoid any battery fallout.

Opt for Sonos’ own Roam wireless charger if you want to maximize the output. This will provide your speakers with a low power trickle that won’t overwhelm your device’s battery.

How Long Does a Sonos Roam Battery Last?

After fully charging the Sonos Roam, you’ll get about 10 hours of playback when connected to the WiFi or via Bluetooth. It’s not the longest-lasting speaker in the market, but it can do the trick if you use it sparingly. Say, it can still give you a quality experience if you only turn it on during your audio time.

When you put the Roam on standby mode, then it will only consume ten percent of the battery daily. This is equal to about ten days of battery backup, but it’ll still depend on several factors, such as heat exposure and random Bluetooth linking.

How To Check Sonos Roam’s Battery Level?

There are two ways to check whether your Roam’s battery can still give you a few hours of playback. If you’re an avid Sonos patron, then you’ll find that the Roam is the same as the Move in this regard.

Your first choice is to navigate to the Sonos application. Find the ‘Roam’ option in the System tab, and you’ll easily see the charge percentage next to the battery icon. For reference, a lightning sign indicates that your speakers are connected to a power source, which means that it’s charging just fine.

Note that you’ll need to keep your software patches up with this feature on Android phones. That, or you’ll only see the device name on Bluetooth mode, without the battery percentage. In addition, you’ll need to enable full location access on your Roam speakers.

If that seems too much for you, the easier alternative is to check on the battery light located on the front part of your device. When it blinks orange, your Roam is running low on steam and has a fifteen percent charge or below.

This battery indicator won’t stay active, though, so expect that in about ten seconds, the light will deactivate. If your Sonos is depleted, the status light will light up for more than ten seconds or until the device has enough power on.

How Long Is My Sonos Roam’s Lifespan?

Sonos itself released a statement that says your Roam will stay in tip-top shape for about 900 full-charge cycles. This is almost equivalent to three years of use, making it an extremely great deal. Admittedly, Roam speakers may have a brief battery life, but they can stay with you for quite a while.

If you’re keen on making the Sonos Roam a companion for longer, there are several ways to extend it further. These include not exposing it to extreme weather conditions, not constantly leaving it on zero battery, and cleaning it of dust and debris.

How Does Sonos Roam Save Battery?

Made by the portable home audio specialist, you’d think that the Roam will have notable battery life. However, that is not the case – except when you’ve updated your device to the S2 13.3 update.

Sonos may have been known for its quality audio experience. However, there are instances where even these established speakers fail to deliver. If you’re thinking about the mystery of how the battery got drained within a few hours of standby, then you got yourself some bad luck.

Luckily, the company created a patch to ensure improvement in terms of battery. With this software, you’ll get to the root of the problem: substandard power handling. This patch will extend battery life and alert you about subpar charging, which will also save your battery usage.

In addition to the software patch requirement, Sonos Roam also saves battery when it enters sleep mode. You’ll trigger the wireless speakers’ power-saving status by initiating this state.

How To Put Sonos Roam Into Sleep Mode?

When you put your Roam into sleep mode, you’ll save a huge chunk of battery life while also disabling the unused control buttons. However, note that sleep mode does not equate to turning your device off. This means that your speaker is on constant standby for possible connections, which can still drain your battery by a little bit.

Still, if you prefer your Sonos Roam to be ready at a moment’s notice, then you can put it to sleep form quickly. Just press the power button on the back of the speakers, then wait for the chime. Watch out for the LED lights to turn off as the Roam enters standby mode.

How Long Does It Take To Fully Charge a Sonos Roam?

If you’re using a basic power adapter you can find on common smartphone bundles; then you can expect your Sonos Roam to charge for a full two hours. For reference, the USB-C cable included in your bundle can charge from zero to fifty percent in an hour. If you’re using a more powerful power adapter, like those with 12W or 15W lines, the charging time will decrease.

On the other hand, if you’re using the handy Sonos wireless charger, then expect your battery to reach fifty percent in two hours. Qi-compatible chargers can also do the trick, but you may need to attach them to the pad for five to six hours, depending on the voltage.

How To Charge Sonos Roam?

There are two ways to charge in your Sonos Roam. The first method would require the USB-C cable found in your original package and a power adapter that is at least 5V/1.5A (7.5W). However, Sonos recommends you use their very own Roam power adapter worth less than $22.

This 5V/2A (10W) power adapter is compatible with the original USB-C cable and will help you charge with no difficulties at all. Simply connect it with the port located on the bottom of the device and make sure it fits tight and right.

On the off chance that you don’t have any wire cables with you, you can charge your Roam on a wireless charger. Likewise, Sonos also offers its very own accessory for wireless charging. Additionally, you can also use a wireless Qi charging device if you’re traveling and there happens to be one nearby.

Can You Use the Sonos Roam While Charging?

Whether you’re charging your Sonos Roam via USB-C cable or wireless, you can still use it to play audio and the like. This is typical with all Sonos speakers, including their other portable line known as the Sonos Move.

Worrying about battery degradation if you use the device when plugged in? Well, discard those thoughts because the Roam’s battery is made for this. It’s designed to function well without damage to the battery performance, even when used during charge.

Does Sonos Roam Come With a Charger?

When you buy Sonos Roam on the official website or certified store dealers, a compatible USB-C cable is included in the package. For reference, you can purchase these wireless speakers for a high price of $225.

Note that this USB-C cable comes solo, so you’ll need to look for a compatible power adapter. Incidentally, Sonos has an additional accessory that is made for Roam. This power adapter has an output of 5V/2/1A (10W) designated for your wireless speaker.

Does Sonos Roam Work With iPad Adapter?

If you’ve forgotten your trusted power adapter at home, you can definitely use the iPad’s power adapter instead. It doesn’t mean you can use any kind though, so stick to one with the same power output as your original one.

The iPad Mini’s accessory can serve your purpose well as it charges using a 5V/2.A (10W) USB power adapter. You can also opt for higher outputs, like the iPad Pro with a 12W adapter instead.

Can You Use Wireless Charger With Sonos Roam?

When you scroll through the Sonos website, you’ll spot the wireless charger under the accessory section. This wireless charger can be bought for $55 and even comes with the Sonos Roam power adapter.

Using the wireless charger is easy as pie that even a non-tech-savvy person can do it on the first try. Simply settle your speakers in the charging pad, and the magnet will enable quick attachment to your Roam.

Note that the cable length only reaches 1.2 m (3.9 ft), so you’ll need to be mindful of where you plug it in.

Can You Use Any Wireless Charger With Sonos Roam?

Sure, you can improvise and use any wireless charger with your Roam speakers. This is the case as long as it employs a USB-C cable compatible with your device’s charging port. Don’t forget that you also need to have a 10W adapter on hand, or the output won’t be sufficient in charging.

If you don’t have any USB-C cable present, any Qi charger will do. That’s right – your Sonos Roam is compatible with resonant charging. Just settle your speakers on a Qi-enabled flat surface and watch it power up.

Can Sonos Roam Battery Be Replaced?

If you’ve met the end of your Sonos Roam’s lifespan, then you may be wondering what your next move is. Well, you’re in for a surprise because the Roam does not offer battery replacement. If you’ve noticed, your speakers are locked up quite tightly. It does not have any port you can open, making the rechargeable battery inaccessible even to Sonos’ specialists.

The only Sonos battery-powered device with a DIY replaceable battery kit is the Move line. Unfortunately, this feature hasn’t been made available for Roam patrons.

Does the Sonos Roam Come Charged?

You can always find brand-new gadgets with a partial charge upon purchase. When buying Sonos Roam at a physical store, you can ask for several device checks, including hardware. You’ll find then that the battery is not drained, and the device will power on without being connected at a charging port firsthand.

This is because of quality assurance, where the speakers are tested several times to ensure they’re not dead or defective. Companies also charge the battery partially to measure standard data. This helps to discover if the charging duration falls under the brand standards.

Be aware that factory charge usually ranges from eighty percent or less depending on how long your Sonos Roam is stored.

Why Does My Sonos Roam Take So Long To Charge?

There are several reasons why your Sonos Roam takes too long to charge. One of the root causes of this charging hurdle is that you’re probably using an incompatible USB power adapter. Roam needs a pretty powerful adapter, not the likes of 5V/1A (5W) ones.

You can either use a 10W power adapter or something that packs a little more electric output. Take note that the least you can get is the 5V/1.5A (7.5 W) which honestly won’t charge Roam as fast.

If you’re using a good adapter and your Sonos Roam still takes forever to charge, here are other reasons why:

  • Faulty Circuit Board. Although resilient and trustworthy, Roam can still develop internal hardware damage. Your speakers may not be charging because of a faulty circuit board, possibly due to falls or even condensation. Schedule a check-up in the nearest service center to help solve this speaker issue.
  • Damaged Battery. Your Sonos Roam’s battery is not as indestructible as you think. If you tend to leave it charging even when full or expose it to extreme weather changes, the battery will act up. It’s best to replace your battery at this point or purchase a new speaker if you have the pockets for it.
  • Dirty and Clogged Charging Port. Your Sonos Roam will accumulate debris in its holes, especially if left in the open. Check your speaker port for dirt that interferes with the charging and remove it using a toothpick. You can also blow it or use a specific brush to reach the furthest part.